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Austin, TX

Simple issue I have yet to resolve. How does one make a hellguns for there storm trooper conversion, everything i try just looks "off"
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You could use normal lasguns, and run a pair of guitar strings or similar wiring to a battery back pack.

Fluff wise, hellguns are mostly described as being roughly the same as normal lasguns, with "strengthened components".

Alternately, you could also try chopping off the barrel, and replacing it with plastic tubing to make it look bulkier.

Man, things were easier in second ed. Back then, hellgun stats = boltguns, so you could give your guys boltguns and hey presto, they were storm troopers....

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Glen Burnie, MD

Take your left over voxes, clip the attennas off. Clip the lasgun's power clip out, add wire between the two. For style points, replace the muzzle of the las gun with the muzzle from the kroot gun.

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Here is the plasma conversion thread which should give you ideas.


If I were going to make hellguns, I would use the same method I did for plasmaguns (my post is about 2/3 down the page) except I'd use regular lasguns instead of starting with a flamer. Just shave off the bit where the magazine goes in and glue in a wire or guitar string. Or you could also go in through the bottom of the handgrip. You could go with a double wire if you wanted to copy the Kasrkin minis but it's easy enough (and more fun?) to say that your converion is some hellgun variant from planet X.
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Storm Trooper with Maglight


Are you going for the Kasrkin hellguns or Stormtrooper hellguns? I did a conversion like this not too long ago, but they are older style hellguns. all you need for them is a catachan lasgun (although Cadian ones work too, just not as well.), and two different widths of plastic cylinder. A scope is a nice bonus if you want to represent the targeting systems. Here are some examples:

[Thumb - Drookian Storm Troopers 001.JPG]

[Thumb - Drookian Storm Troopers 002.JPG]

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Tough Tyrant Guard

North Carolina

Going to run two wires from the gun to the back pack/vox pack.


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