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Made in us
Sneaky Kommando

New York City

I made this little IG diorama for my girlfriend's brother-in-law as a Christmas present. Huge success! It was the first time I've made a diorama of any size, the first IG I've ever painted, and the first time I've even used a brush in 4 years. I'm excited to get back into the hobby. Please tell me what you think!

Also, what could I do better next time I paint? I think my highlighting skills need lots of work.
[Thumb - Chris01.jpg]

[Thumb - Chris02.jpg]

[Thumb - Chris03.jpg]

Made in au
Sureshot Kroot Hunter


That is really good. The basing and the collours of the guardsmen are impressive but one question what did he think about it?

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Made in us
Deadshot Weapon Moderati

That is a very thoughtful gift and I would have been honored to receive a gift that required time and skill. So he should be happy.

As to your question.

For IG tanks I really like cammo. Also you can use the new washes or multi light layers of dry brush to achieve a more 3d look. Multiple washes of Badab Black or Devlin mud will really add some character to your tank. If too light , put another wash on. Finish with a simple extremly light dry brush of what ever color you used as a base trying only to hit the raised areas. Simple and very effective.

I just posted my guard army so you can take a look to see if that is the type of effect that appeals to you. The tanks are all multi colored drybush with a bit of ink. I went for speed over perfection as what I would prefer but too many tanks and too little time.


Made in nl


Interesting choice of color, but i think it came out nicely. Pretty cool present if you ask me.
Made in nl
Yellin' Yoof

Nice diorama.

For improvement for a next one: make it more used.
This could be done by weathering and adding wear and tear (chipped of pieces of paint, bullet impacts etc.).
The surface is quite plain now. Adding things like mud tracks and foot steps would add realism.
Made in us
Slippery Scout Biker

I've been waiting to see a diorama on here.
Personaly, I'd like to see more color on the tanks weapons. And wash for the tank wouldn't hurt.
All in all, a very clean peice of work.
Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Burtucky, Michigan

wow that certainly looks good. it looks like the guardsmens bodies need some highlighting other then that everything looks pretty good. i guess some weather on the tank too... seriously tho nice job for not painting in a really long time
Made in us
Executing Exarch

Odenton, MD

What are those guardsmen doing without a sgt.? They must be running away...

Looks good, but I feel that the tank needs a little more highlighting or something.

*edit* I looked at them again and the enchanted blue heavy bolter looks out of place.

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Made in us
Fireknife Shas'el

All over the U.S.

Very nice and an awesome gift. I like BlackAdders idea about tank traps and foot tracks.

One observation, though, the line elevating the chimera seems a little to clean. It might've been interesting for the dozer blade to have plowed the lower line. Just a thought. Would you like to make me a present?

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Made in gb
Monstrous Master Moulder

I dunno...

You could improve it by painting the hull mounted HB

Also, you could model them more accurately, with at least three dead, the other two running off, and the tank immobilised with no weapons, considering it has low armour, and the addition of a hatch gunner makes it open-topped in the current codex IIRC

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Made in us
Battleship Captain

That's really good. If you wanted to add some more character I would probally paint some camo stripes or damage. But otherwise it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

I've always liked a 'clean' vehicle and troops. For me it just shows they maintain their equipment and vehicles between battles. I'm not disregarding weathering at all as that will add a whole level of depth when it's done well. Hightlights and washes will do the same for you, it's your choice for how far to take it.
Made in us
Sneaky Kommando

New York City

Thanks to everyone for the comments. The gift was well-received. My girl-friend's family LOVED it.

I just wanted to thank you all for your tips. I had tried to weather the tank by inking it with a hazel ink, but then I went over it again with the grey, leaving the ink showing in all the recesses. I think that maybe the camera may have flattened out the color a bit.

Next time, I'll certainly add more battle damage and interesting things to the diorama. All in all, it was a neat little experiment.

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Made in us
Roarin' Runtherd

Great idea! Did he play before you gave him the gift? If not, great way to get someone involved and have a built in partner to play with on a regular basis.
Made in us
Sneaky Kommando

New York City

He's never played before, but he loved the fiction, especially the Gaunt's Ghosts stuff by Dan Abnett.

Made in us
Imperial Recruit in Training

great models

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