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[PICS] 2000pts - ArbitorIan vs Panic - White Scars (Bike Army) vs Nurgle CSM  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

Woo, finally got the bike commander and command squad painted, so here's the time to try them out. Generally it goes really well, but then i ruin it all by insisting on charging my commander..

ArbitorIan's White Scars

* Kevin Khan on Moonbadger (Kor'sarro Khan on Moondrakkan)
* Chaplain (Bike, Crozius Arcanum)
* 5 Command Squad (Bikes, Company Champion, Company Standard, Apothecary)

* 5 Bike Squad (2 Flamers) plus Attack Bike (Heavy Bolter)
* 5 Bike Squad (1 Plasmagun) plus Attack Bike (Heavy Bolter)
* 5 Bike Squad (2 Meltaguns) plus Attack Bike (Heavy Bolter)

* 10 Assault Marines (2 Plasmapistols, inc Sgt with Powerfist)
* 5 Scout Bikers (Locator Beacon, inc Sgt with Meltabombs)
* 2 Attack Bikes (Multimeltas)

* 2 Vindicators
* Predator (Twin Linked Lascannons, Heavy Bolter Sponsons)

PaniC's Nurgle CSM

* Daemon Prince (Mark of Nurgle, Wings, Warptime)
* Summoned Greater Daemon

* 5 Terminators (Mark of Nurgle, 1 Powerfist, 1 Reaper Autocannon, inc 3 Champions with two Lightning Claws) in a Land Raider
* 2 Dreadnoughts (Multimeltas, Extra Armour)

* 10 Plague Marines (2 Plasmaguns, Icon, inc Plague Champion with Power Fist) in a Rhino (Havoc Launcher)
* 10 Plague Marines (2 Plasmaguns, Icon, inc Plague Champion with Power Weapon) in a Rhino (Havoc Launcher)
* 11 Summoned Lesser Daemons
* 11 Summoned Lesser Daemons


We rolled Annihilation and Dawn of War. WS won the roll for first turn and deployed the bare minimum of a single Melta Bike Squad to the east. The Command Squad, Plasma Bike Squad and Assault Squad are all in reserve, the rest enter in the first turn. Chaos deploy the Daemon Prince and a single Plague Marine squad. Their daemons are all in reserve, waiting to be summoned.

Turn 1

The bulk of the White Scars army enters on the eastern flank. The Attack Bikes, Scout Bikes and Melta Bike Squad turbo-boost to scare off any vehicles entering in the southeast. The Predator attempts to fire, but Night Fighting means it's not in spotting range.

In the CSM turn, the White Scars scare tactics fail and the Land Raider rolls right up to the Melta Bike Squad, disgorging it's Terminators. In the shooting phase, the Land Raider shoots at the Melta Bike Squad, killing the nearest two. This leaves the Terminators out of charge range!

Bikes enter play

Tanks enter play

Nurgle enter play

Terminators disembark

End of Turn 1 - White Scars 0 - Nurgle CSM 0

Turn 2

The White Scars reserves don't work out exactly as planned, and everything turns up at once (I was hoping to stagger some things!!). Most of the bikes turbo-boost to the west, redeploying away from any potential charges. The Vindicators move forward to get into range, but one of them fails a Dangerous Terrain test and is Immobilised. The Melta Bike Squad and Attack Bikes redeploy, and destroy the closest Dreadnought. The Predator manages to take out the eastern Rhino's Havoc Launcher.

The Greater Daemon and one of the Lesser Daemon squads arrive with the main body of the Chaos forces to the east, and the whole army moves forward around the wrecked Dreadnought. The Terminators embark their LandRaider again and it ploughs through the ruins. The Rhino to the west fires it's Havoc at the Plasma Bike Squad, killing one. The Lesser Daemons then assault the Melta Bike Squad, killing two bikers, and taking one casualty. The bikes hold.

