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[PICS] 2500pts - ArbitorIan vs Panic - White Scrapes (SM) vs Iyanden (Eldar)  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

BIG GAME! We decided on a 2500pt City Fight to christen Gary's new bits of city terrain - we played with an amalgamation of the old Cities of Death rules and the new mission rules. Basically, we played a Cities of Death mission, with stratagems, but played using 5ed setup and deployment, seizing the initiative, moving through ruins and true line of sight rules.

Gary took his Eldar Iyanden army - we were hoping that, at bigger size games, they might become more playable. Ian took the forces of the White Scrapes Astartes Chapter - a chapter that look incredibly similar to White Scars, only they haven't got as many bikes, as I still haven't got around to converting a biker Captain yet...


* 4 Seer Council (inc 1 Farseer (Mindwar), 3 Warlocks (2 Destructors, 1 Enhance, 1 Singing Spear)) in a Wave Serpent (Shuriken Cannon, Bright Lances)

* 9 Warp Spiders (inc 1 Exarch with Powerblades, Twin Death Spinners, Surprise Assault, Withdraw)
* 6 Striking Scorpions (inc 1 Exarch with Biting Blade, Stalker) in a Wave Serpent (Shuriken Cannon, Starcannons)

* 5 Wraithguard (plus 1 Warlock with Singing Spear, Enhance) in a Wave Serpent (Shuriken Cannon, Starcannons)
* 10 Wraithguard (plus 1 Spiritseer with Conceal)
* 10 Wraithguard (plus 1 Spiritseer with Conceal)

* 9 Pathfinders

* 3 Dark Reapers
* 5 Dark Reapers (inc 1 Exarch with Tempest Launcher, Crack Shot)


* 1 Chaplain (Terminator Armour, Combi-Flamer)
* 1 Librarian (Terminator Armour, Storm Bolter ) (Null Zone, Might of the Ancients)

* 10 Terminators (2 Cyclones, 2 Chainfists)
* 7 Assault Terminators (4 Lightning Claws, 3 Thunder Hammers)
* 1 Dreadnought (Multimelta)

* 10 Tactical Squad (Missile Launcher, Plasmagun, inc Sgt with Powerfist) with a Rhino
* 10 Tactical Squad (Missile Launcher, Plasmagun, inc Sgt with Powerfist) with a Razorback (Lascannons)
* 5 Scouts (3 Sniper Rifles, 1 Shotgun)

* 10 Assault Marines (2 Plasmapistols, inc Sgt with Powerfist)
* 5 Vanguard Veterans (1 Power Weapon, inc Sgt with Powerfist)
* 2 Attack Bikes (Heavy Bolters)

* 2 Vindicators
* 1 Whirlwind


We rolled the 'Firesweep' mission. In this, the objective is to 'plant flags' in buildings as you pass through them, claiming them as your own. If your blokes are the only people in the building, it becomes yours, so buildings can switch ownership several times during a game. Independent Characters, Dedicated Transports, and units below 25% strength are the only units that CAN'T score.

Eldar take the stratagems Deep Strike (for their Warpspiders), Ammo Dump (re-roll hits for all squads in their main firebase) and Master Snipers (no cover saves from Sniper weapons). Marines take the stratagems Sewer Rats (squads in reserve can emerge from the sewers, hence the white markers on ground level), Booby Traps (the white markers above ground level) and Master Snipers.


SM win the roll for first turn and elect to go second. So, the first thing is for the Seer Council to disembark their Wave Serpent and nab the western gardens for the Eldar, before running back to the cover of their transport. The three Wraithguard squads fan out into the buildings, running to get further. The two forward Wave Serpents fire their Starcannons at the two Missile-Launcher Combat Squads, killing one marine. The large Dark Reaper squad fire at the Combat Squad in the ruins, killing the remaining 4 and wiping the squad out.

The Whirlwind, Vindicators, Dreadnought and Razorback all move into better firing positions, and the Scouts climb the central building, planting a flag. Everything else holds back, in cover. The Whirlwind fires an Incendiary Castellan Missile at the Pathfinders on the Eldar firebase, ignoring their amazing cover saves and killing seven! Both Vindicators fire at the central Wraithguard squad, killing eight, and the Dreadnought follows this up with a charge. In the combat, he kills one Wraithguard, but suffers a Weapon Destroyed (CC Weapon) from the Warlock.

