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Made in us
Man O' War


I started painting the growing Ork horde I have been collecting. So I will just combine my orcs and chaos projects here! So now for some Orky hordy destructive fun!
I started a Bad Moon army, with a desert Khaki camo scheme. I am working on faces still, not very good at them.
Base Coat of Chaos black.
Skin = 50/50 white/orkhide, goblin green, green wash,
Armor= 50/50 white/badmoon yellow, badmoon yellow, black stripe, delvan mud wash
Pants= Khmer brown with black and calathan brown camo and delvan mud wash
Weapons= chainmail, bronze and delvan mud wash
Various bags, etc = scorched brown, snakebite leathers!

Enjoy the pics and as all ways feedback is welcome!
[Thumb - DSC02764.JPG]
Shoota boy

[Thumb - DSC02765.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC02766.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC02767.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC02773.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC02772.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC02775.JPG]
Horde o

[Thumb - DSC02778.JPG]
Hordes o orks

[Thumb - DSC02777.JPG]
Horde again.

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Blood for Blood god!  
Made in hu
Freaky Flayed One

possibly somewhere on a planet in a bowl somewhere (london)

not bad, i would recommend some inks. they do a marvelous job. use black or brown on the ork skin and they will have shading in the groves.

i spent ages on my avitar. YOU MUST LIKE IT OR HE WILL EAT YOU!
thats just the way the cookie crumbles.

Made in gb
Ultramarine Land Raider Pilot on Cruise Control

i like it but you should do a babab black wash
Made in us
Nimble Pistolier


Looking good. maybe a few more highlights, but its comming together nicely

Made in gb
Monstrous Master Moulder

I dunno...

For the love of all that's holy please wash that skin!!!!

however your yellow is nice!

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Tzeentch Veteran Marine with Psychic Potential


for leather & tarnish on the weapons, never be w/out fleshwash.

also, a tip for the faces, orky eyes are really hard at first, so get as little paint on the brush as possible & hold the brush really close to the bristles.

also, paint the grin with snakebite leather & pick out the teeth in bleached bone.

other than that, great!

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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

HATE Club, East London

Gryphonne Sepia and Badab Black will help immensely.

The bold colour scheme will look great on the battlefield, IMO.

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Made in us
Man O' War


Thanks guys
I will put another coat of thraka green on the Ork hide. So the arms and faces have more definition.
I used Delvan mud on all the none green surfaces. I'm not sure if I want to put more on.
Thanks for tips on faces, the few I have done made the orks look a bit silly
More to come soon

Blood for Blood god!  
Made in us
Man O' War


Update INC!
I painted 3 warbikes and Killa Kan this weekend
The yellow makes them stand out, but any self respecting orc wants to seen, heard and smelled coming . I still need to do the eyes/teeth on the bikers and Base the Killa Kan, but ere we go! Lots of Pics INC
Enjoy C&C is always welcome
[Thumb - DSC02794.JPG]
Tres Amigos

[Thumb - DSC02781.JPG]
Bike #1 side

[Thumb - DSC02782.JPG]
Bike #1 top

[Thumb - DSC02784.JPG]
Bike #2 Side

[Thumb - DSC02785.JPG]
Bike #2 top

[Thumb - DSC02788.JPG]
Bike #3 side

[Thumb - DSC02789.JPG]
Bike #3 top

[Thumb - DSC02796.JPG]
Kan front

[Thumb - DSC02797.JPG]
Da back

[Thumb - DSC02798.JPG]
Un Lado

[Thumb - DSC02799.JPG]
El Otro lado

Blood for Blood god!  
Made in us
Screamin' Stormboy

Winston-Salem, NC

For the Kan and bikes I'd suggest picking a few armor plates at random and painting them Red. Something to break up the scheme a little bit, but still as gaudy and clashy.