All the White Scars reserves arrive

Melta Bike Squad redeploy and kill the Dreadnought

Vindicator immobilises itself

Predator destroys a havoc launcher

The Nurgle horde advances

And the Daemons charge the Melta Bikers

End of Turn 2 - White Scars 1 - Nurgle CSM 0

Turn 3

Most of the White Scars forces continue to stay just out of charge range and fire. The Vindicators are ineffective this turn, but the Predator causes three wounds on the Greater Daemon. The two Bike Squads in the center managed to shake the Rhino in the west, and apparently Immobilise it (though we then forgot this in the next turn!!). In assault, the Daemons manage to kill one more biker, and the remaining Sgt runs away into the cover of some ruins. The Daemons consolidate towards the nearby Attack Bikes.

The final Daemon reinforcements turn up in the east to support the main push. The remaining Dreadnought in the centre of the board goes into a Fire Frenzy at the start of the turn, but since this isn't resolved until the shooting phase, the nearby Rhino has a chance to run away. It drives forward and deposits it's Plague Marines, before being exploded by the Dread's Multimelta. One of the nearby Plasma Bike Squad and one of the transported Plague Marines are killed in the explosion. The disembarked Plague Marines then wipe out all but one of the Plasma Bike Squad. The Land Raider advances and opens fire on the Predator, shaking it. The Lesser Daemons in the centre then charge the Attack Bike squad, causing two wounds, but they take three wounds in return and lose the combat, taking one more casualty from No Retreat!

The final member of the Melta Bike Squad runs away!

Plague Marines get their Rhino blown up by their own Dreadnought!

Daemons follow up into Attack Bikes

End of Turn 3 - White Scars 2 - Nurgle CSM 0

Turn 4

The last members of the Melta and Plasma Bike Squads attempt to turbo-boost to safety, but the Melta Bike Sgt manages to kill himself on some Dangerous ruins! The Command Squad shoot through the ruins, killing the Greater Daemon with massed relentless bolter fire, and the Flamer Bike Squad and Scout Squad fire at the recently deposited Plague Marines, but all their wounds are negated by Feel no Pain. The Vindicators fire, but manage nothing more than Immobilising the remaining Rhino. In assault, the Daemons cause one more wound on the Attack Bikes, but the hold their ground.

Again, the Dreadnought goes mental and charge a full 18" into the Daemon/Attack bike combat, easily killing the last biker. The last Plague Marine squad disembark and advance with their supporting Dameons, but the Nurgle fire this turn is ineffective.

Crazy Dreadnought!!

End of Turn 4 - White Scars 3 - Nurgle CSM 2

Turn 5

The White Scars Vindicators keep up their attempt to secure the last easy Rhino Kill Point, but only manage to to destroy it's final weapon The other Vindicator kills a couple of nearby Daemons, leaving only one in that squad. The Predator blows a Lascannon off the Land Raider. The Assault Squad charges the larger of the Daemon Squads, killing all 8 and suffering three casualties.

In return, the Plague Marines charge into the Assault Squad, killing two, but taking two wounds in return and drawing. Elsewhere, the single surviving Daemon moves away, and the Dreadnought goes crazy yet again, firing it's Multimelta twice through cover at the Vindicator. However, one shot misses and one fails to penetrate.

Assault Squad wipes out the Daemons

but is then charged by Plague Marines

The Dreadnought goes into Fire Frenzy again

End of Turn 5 - White Scars 4 - Nurgle CSM 2

Turn 6

The Scout Bikes advance and take out the last Daemon with bolter fire, and the Predator fires at the Rhino, finally destroying it. The Vindicators concentrate fire on the Daemon Prince, taking one wound. Realising that the uber-tooled Command Squad haven't done anything all game, they charge into the Plague Marine/Assault Squad combat. Because of the Chaplain and Khan, they charge at S5, I5, re-rolling all misses and the power weapons manage to wipe out the Plague Marines before they get a chance to strike back. They then consolidate back and form lines.

