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TWO BIG DAYS FOR FOW GAMING NEXT WEEK_END AT TOTAL CON  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Regular Dakkanaut

Manchester NH USA

Adler Hobby (Formally Empire Games of NH) and Total Con in Mansfield Mass. are hosting two big Flames of War events (and AT-43) on Sat and Sunday.


Italian campaign themed *


Both 1500 points - Mid war

Starts at 10am

Saturday national qualifier three 2-½ hr rounds with breaks

Winners get tickets to the Official Battlefront event!


Sunday 10:30am special mini mega battles four armies per 6’x6’ table!

Prizes randomly raffled to players everyone has a same chance to win something!

*Scenic tables representing Sicily and southern Italy.

Presented and hosted by Adler/Empire Hobby of NH

For the first time at Total Con.

The Largest Game Convention Company in the Northeast United States,
Total Confusion will again be held at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

This four (4) day convention will be taking place February 19-22, 2009

Total con info;


All tables will have a Italian/ Sicily theme for terrain to go with our "Up the Bloody Boot " theme. - Your are more than welcome to bring your Russian,Finn, and German snow /mountain troops to this event we'll just say they boarded the wrong train to the front. LOL


1. Mid-War Competition
Armies Build totals are 1500. Lists are to be submitted in Army builder, Word, Excel or PDF format, clearly specifying where points are spent.

Players in the mid-war competition must use the appropriate Intelligence Handbook to compose their force –. The most up-to-date edition of the Handbooks must also be used (or appropriate down-loads used from the FOW website, such as the HFB download). [Version 2 only]

*Lists built from either “Unofficial” or “Official” briefings on the FOW website (i.e., Jagerdivision, US Glider Infantry, Slovak, Hungarian, Finns, Luftwaffe, etc.) will be accepted at the umpire’s discretion – please contact the umpire first, if you wish to field such an army. (It probably does not need to be said, but Kelly’s Heroes and Dad’s Army lists will not be accepted.)

If such an army is approved, the player must have copies of the appropriate briefing from the website to show opponents at the beginning of each game.

Warriors will be allowed.

Players fielding Fallschirmjäger forces may submit an extra list of no larger than 1875 points for use in Death From Above. This list must conform to the restrictions given in Diving Eagles.

Games are played on standard 6’ x 4’ tables ...Mega Battles on sunday 6'x 6'
Armies SHOULD be painted and based. Undercoat is not painted. All miniatures must look like the weapons they are representing. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) is a literal rule in the main book (page 20)!

*All players must provide a copy of their army list to their opponents at the start of each game, before deployment begins. Players are encouraged to provide copies of their army list for their opponents to keep.

*Players must have a copy of the main FOW Rule Book and Lessons from the Front V2. Along with there intelligent book or download from the Official Briefing found at battlefront site.

COMPETITION FORMAT for Saturday* & Sunday

Sundays group games or “Mega Battles" will run from 3 hrs min to 6hrs max. A shorter day to allow extra time to drive home.

*The competition on Saturday will be 3 rounds, with three rounds played at 2 ½ hrs each.
With half hour breaks between rounds for players to rest and refresh themselves.
Mega Battles will be a one-day event with breaks.

A Swiss-chess system will be used with a preference for draws between historical opponents.

Missions will be from New Main rulebook or as dictated by event.

A “Dress Parade” for “Best Painted Army”, is open to all players from early, middle and late war games.

* If a draw occurs in Cauldron or Breakthrough scenarios where both opposing forces are classified as armored, any player may elect to play a “Free for All” scenario instead.

“Death from Above” can be played as alternatives to the appropriate “Free For All” scenarios respectively, except when specified. The reconnaissance mission will not be played, so reconnaissance forces need not provide a second list.

Results for games that have not reached a conclusion at the end of 2.5 hours will be determined by the appropriate scenario conditions.