-Learning to put yourself in another person's shoes emotionally is something that everyone has to learn eventually. It's part of learning to be a human being. Gamers do it for fun. 
Made in gb
Ultramarine Land Raider Pilot on Cruise Control

like the bike! and i see a wash! well done!
Made in us
Nimble Pistolier


Looking good, we'll have to work out something for the highlights on the yellow, but i like

Made in us
Frightnening Fiend of Slaanesh

San Francisco

In the main I think you should do some washes as suggested, but most especially the yellow areas need work.

I'd suggest some ochre drybrushing, and some brown drybrush over that on areas closer to the ground and fading less and less towards the higher parts of the model, to simulate dust and mud accumulation.

An additional step with washes or drybrush will give some additional depth and detail to your army, and make 'em look 10x more dakka!

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Made in us
Man O' War


Some Dakka for you
I went over some of the hard edges with regal blue to break the yellow up.
[Thumb - DSC02800.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC02801.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC02802.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC02803.JPG]

Blood for Blood god!  
Made in ca
Mindless Spore Mine

I like the nobs, eh, but i dont see his eyes. The bikes are great dude.

I'd like to see ghazgkull or any warboss.

Only the insane have strength enough to prosper. Only those who prosper may truly judge what is sane.
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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Sheffield, City of University and Northern-ness

Why don't you try using gryphonne sepia on the yellow, it will break up some of the flat surfaces, meaning that they aren't quite so garish.
Thraka green on the skin and badab black on the metal will work well, meaning that the colours aren't quite as flat

Made in us
Man O' War


Time to stomp some humies ! Here are my bosses for now. AOBR boss, Boss with attack squig, big mek w/KFF and big mek. These guys were a lot of fun to paint
Enjoy the pics!
Lets get stuck in
[Thumb - DSC02806.JPG]
Mek #1 front

[Thumb - DSC02807.JPG]
Mek #1 back

[Thumb - DSC02808.JPG]
Mek #2 front

[Thumb - DSC02809.JPG]
Mek #2 back

[Thumb - DSC02810.JPG]
AOBR boss front

[Thumb - DSC02811.JPG]
AOBR boss back

[Thumb - DSC02812.JPG]
Squig boss front

[Thumb - DSC02813.JPG]
Squig boss back

Blood for Blood god!  
Made in my
Hooded Inquisitorial Interrogator

man no offense to you but i am getting bored of the aobr warboss so many people have him and ive only known 2 people to convert him

i want to play and ride with you on your predator. i want to be friends with you
too bad alien scum
arrrghhhhhhhhh *cuts off head of space marine*
dat was fun friend....friend??? friend!!!!
humph your not my friend any more *walks off to the predator* now for some fun!

i play as and needs the new sm army codex!!!!! 
Made in us
Man O' War


I took some AOBR nobs and did some simple conversions with them. I had some extra terminator arms and I decided to put a few of them on these nobs. These nobs all have shiny new cyborik arms complete with Lightning claws(count as PKs), and one with a Shoota/big Shoota.
Lots of Dakka
PS: As a new 40k player I always appreciate tips and suggestions. If you are not going to offer a suggestion to improve my work please don't post. Kthxbye
[Thumb - DSC02818.JPG]
Nobs w/ PKs

[Thumb - DSC02819.JPG]
Nob w/PKs

[Thumb - DSC02820.JPG]
Nob w/Pks

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Blood for Blood god!  
Made in gb
Ultramarine Land Raider Pilot on Cruise Control

like it alot but maby make the pks look more looted! like the chaos one now for some

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Made in us
Nimble Pistolier


More wash on the squig for shading. Great idea on the looted power klaws!! Paintin' time

Made in au
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Standing right behind you...

Please take some more time and effort to paint your models instead of hurriedly plonking on paint and posting as quickly as you can.

Base coat your models black, use a smaller brush, stop loading paint all over the cracks - just follow the standard rules.

I suggest you keep painting and practicing, just don't be i such a hurry to post them on the internet, give it a year or two and you should be better.