The Dreadnought advances into the rubble and fires at the Vindicator again, but misses. It then charges, destroying it. The Chaos seize the opportunity for a decisive push, and move in their Terminators and Daemon Prince. The Terminators kill two of the Assault Squad in shooting, and then finish off the squad in assault, and the Daemon Prince charges the Command Squad, killing the Chaplain outright and denying the Command Squad all their amazing charging special rules. The Command Squad try to use Hit & Run to disengage, but roll a 6 on their initiative test and have to stay in combat.

Vindicators fire at the Daemon Prince

The White Scars charge annihilates the Plague Marines

But the Chaos charge kills the Assault Squad and Chaplain

End of Turn 6 - White Scars 7 - Nurgle CSM 5

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Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

So, i think I should have just retreated during turn 5. I already had enough KPs and I could have stayed far enough away to win the game.

As it turned out it was an unexpected win (we thought it was 5/5 when we were playing, it was only while doing this i noticed the extra kill point) but I think with a turn more, the CSM could have forced at least a draw, maybe a win once the Daemon Prince and Terminators finished off the Command Squad.

Made in us
Bane Knight

Tulsa, Ok, USA

Yet another great report ArbitorIan! Your photo skills are great, and you allways seem to have great, close games!

Hordini wrote:A little pee came out when I saw that.

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Made in gb
Horrific Hive Tyrant

London (work) / Pompey (live, from time to time)

1: sweet looking army, looks great in the 1st pic
2: close game, but it allways makes them better.
3: once im back home i could allways give em a shot with da boyz :dakka:

Suffused with the dying memories of Sanguinus, the warriors of the Death Company seek only one thing: death in battle fighting against the enemies of the Emperor.  
Made in gb
Monstrous Master Moulder

I dunno...

Kevin Khan on Moonbadger (Kor'sarro Khan on Moondrakkan) - Made me chuckle, mostly Moonbadger, i dislike the name Kevin...

Anyway a well deserved win! WS are, IMO the best SM Chapter, which is why I play 'em!

But may I ask, on the whole army photo for the WS, what are those little things on square bases? Just curious

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Bewhiskered Gasmasks: For the Post-Apocalyptic Gentleman

And to this day, on darkest nyte
It can be seen, they tell
A Prynce of Rattes, in finery
Upon a horned bell.
Made in us
Pulsating Possessed Chaos Marine

Los Angeles

love the top down pics, and your bike army looks great. great report

'12 Tournament Record: 98-0-0 
Made in gb
Guardsman with Flashlight

London, UK

I am also curious about the square bases!

Awesome job on the report though.

Both the armies looked fantastic, and that terrain looks great too

How did you find the scout bikers Ian? Any good?
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

Superb write up!

This game was close...
From the start I knew that the bikers could stay 13 + inchs back and shoot, So I started my 'plan B'
... I goaded Ian from turn 2 onwards calling his White Scars Cowards!
Towards the end this started to work and he started to play the game close to the bone!
So much so I really wanted a final turn!...
But there was to be no turn7........Damn the Turn 7 Dice god!

So the WhiteScars got the Victory.
Untill next time!

Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

ThunderChild wrote:I am also curious about the square bases!

How did you find the scout bikers Ian? Any good?


The square bases are objective markers made from imperial back banners and White Scar shield thingies. Since the games was Annihilation, we didn't need to use them..

To be honest, in this game the scout bikers were kinda useless. This is partly because of the army setup - I would usually take them to provide the Locator Beacon for Terminators and the like, but in this gamy I just wanted as many bikes as possible. I can see they might be a lot more use in objective games...

Made in us
Wrack Sufferer

Bat Country

I love these batreps. I'm always rooting for Panic too. Not trying to rag on you though but you never seem to win Panic. Your armies are always awesome looking. I see them in the first picture and I always say to myself "this is it, he's gonna destroy this other army" but it never seems to be so. Is there a batrep were you win?