End of Turn 1 - Eldar 3, Marines 2

The wraithguard fan out

But the vindicators line up on them

And the dread assaults the survivors

Meanwhile, the Dark Reapers wipe out one of the Combat Squads


The smallest Wraithguard unit move into their building, suffering one death from a booby trap, but planting their flag all the same. Behind them, the Seer Council get back into their Wave Serpent. The Wraithguard moving through the northern ruins open fire on the rear Vindicator, destroying it. Both central Wave Serpents move south, and fire their Starcannons at the Whirlwind, Immobilising it, Shaking it, and destoying it's Whirlwind launcher. The large Dark Reaper squad open fire again, wiping out the second Missile Launcher Combat Squad to the south. The remaining Pathfinders kill one of the Scouts.

In the SM turn, the Vanguard Vets, Terminator Squad and Librarian all appear out of the sewers! The Vanguard Vets and the Assault Marines move in towards the northern Wraithguard squad, preparing for the assault. The Terminator squad opens fire on the small Dark Reaper squad, wiping them out. A Powerfist Combat Squad disembarks their razorback, charging the closest Wave Serpent, but fail to hit it. The Vindicator opens fire on the northern Wraithguard squad, killing three, but this leaves the Assault Squad out of charge range. Caught in the open, they run back into cover. The Vanguard Vets are still in charge range though, and assault, killing three and losing one veteran.

End of Turn 2 - Eldar 4, Marines 2

Terminators emerge from the sewers

Vanguard Vets charge the Wraithguard in the northern ruins

Wraithguard claim another building


The Warpspiders Deep Strike in behind the remaining SM Vindicator and open fire, Immobilising and shaking it. The Striking Scorpions disembark their Wave Serpent in the north, and the Wave Serpent kills one of the Terminators with it's Starcannons. Finally, the Dark Reapers open fire on the Assault Marines in cover, killing three. In assault, the Scorpions charge the Terminators and Librarian. The kill one Terminator, but are wiped out in the retalitation. The Dreadnought finally kills the last Wraithguard and the Warlock flees to the north. The Vanguard Veterans kill three more Wraithguard, forcing three No Retreat saves and wiping out the squad.

The Terminator Assault Squad emerge from tunnels to the south, and the Chaplain flamers one of the nearby Wraithguard with his Combi-Flmaer. The Assault Squad and Attack Bikes rush back to counter the Warpspiders and open fire, but don't cause any wounds. The Scouts on the central building open fire on the Pathfinders, killing one more, and the Terminators advance on the main Eldar firebase, wiping out the final Dark Reaper squad within. The Attack Bikes and Assault Squad charge the Warpspiders, losing one marine and killing two spiders, but the Warpspiders teleport away at the end of the combat onto the central building. The Powefist Combat Squad, aided by the Dreadnought, destroy the southern Wave Serpent.

End of Turn 3 - Eldar 3, Marines 3

Wave Serpent is destroyed

The warp spiders get into a fight

But then they teleport away onto the central building


The Seer Council disembark their Wave Serpent and open fire with their Destroyers on the Assault Terminators and Chaplain, killing one. The Farseer tries Mind War, but is nullified by the Librarian. The Wave Serpent opens fire on an advancing Powerfist Combat Squad, killing two. The Warpspiders, from their new position on top of the central building, open fire on the scouts, wiping them out and claiming the building! The Seer Council then charge the Assault Terminators, but no wounds are caused on either side!

The Vindicator and Dreadnought open fire on the still-fleeing Warlock, who looks in danger of taking back another building, but his Invulnerable save protects him. The Librarian then finally remembers to cast Null Zone, which forces re-rolls of successful Invulnerable saves, and the Attack Bikes gun him down. The Assault Squad bounce after the Warp Spiders, who lose two models from shooting and one in assault, killing two marines in return, before teleporting away. The Farseer does one wound on the Assault Terminators, but because of the Null Zone the Terminators manage to inflict four wounds, injuring the Farseer and killing all the Warlocks. In the north, the Terminators charge the Wave Serpent, destroying it three or four times over.