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'I once tried to kill the World's Greatest Lover...but then I realized there were laws against suicide,' Sideshow Bob. 
Made in au
Homicidal Veteran Blood Angel Assault Marine

Melbourne, Australia


I like the yellow for looking down on a table full of the guys - good stand out army colour.

Have an experiment with creating a wash - making a thin wash with beastial brown or similar and putting it over the yellow would tone down the glare, pick out the shadows and help show contrast.

There are 10 types of people in the world - those who understand binary, and those who don't.

My work in progress thread 
Made in us
Man O' War


I painted up the Orc Nobs with the looted termi arms I add some colors, to weapons and did a very heavy wash on on everything.
Sorry about the pics, it is very cloudy and snowy here, and my flash overpowered the minis I think.
Enjoy C&C always welcome.
Thanks to everyone that suggested using gryphon sepia wash it is a nice red/brown rust color
[Thumb - DSC02829.JPG]
Nob W PK

[Thumb - DSC02827.JPG]
Nob Pk/BP

[Thumb - DSC02828.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC02830.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC02831.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC02835.JPG]
Da mob

Blood for Blood god!  
Made in au
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Standing right behind you...

There's generally a rule whenever painting minis that you try not to use over four or five colours when painting, it makes the model look simpler and not as busy. Try not to use ten colours on each model.
Once had a match against a little kid with a Nid army, he had a group of genestealers called: 'The Flying Circus'. Let me tell you all that colour made my head spin.

And whilst the washes do make them look slightly better, you still need to basecoat your models.

'I once tried to kill the World's Greatest Lover...but then I realized there were laws against suicide,' Sideshow Bob. 
Made in gb
Ultramarine Land Raider Pilot on Cruise Control


looking Amazing

Is going to look magical on tht tabletop
Made in us
Man O' War


Big update here.
I painted up the rest of my kommados and some burnas/lootas.
I am taking a small break with from my waaagh and painting/repainting some of my renegade SM force.
I really like the Red renegade, not sure about the other 2 if I want to add those schemes to my force.
Enjoy, C&C always welcome.
[Thumb - DSC02845.JPG]
Kommando w/burna

[Thumb - DSC02847.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC02849.JPG]
big shoota

[Thumb - DSC02851.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC02853.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC02857.JPG]
Killa stealthy ork

[Thumb - DSC02867.JPG]
A couple of lootas

[Thumb - DSC02869.JPG]
dos burnas

Blood for Blood god!  
Made in us
Man O' War


Here are the Renegades.
[Thumb - DSC02859.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC02860.JPG]

 Filename DSC02861.JPG [Disk] Download
 Description Front_green
 File size 1950 Kbytes

 Filename DSC02862.JPG [Disk] Download
 Description Back_green
 File size 1979 Kbytes

[Thumb - DSC02873.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC02874.JPG]

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Blood for Blood god!  
Made in ca
Roarin' Runtherd


A criticism (with best intent of the renegades: I'm not seeing anything renegade about them; they look just like loyalist marines!

I assume though, that although they're renegade, they might not be "chaotic" as you used loyalist models and not chaos space marine models... so is this supposed to be a chapter completely independent of both the imperium and chaos? I like that idea, and I don't think it's used often enough.

Either way, even if you paint an "X" over the imperial symbols, or maybe scratch them off or desecrate them in some other way, so you get the idea across!


Made in us
Man O' War


I am adding some guys to my renegade warband. I am mixing SM and CSM minis into my units. The SM minis are keeping their imperium icons as an insult to their former battle brothers.. Death to the False emperor..... I really liked the idea of newer SM convert over to chaos. Thats why I have so many SM models, but hey life is so much better on the dark side.
Enjoy these pics, C&C welcome
[Thumb - DSC02885.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC02882.JPG]
Some heavy weapons

[Thumb - DSC02883.JPG]
Heavy weapons

[Thumb - DSC02886.JPG]

[Thumb - DSC02889.JPG]
The new recruits.

Blood for Blood god!  
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