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Stelek's LVGT Game 2: Eldratar vs Daemonhunters  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

.................................... Searching for Iscandar

Kill Point Mission.

His army included:

3 War Walkers with Missile Launchers (double).
2 Wraithlords (Bright Lance, Missile Launcher).
4 10 man squads of Dire Avengers w/Bladestorm Exarchs.
1 20 man storm guardian squad w/lock w/conceal, 2 fusion guns.

My setup in the corner.

His setup:

Essentially most of the game was him moving from the first forest to the second.

I smacked him down with shooting.

He had a unit of war walkers that outflanked and spanked a retinue, but I smashed it.

His Wraithlords he kept in reserve, and it cost him the game (I can't kill them easily).

The only major thing of note to occur was on turn 4 his Avatar was coming forward and Eldrad tried to fortune him, I rolled my hood and stopped fortune twice then doom...but it meant nothing since I was having fun killing all the DA coming forward.

Oh, and I broke his sword off. It was broken before but still, I felt horrible about it. I didn't just kill the unfortuned avatar with 2 Sisters squads and 2 GK squads. I should have, but with the victory conditions I'd have had to like double + 1 his lost KP count versus my own to "win". Maybe that was game 5, I dunno I didn't pay much attention to the victory conditions if it wasn't an objective x5 game.

He had a DA squad and 2 wraithlords left at the end of the game.

I had this:

I didn't take many pictures because the game went so fast. He ran up, I shot him. He lost his cover squad early, so his DA couldn't get in range of my back line without coming into the open.

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Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

on board Terminus Est

I have heard this game was a draw.


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Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Guess that depends on your definition of a "draw".

They weren't labeled as anything, but the Battle Point conditions were:
1 - Had twice your opponents KP? 17-3
2 - Had more KP than opponent, but less than double? 13-7
3 - Had even KP? Goto VP
3a - Won by more than 175 VP? 11-9
3b - Less than 175 VP margin? 8-8

This game was in the 3a category.

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Made in us
Auspicious Skink Shaman

Dude, my eyes water every time I look at that paint job, lol. My 9 mo. old clapped when she saw them though, so I might just have you to thank if she gets into warhammer. Are those old school heavy bolters on your troopers?

What was his reasoning for holding back on the wraithlords? Real reason, mind you, no shenanigans!
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