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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Waynesboro, VA.

I'm starting to make a second Army for WFB. My first Army were the Dwarf's. As you can see I bought the Battle from Skull Pass. So I would like to make a list using the one's from the box set.

Black Orc on Boar with Heavy armour and enchanted shield for a 1+ armour save.
Ulags Akk'rit Axe
Warboss Umm's Best Big Boss
Bigged's Kickin's Boots. 275

Orc Shaman 2nd level
Staff of sorcery
Nibbla's 'itty Ring. 150

Orc BSB on Ironback Boar with Light Armour.
Martog's Best Boss. 147

Night goblin Shaman 2nd level
Staff of Sneaky. 130

2 units of 5 Forest spider riders with Musician. I converted these guy to night goblins and painted the spider off white to look like Ice spiders. 71 a uint.

20 Night Goblins with bows and boss and musician. 3 Fanatics in the unit. 147

25 Night Goblins with full command armed with shields and spears with nets. 3 Fanatics in the unit. 226
My Goblin Shaman goes here.

24 Orc Boyz with full command armed with Choppa's and shields. The Orc Shaman goes here. 174

18 Orc Boyz with full command armed with Extra hand weapons. The BSB goes in here. 156


Orc boar chariot. 80

Goblin Rock Lobber. 70

2 Goblin Spear chukka with bully 40 points for each.

9 Orc Boar boyz with full command and War Banner. 261


Giant. 205

All comments and feedback is welcome. Let me know from experience what will work and not work. I only know what the Orc and Goblins do from the book. I haven't played against them or seen them in action. So, make sure you give me examples that relate to. Thanks in advance for reading and leaving your feedback or comments.

Battle Standard of the Empire. 
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