Also, I think this is the first time I've seen you field Plague Marines in units of 10s instead of units of 7s. The sacred number becoming meaningless to you?

Sorry if this comes off as rude, not meaning to be at all. I just want to see your Plague Marines dominate. I think your dreads may have it in for you though.

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Once upon a time, I told myself it's better to be smart than lucky. Every day, the world proves me wrong a little more. 
Made in ca
Frightening Flamer of Tzeentch

in Canada

Hahahaha. Cant believe your own dreadnought popped your rhino panic. Lol good write up.
Made in gb
Perfect Shot Ultramarine Predator Pilot

Wiltshire, UK

As ever, gentlemen, the game and write-up are up to the usual high standards.

Keep it up guys, reading of your exploits is always a treat, especially with such entertaining twists as the homicidal dread !

"The Emperor Protects - And having a loaded Bolter never hurt either !" - Proteus and Pythor, Ultramarines, The Movie.

Nothing in life is so exhilirating as being shot at without result - Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)

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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK


thedarkside69: I still don't want to give up on my Dreads! sure they can be handfull at times! but one of these days they'll shine!
this was the first time I played with the MultiMelta dreads, and I learnt a lesson about deploying them along side your own tanks...

Typeline wrote:... I think this is the first time I've seen you field Plague Marines in units of 10s instead of units of 7s. The sacred number becoming meaningless to you?

I knew I was going up against a biker army, so I wanted to mechanise!
Having played against Orks a few times recently I'm starting to see the beauty of larger squads, but 14 wouldn't fit in the rhino! and squads of 7 were wasting seats! (It was all about bums on seats!) so that ment 10 man squads!

The ten men squads were pretty hard and the large daemons squads backed the guys up pretty well.
So maybe I'm starting to deviate a little... So maybe It's a little less fluffy... but hey! like you said I need to win a game sometime soon right!
It's a shame I can't take a squad of 21!

(I actaully made two other lists... one of the Lists had a two squads of terminators in LRs backed up by vindicators!
In the end I decided against these lists because I didn't have enough troops...)

I'm on a four or five game losing streak.
I'm sure the next game will be mine!
I hope so or my stats might start to turn negitive on me!!!


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Made in us

Bremerton, WA

Nice report.

If you smell bad, take a shower before playing me. I hate when people devote too much time to something that they can't even shower.  
Made in us
Devestating Grey Knight Dreadknight

Great Bat rep again. It's always a pleasure to read and to see the great pictures from the table.

As far as sacred number sized squads go, I say forget about it. I always thought that was dumb fluff and didn't really make sense for armies of chaos to be so tied down and regimented. I'm so glad they dropped the sacred number fluff out of the current codex. I hope we won't ever have to hear of it again. I want big meaty squads of chaos marines running rampant.


Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

Typeline wrote:Also, I think this is the first time I've seen you field Plague Marines in units of 10s instead of units of 7s. The sacred number becoming meaningless to you?

See, you take squads of 10 and 11 and Nurgle won't smile on your dice any more. Back to the sacred numbers I think. Very VERY important...

Made in au
Longtime Dakkanaut

Springhurst, VIC, Australia

Awsome report!!! Good to see different lists, well done!


Squigy's Gallery, come have a look
Made in gb
Tyrant of Badab

HATE Club, East London

The astute reader will realise that the sacred number of Chaos God Nurgle is 7. The truly astute will realise that this is why the Chaos player took 10.

Though my guards may sleep and my ships may lay at anchor, our foes know full well that big guns never tire. 
Made in de
Virulent Space Marine dedicated to Nurgle

i LOVE these reports. you guys are the best there is

"every day, and in every way, i am getting better and better." Pink Panther.

"he's fallen' in the water" The Goons. 
Made in us
Trigger-Happy Baal Predator Pilot

Yup I enjoy reading your reports every one is great. They set a high standard.

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