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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

Played againts my friend dave yesterday at GW bromley (London - UK)
Bromleys a awesome store with helpfull friendly staff who helped us to the table.
I think they have 8 tables there and Plenty of terrain.
We picked a blasted earth board with some WFB type chaosy terrain


---Daves Eldar---
(this is what I remember each unit having... if dave sends me his list later, i'll update it here)

  • Farseer (Doom)

  • Troops
  • 10 Dire avengers (exarch, wave serpent with vectored engines)

  • 10 guardians with warlock (conceal, missile launcher)

  • 10 guardians with warlock (enhance)

  • Elites
  • 5 howing banshees (exarch)

  • 5 striking scopions (exarch, claw)

  • 5 Wraith Guard with warlock

  • Heavys
  • falcon (scater laser, spirit stones, holo field)

  • falcon (scater laser, spirit stones, holo field)

  • 1500pts


    ---PAniCs Nurgle CSM---

  • Daemon Prince (Mark of Nurgle, Wings)

  • Troops
  • 5 x Plague Marines (Champion with PowerFist, 1 melta Gun, Rhino dozerblade)

  • 7 x Plague Marines (1 plasma Gun)

  • 7 x Plague Marines (1 plasma Gun)

  • 7 x Plague Marines

  • Elite
  • 3 x terminators (reaperAC, 2 x combi melta)

  • 1 x dread with (plasma-canon and missile launcher)

  • 1 x dread with (Las-canon)

  • Heavy
  • 1 x Preditor annihilator

  • 1 x Preditor destructor

  • 1500pts!


    Sieze Ground on Pitched Battle - Long Table Edges
    Dave won the roll for table sides and First turn: And decided to go first...


    I tried to seize the inititive but rolled a 5 and failed!... again so close!!!
    One day I'll steal the inititive (and there will be much laughter!!!)


    Eldar moved out but their fire was ineffective

    Chaos moved out
    Preditor annihilator stuns a Falcon
    Preditor destructor and the firebase dread kill three guardians, they fail their moral and fall back off the table.

    end of turn 1 --- Objectives --- Eldar- 0 --- Chaos- 0 ---


    Falcon fires at the lascanon dreda and shakes it
    Waveserpent zooms behind the Plaguemarines starcanons fire and kills one.
    It's dire avengers disembark unload and kill two more Plague marines

    Chaos Preditor annihilator immobilises the eldar wave serpent, it's vectored engins flare for a safe landing.
    Preditor destructor and the firebase dread kill three more guardians, this squad hold it's nerve.
    the 4 remain Plague marines assault the dire avengers

    no wounds...
    Plague marines run up the steps of the ruin and claim the central objective...

    end of turn 2 --- Objectives --- Eldar- 0 --- Chaos- 1 ---


    ---Turn 3 and 4---
    Falcon and Wave serpent fire at and stun the Lascanon Dread...
    wraith guard stun rhino
    Falcon drops off the scoripons and then takes off

    Striking scorpions kill 1 PM with fire and the assult them killing 4more! PMs inflict only one casualty on the ELdar. with The Plague marine squad dead the scoripons move towards the PM at the ruins.

    Falcon has a go at the Preditor but fails...
    Dire avengers kill 1 PM

    Plague Marines run into the woods claiming Chaos's second objective.
    Plague MArines in the ruins rapid fire the scorions to death!
    Preditor annihilator stuns and weapon destroys a Falcon
    Daemon Prince charges and kills 2 guardians but suffers 1 wound. they fail their moral and the DP cuts them down as they flee.
    DP consolodates towards the ruins
    Dread charges the Howling banshees but fails to wound.

    PMs and dire avengers exchange blows the PMs kill one dire avenger, but they stay firm.

    Falcon Kills one PM at the Woods objective
    Wraith Guard Send the Daemon Prince into the warp.

