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Bounding Assault Marine

Long Island, New York

Does Telion confer his stealth special ability to the squad he joins. If so, would camo cloaks further enhance the cover save and/or a techmarines bolster the defenses even further enhance the cover save? Basically, is there any limitation to get it to a 2+ cover save?

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Dakka Veteran

actually its pretty clear in the characters section that those models do not confer their special rules to the squads their in, and do not benefit from the special rules of their squads.

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Sinewy Scourge

Bothell, WA

He doesn't provide his stealth ability to the Squad he is with. However, a squad with Camo clocks, in a ruin with Bolster defences would have a 2+ cover save.

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Timmah wrote:Best way to use lysander:
Set in your storage bin, pick up vulkan model, place in list.
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Fresh-Faced New User

what is bolster defences?
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Fresh-Faced New User

Lysander's and Techmarine's ability to fortify a ruined building before the game starts.

It gives a ruined building in your deployment zone +1 to its cover save for any of your units in it.

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Made in us
Ultramarine Terminator with Assault Cannon

Actually he does. He is not an independant character. He's an upgrade character. Thus the section that says independant characters don't confer special rules doesn't apply, Likewise, Stealth is not marked with a *, so doesn't remove from an IC, or from a squad when joined. So the only thing that applies is the description of Stealth. Which says the unit gains +1 to their cover save. However, once Telion dies, if you didn't buy Camo cloaks, the entire unit loses stealth.

I imagine it as Telion telling his young charges where to sit/stand/crouch to take maximum advantage of the cover. Personally I'd buy the camo cloaks anyway.

To answer the rest of your questions:

You cannot benefit from Telion's Stealth and Camo Cloaks at the same time. You can only take advantage of stealth once. Likewise, you may only bolster the defenses of a ruin once, whether it was Lysander or a Techmarine, or a Master of the Forge. So yes, Stealth(from whatever source) + Bolster Defenses + Ruin = 2+ Cover Save. I advise Cluster Mining that same piece of area terrain.

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Tunneling Trygon

The House that Peterbilt

But the unit doesn't have stealth -- the Telion model does. How can he confer it to the unit?

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Dakka Veteran

The whole reason Telion has Stealth is because he can't buy the Camo Cloaks like the rest of the Scouts can. It's pretty obvious that he and only he gets it - his rule does not go away as part of the unit, but it does not extend to any models outside of himself.

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Death-Dealing Ultramarine Devastator

Arlington, Texas

It doesn't make sense that he wouldn't confer stealth. He's not an IC. Plus, if you buy camo cloaks you have to buy them by the squad. So it would be saying that you would have to buy Telion a cloak that is not in his wargear. You can't.

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Hmmm, Two Year Necro.

Smells Good!

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Sentient OverBear

Clearwater, FL

nivondu, please read here.

Thank you.


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