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Boston-area [Watertown] Massachusetts

I was expecting this, but it doesn't mean it isn't sad. I'm sorry.


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ddogwood wrote:People who feel the need to cheat at Warhammer deserve pity, not anger. I mean, how pathetic does your life have to be to make you feel like you need to cheat at your toy army soldiers game?
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Long-Range Black Templar Land Speeder Pilot

Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan

Yeah, comiserations, this was a great project to watch, and it's a bummer to watch the impetus be pulled from it, particularly when you managed to smash all those deadlines.

On the plus side, though... At least ya have some dope models finished? And they look absolutely great, too boot!

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Loud-Voiced Agitator

Arizona, USA

Man, I do feel for you. This was a fantastic project and you should be very proud of yourself. Don't feel bad, use the new spending money to make even more hobby goodness, because you are good at it! Or maybe take some time off from it. Either way, pat yourself on the back because this was a great project. Only a very small percentage of the people in the hobby can do stuff like this.

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Humming Great Unclean One of Nurgle

Mostly, on my phone.

Aw man. I just saw this. Very sad indeed

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Decrepit Dakkanaut

Madison, WI

Fantastic effort SL. Sorry it didn't work out but no one can fault you on your effort.

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Robot Cat


It’s an expected move but a big bummer. Hopefully next year makes a bigger and better rebound.
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Never Forget Isstvan!

Green Bay, Wisconson

Ok . Slowly back to projects. First up was some jungle terrain to match the basing on my Nids.

I have enough peices to fill a 4x8 board in case I want to play big points.

[Thumb - IMG_20200627_124214242.jpg]

[Thumb - IMG_20200627_173427430.jpg]

[Thumb - IMG_20200627_214030931.jpg]

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Never Forget Isstvan!

Green Bay, Wisconson

So I'll be playing probably my last games of 8th edition in early July. It's with the 2 armies I was bringing to Adepticon. My fluffy Nids and slightly more competitive Necrons against an all Primarus SM competitive list ( in separate games of course). Looking forward to playing even with the good possibility that I get crushed (Flying LR spam).

I'll try taking some pics of heroic or tragic moments to share. Pretty sure the SM balance will be restored in the 9th edition.

Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Madison, WI

Hey SL, I'm heading up your way on a regular basis again... Just thought I'd mention it.

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Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine


Those look great Solar.

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