    Banshees 3 die and they fail moral and flee combat with the dread.. (smart since they could not hurt the dread)

    Chaos terminators arrive behind a Eldar Falcon, the unload and score 4 pentrating hits = 4 falcon shaken results :(
    Plague Marines claim the Ruins objective.

    preditor destructor has a go at the same falcon and shakes it bit more!
    preditor annihilator has a go at other falcon and shakes it too!
    LCannon Dread assults the banshees again. no wounds...
    Dire avengers kill a Plague marine in the chaos combat phase.

    Dire avengers must be getting tired of this! Plague marines are heavily out numbered but still holding on...

    end of turn 4 --- Objectives --- Eldar- 0 --- Chaos- 2 ---



    2 Ram moves by the shaken (x6!) falcons
    First ram is on the Dread rear armour and the second is on the Preditor destructors side armour : both fail.
    Wraithguard Send 1 Plague marine screaming into the warp and assault the remaining Plague marines to contest the Ruins objective

    Fire base dread blood frenzys (idiot i wanted him to try and kill the wraith guard!) instead he charges a falcon and fails to do damage
    Terminators and Preditor Destructor try to down the falcon again... Fail. shaken and a weapon off.
    Preditor annihilator has a go at the other falcon and knocks it's weapon off too.. weird huh?
    Dread kills the Howling banshees... at last
    direavengers and plague marines are still going at it!

    end of turn 5 --- Objectives --- Eldar- 0 --- Chaos- 1 ---
    We roll for another turn: so that's it: the end of game!




    Edit: Lots of edit to fix spellings/events/actions/picture order and to add the ARMY Lists..

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    Made in ph
    Frenzied Juggernaut

    awesome report, nice pics and short but descriptive. i have officially subscribed to you.

    qwekel wants to get bigger, please click on him and level him up.
    Made in gb
    Longtime Dakkanaut

    London UK

    This was a fun game, I think my favourite mission in 5th edition is the sieze ground objective mission.
    It's worth pointing out that this was Daves first game of 5th edition. I think his falcon should have contested the objective instead of ramming the Dread in the back... but then again with the random finnish who knows???

    I won't have time for more batreps for a while... For the Win I rewarded myself with two Chaos vindicators! I'll get on to those whenever i finnish painting my terminators. So yeah spare time in the next week or so will be all about modelling and painting.


    Made in gb
    Dispassionate Imperial Judge

    HATE Club, East London

    Two Chaos Vindicators?


    Made in us
    Angry Blood Angel Assault marine

    New Jersey

    Awesome report! i like it.

    i think Elder player should have the chance to contact the other objective and can get the game draw.
    Made in us

    Did I read it wrong or did Striking Scorpions somehow assault out of a Falcon on the same turn they disembarked?
    Made in us
    Horrific Howling Banshee

    sourclams wrote:Did I read it wrong or did Striking Scorpions somehow assault out of a Falcon on the same turn they disembarked?

    He said that the "[f]alcon drops off the scoripons and then takes off," so presumably the scorpions disembarked before the falcon moved, allowing them to move and assault.

    I think the Eldar player made some pretty bad mistakes. Why did the dire avengers deploy with assault range of the plague marines? They have 18" range on their guns! Why did the banshees move within assault range of the dreadnought? Their falcon didn't get destroyed, and they never assaulted anything. Did they just disembark near the dread for no reason and sit around doing nothing? Why did the wave serpent have vectored engines? Skimmers don't crash on immobilized results anymore unless they moved flat out. His skimmers should have contested the objectives. Etc.

    Nice report, nice pictures, but your opponent didn't give you much of a game.

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    Made in cr
    Awesome Autarch

    San Diego, California

    your reports rock, please keep them coming!

    Made in gb
    Stalwart Veteran Guard Sergeant

    West Sussex, England

    My girlfriend lives in Bromley, or rather, just a short drive away. Next time I go to hers I'll bring my IG, can set up a game!

    2000 Points 
    1000 Points
    1000 Points

    Made in fr
    Cackling Chaos Conscript


    great report


    Made in us
    Newbie Black Templar Neophyte


    nice report i like that skull on top of that rhino

    Made in us
    Newbie Black Templar Neophyte


    woops entered twice by accident ignore this message......

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    Made in us
    Dakka Veteran

    Excellent, send more reports!

    "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." 
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