End of Turn 4 Map - Eldar 4, Marines 2

Warp spiders wipe out the scouts and claim the building


In the last Eldar turn, the southern Wave Serpent kills another Powerfist Combat Squad marine, and the Warpspiders assault back into the Assault Squad, killing one marine, but losing two spiders. The Farseer dies to the Assault Terminators, who consolidate towards the western garden.

In the final Marine turn, everyone rushes to grab buildings. The Assault Terminators take the western gardens, the Attack Bikes take the eastern gardens, and the Vanguard Veterans finally catch up with the last Pathfinder, killing him and taking the main Eldar firebase.

Northern Terminators look a bit confused

Warpspiders bounce away and assault back into combat

FINAL RESULT - Eldar 2, Marines 5

So White Scrapes win by a sizeable margin. Basically, they were at an advantage all the way through, though. The Iyanden ghost warrior army has real trouble in 5th Edition, mainly because of 35pt Troops with only a 12" range. As Gary pointed out, if GW had some new Wraithguard models to release, you can bet they would have got a bump. This means that, even in a 2500pt game, the Eldar army was quite small. Plus, the dice gods were not smiling favourably on the Eldar until at least the 4th turn, by which point most of the damage had been done....

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Made in gb
Perfect Shot Ultramarine Predator Pilot

Wiltshire, UK

So much I can say, and all good, so I'll try and section it all.

The Battle:
Nice combination of rules to bring an older set up to 5th ed. Nicely balanced and seemed to work well
The 'Plant the Flag' angle made a nice change to read about compared to the more common scenarios, and added another element of haste to the situation.

The Report :
Well written and presented.
Nice use of images, the mix of overheads and action shots give just the right balance IMO.

The Models :
White Scrapes : ( love the name BTW ). Good looking army. Excellent contrast that shows up well in the images and masses of devotional text that avoids making the models look cluttered ( not easy to do, I know). Nice to see some of the older models in use, particularly the Cyclones and Dreadnought ( I have fond memories of that pattern dread )

Eldar : Another visually pleasing army, and good to see the theme colours extending to the Aspect Warriors. So often Eldar players follow 'templates' on aspects and end up with a 'colour war' within their own army. Panic seems to have side-stepped this pitfall very well, and the scheme looks good on the spiders too, more 'warp-ish' than the usual red.

Overall : A joy to read and look at. You and Panic have a presentation style that works well for me, keep it up guys

"The Emperor Protects - And having a loaded Bolter never hurt either !" - Proteus and Pythor, Ultramarines, The Movie.

Nothing in life is so exhilirating as being shot at without result - Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)

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Made in gb
Monstrous Master Moulder

I dunno...

IMO, you should not have gone with the Master Snipers stratagem as you only had three sniper rifles in your army

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Made in us
Flashy Flashgitz

Chicago Suburbs Northwest

Thanks for the report, that looked like a really fun game! How were you playing jumping and biking into buildings? They weren't taking dangerous terrain tests, huh?

- Blackbone

Us Blood axes have learnt a lot from da humies. How best ta kill 'em, fer example.  
Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

Good point. We remembered that bikes takes them, but completely missed all the Jump Packs and Warp Spiders bouncing around the ruins...

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

While this game was fun to play, I enjoy the fire sweep (plant the flag) mission.
it re-enforced my opinion that eldar are rubbish in 5th... especially anything Iyanden based!
I'll have another couple of goes using variations of this eldar army but I dont' expect much from them.

I think what killed the Iyanden list in the new codex, was loseing the option of having wraithlords as (5th edition scoring) troops...

When taking a full 10wraithguard plus spiritseer unit (counts as troops) you should get the option of taking 1 WraithLord as troops also
that could have been awesome...
maybe the the Lord should even be allowed to join the units of Wraithguard as a character...


Made in ru
Virulent Space Marine dedicated to Nurgle

great read, as ever. thanks guys


"every day, and in every way, i am getting better and better." Pink Panther.

"he's fallen' in the water" The Goons. 
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