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PaniC & Fingers Vs Heretic 4000pts Nurgle CSM vs Crimson Fists... Game3 [PICS + MAPS]  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

Game 3
This is the Decider!
Heretic, Fingers and I have played twice already and the score is 1 - 1... Link-------> Summary Mini Reports of the first two games
We played with with 4 x 2000pt armies, using 4 FOC.
Heretic has 4000pts of crimson fists.
Again both mine and Fingers 2000pts nurgle armies are joined, so icons from either side could be used for deepstrike etc...


Sieze Ground – Pitched Battle
We Rolled for the number of objective markers: 4
We placed them:
Objective1: - In front of the Ruin top left
Objective2: - in the woods bottom left
Objective3: - above center next to crater
Objective4: - center Right in the clearing between the woods.

ED won the roll and picked the to go first on the top table edge.


We failed to seize the inititive? meh...!

Tacticals claim their near-by objectives
Space marines Start the battle with a devestating volley concentrated at the dreadnoughts. immoblising Both on the left.

rockets then start hitting the CSM preditor stunning the crew.
The chaos rhino is immobilised
SM Devestators let rip with plasma, but 1 of the Devestator Marines Plasma Cannon explodes killing him stone dead. the rest of the Plasma hits home killing 4 Plague Marines.

The Plague marines begin the march forward to claim their objectives.
Preditor pops smoke
The Chaos Rhino driver tries the engine again and the rhino kicks back into life! (repairs)
Chaos Dreds Blast back at the imperial Line claiming a dreadnought of their own! it explodes 6" killing 2 more marines.

end of turn 1 ------ Objectives --- CSM - 1 --- Imperial - 2 -----

Imperials Concentrate fire on the left flank but it's mostly ineffective... but they kill 4 more PM

Missile Devestators fire into the smoke removing the CSM preditors AutoCannon

>~My Chaos Lord and 6Terminators are Lost in the Warp (scattered 11" off the table! oh noes!!1!)
But more ChaosTerminators do arrrive and with a Squad of lesser daemons... the terminators fire and destroy the squad of marines in front of them.

Daemons run and assault the SM CMD hoping to hold them up for a turn.

Daemons kill 1 SM , the SpaceMarines kill 3.. 2 more die to no retreat.. but that's enough to hold the CMD off from charging in.

end of turn 2 ------ Objectives --- CSM - 2 --- Imperial - 2 -----

Assault Marines Jump in to attack the Terminators

Dread causes more trouble for the CSM

the big combat is joined SMs kill a few Terminators

A Daemon Prince deepstrikes in Nearby... behind the woods.

More daemons turn up... Greater Daemon possesses a PM champion and is supported by 7 Lesser Daemons

More units join the Big Combat

The Daemons assaulted in and wipes out the marine squad

end of turn 3 ------ Objectives --- CSM - 1 --- Imperial - 1 -----

Missile Launchers Blast the Greater Daemon back into the warp
Marines assault into the lesser daemon killing them all!

The Space MarineCMD squad gets stuck in with the Assault Marines
Finger's Chaos Lord also Makes himself known in the fight slaying Multiple AssaultMArines (that's him undercoated in black with the wound counter)
the tide of the combat is turning!

Daemon Prince Jumps over the Woods and into flank of the SM CMD squad.
The big combat reaches it's peak and combat is murder! wounds for everyone! the Chaos Lord Dies... but not with out taking a few more marines with him.

CSM dread kills a imperial Dred.

Troops sit tight on their objectives.

Troops sit tight on their objectives.

end of turn 4 ------ Objectives --- CSM - 1 --- Imperial - 1 -----

Marines wreak the CSM rhino, the PM get out the front.
Imperial Terminators are moving in (just of picture to the left) ... PlagueMarines get ready to hold out... more PM (behind the forest) run to support

Imperials shift to the right pushing to hold thier Objectives.

Terminators arrive at the clearing and Imperials re-contest the much fought for objective!

Plague Marines hold their Claim.

Imperial Tacticals Hold steady and take the charge as Plague Marines Assault/contest the objective...

Marines Claim Their Objective

end of turn 5 ------ Objectives --- CSM - 1 --- Imperial - 1 -----

And that's it we roll a '1' ... no more turns... a murderous draw.... it was such a great game.
Everyones happy... But now we need a rematch! maybe we'll up the point value of the next game!? Apoc?


Edit: Lots and Lots of edit to fix the order of things... formatting spelling and stuff... should be readable now!

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Made in ca
Devious Space Marine dedicated to Tzeentch

Creston, BC

Fantastic! What happened to all the assault marines? THey were there in mass and then disappeared!?!

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

I've updated the batrep to show clearer... A chaos terminator lord and Daemon prince hit the assault troops in the big combat...
thats alot of heavy hitting to deal with.
Chaos won the combat that turn, my memory is a bit foggy, but I think they used combat tactics to duck out of the fight.


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Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Great report! HQ & termies lost to the warp, Dread vs. Dread, and a massive brawl in the middle--it's excellent.

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." 
Made in us
Committed Chaos Cult Marine

This is what 40k is all about!

And whilst you're pointing and shouting at the boogeyman in the corner, you're missing the burglar coming in through the window.

Well, Duh! Because they had a giant Mining ship. If you had a giant mining ship you would drill holes in everything too, before you'd destory it with a black hole 
Made in us
Tail-spinning Tomb Blade Pilot

Where people Live Free, or Die

Thanks for another great battle rep! Great pictures, and fantastic job on the RoB, btw.

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Karak Hirn Dwarfs - 2500

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Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

Fantastic - have we made Nick a Dakkite yet? He needs a sillier name...

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

I concure, Both Nick and Dave need proper Dakka names!


Made in us
Nasty Nob on Warbike with Klaw

Buzzard's Knob

I wish my Plague Marines performed that well. Mebbe I needs me some Daemons...

Made in gb
Monstrous Master Moulder

I dunno...

I saw this thread and immediatly thought, "Excellent another great Panic Bat Rep!" It lived up to my expectations 100%
also, I vote that your next game is apocalypse, or, if you have enough terrain, some kind of hybrid between Apoc and COD would be Sweeeeeeet

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It can be seen, they tell
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Made in ru
Virulent Space Marine dedicated to Nurgle

fantastic! great fun and hell yes a rematch apoc style!!


"every day, and in every way, i am getting better and better." Pink Panther.

"he's fallen' in the water" The Goons. 
Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

Sterling, Virginia

Well done sir! Great pics and entertaining!

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Made in au
Hurr! Ogryn Bone 'Ead!


nice report, keep em coming

i wish the crisom fists won.

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Made in us
Rough Rider with Boomstick

Great report, brutal game

The Happy Guardsman
Red Templars
Radical Inquisitor
Made in us
Space Marine Scout with Sniper Rifle

I love all your battle reports! That board looks great, and I love both of those chaos armies! Do you make your terrain, or do you buy it?
Go Crimson Fists!

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Made in us
Storm Trooper with Maglight


Great report. Too bad about the Chaos Lord and termies getting a poor mishap roll...

...one amongst untold billions.
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut


i wish i got combats that huge abbadon and all my berzerkers would kick but\

i play bro plays
bros :1200 points 
Made in ca
God-like Imperator Titan Commander


Nice work: good pictures, particularly the top-down ones. Also, a decent amount of terrain on the board

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