A Gamers score is based on three factors: Generalship (60), Sportsmanship (20), Historical (20).

Generalship (60) will comprise the total score from all 3 games as a percentage of 60 points.
The biggest single block of points is allocated for the player’s generalship, their performance as a tabletop general. Each game has seven victory points allocated between the players, with the winner scoring a maximum of six and the loser a minimum of 1 point. These are added together to give the player’s overall generalship score.
Killing Rommel*
Some special circumstances (such as getting Generalfeldmarschall Rommel killed) allow players to get a score of zero or seven victory points. The NEW system allows you to enter these extreme results when necessary.
Draws in Fair Fight Missions*
In some missions like Free-for-all and Encounter it is possible for neither side to win the game before the time limit for the game expires. In these cases use the Fair Fight rules on page 198 of the rulebook to resolve the outcome. In essence this means that both sides calculate their Victory Points as if the other player had won the game—both sides lose! Both players will end up with between one victory point (failed to destroy even a single enemy platoon) and three Victory Points (destroyed two or more enemy platoons). As you can see, it is better to go down fighting and take some enemy with you, even if you lose in doing so, than sitting back and doing nothing (which will only get you one Victory Point).

*Sportsmanship (20) Percent: will be awarded by players to each other at the end of each game on a ranking system to be provided at the competition. In total, sportsmanship scores will comprise 20% of the total score. Perhaps the most important part of the scoring is the sporting play section. Giving points for good behavior discourages the win-at-all-costs approach and helps make sure that everyone has a pleasant time. There’s no point in winning on the battlefield if you lose the tournament by being unpleasant to your opponents. The first part of this is the points awarded by every player to their opponent after each game. The players can award their opponent 1, 4, or 5 points depending on the degree of sporting play they displayed. The system uses 1, 4 and 5 as the sporting play ratings because most players are good sports. By allowing a choice between 4 or 5 points for a sporting player, you allow their opponent to rate them as good or excellent. The rating of 1 is only for really unsporting players. BUT-
Umpires WILL CHECK all ratings of 1 assigned by players to make sure that they are genuine cases of unsporting play, and not deliberate attempts by an unsporting opponent to sabotage the player.
Additionally at the end of the tournament, every player votes for “MOST SPORTING PLAYER” whom they played against that was the most sporting and most enjoyable to play with. The number of votes is then totaled and points allocated based on the number of votes each player received. (Details below)

*Historical Army (20) Percent is divided into three sub-categories, and will be adjudicated in the following way:
Historical Army Vote*
Your tournament will have a ‘dress parade’ where each player places their army on display and every player walks around and chooses the best historical army in their opinion.. The new program prints name tags for armies and voting forms for each player.
a) Historical Background* (8 percent) will be judged by the umpire on the following basis:
0 points – No background provided;
2 points – At least one paragraph giving some background;
3 points – Interesting background that brings the force to life;
4 points – Good Background Information with photograph’s
5 points – Excellent and well researched background that fits the force perfectly (or a well written fictional account that also fits the force perfectly).

*The umpire will award a bonus of 3 points to players whose uniforms, basing and modeling represents their historical background (i.e., a “desert” force being modeled on desert terrain in desert uniforms). Any extra details a display or scenic board to show army ext.
b) Painting (8 points):* will be judged by the umpire on the following basis:

1 – You call that painted? A poorly painted force models unfinished or inconsistent.
2 – Basic colors over an undercoat.
3 - Good basic painting with faces, hands, boots and guns detailed. Adequate bases.
4 - Well-painted force with added details, accurate colors and scenic basing.
5 - Every model is a masterpiece. This force should feature on the FOW website!

c) Players Votes (4 Percent)*
In addition to the umpire’s assessment, players will score points from the votes of other players during the “Dress Parade”.

At the end of the tournament each player gets the opportunity to vote for the most sporting player that they faced in the tournament. *The new program prints a form for each player listing the opponents they played and can vote for
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