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[PICS] 1500pt - ArbitorIan vs Dave vs PaniC - White Scars vs Ultramarines vs Eldar  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

Another report! This time we played three ways on the table, with a random player turn order each game turn (just to make things more confusing). Even better, everyone had the chance to steal the initiative each turn! The only objective was the building in the centre of the table...

ArbitorIan's White Scar Dreadnought Army

* Master of the Forge (Servo-harness, poweraxe)
* 4 Technical Servitors

* 7 Assault Terminators (4 Thunder Hammers, 3 Lightning Claws)
* 5 Terminators (1 Cyclone, inc Sgt with Power Sword)
* 5 Terminators (1 Assault Cannon, inc Sgt with Power Sword)

* 7 Scouts (Combat Blades)
* 5 Scouts (2 Boltguns, 3 Sniper Rifles, Camo cloaks)

* Dreadnought (Multimelta)
* Dreadnought (Assault Cannon)
* Dreadnought (Missile Launcher & Lascannon)

Dave's Ultramarines Mechanised Column

* Captain (Relic Blade)
* 5 Command Squad (Apothecary, Company Champion, Standard Bearer, 1 Powerfist) in a Razorback (Heavy Bolter, Extra Armour)

* Chaplain
* 5 Vanguard Veterans (Lightning Claws, Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon, inc Sgt with Powerfist) in a Razorback (Lascannons, Dozer Blade)

* 6 Tactical Squad in a Razorback (Lascannon, Extra Armour, HK Missile)
* 6 Tactical Squad in a Razorback (Heavy Bolter, Dozer Blade)
* 6 Tactical Squad in a Razorback (Heavy Bolter)

* 5 Devastators (Heavy Bolter, Missile Launcher, Lascannon) in a Razorback (Lascannon)

PaniC's Iyanden Eldar Army

* Farseer (Guide)

* 5 Wraithguard led by 1 Warlock (Enhance) in a Wave Serpent (Shuriken Cannon, Starcannon)
* 10 Wraithguard led by 1 Spiritseer (Conceal)

* 6 Striking Scorpions (inc Exarch with Stalker)
* 9 Warp Spiders (inc Exarch with Withdraw, Surprise Assault, Powerblades)
* 5 Dark Reapers (inc Exarch with Crack Shot, Tempest Launcher)
* 5 Rangers


Turn One

White Scars win the roll for first turn and advance their dreadnoughts towards the centre and towards the UM armoured column. The Lascannon Dread fires on the the UM Veterans' Razorback, shaking it.

The Eldar also advance their gunline, and the Dark Reapers try to fire on the WS Snipers in the forest, but are out of range.

The Ultramarines column roll forward, and the Devastators immobilise the WS Lascannon Dread. One of the Razorback Heavy Bolters takes out a Wraithguard, and another one kills two of the WS Scouts.

White Scars scouts and dreadnoughts advance

Eldar gunline advance

Ultramarines column advance

Eldar snipers keep their position on the objective

End of Turn One

Turn Two

White Scars win the roll for first turn again, as their Assault Terminators teleport in next to the objective. The Master of the Forge moves over to the Lascannon Dread and fixes it's legs. The three Dreads then open fire on the Ultramarine armour, shaking the UM Veterans' Lascannon Razorback and wrecking a UM Tactical Razorback.

Ultramarines go next, their Veterans disembarking next to the central objective as well, and their remaining Lascannon Razorback shakes the WS Multimelta Dread.

The Eldar Wraithguard continue their advance, and the rangers on the objective open fire on the WS Assault Terminators, killing one. The Dark Reapers fire at the WS Scouts advancing through the forest and, using their incredible Exarch skills, wipe out the whole unit! The Wave Serpent then fires at another UM Tactical Razorback, wrecking it.

Master of the Forge fixes a dread

Lascannon Dread opens fire as the Assault Terminators arrive

Veterans and Chaplain disembark

Dark Reapers wipe out a scout squad

Wave Serpent destroys a Razorback

End of Turn Two

Turn Three

White Scars lose the roll for first turn, but then steal the initiative! The Terminator squad with the Assault Cannon arrive, and open fire on the nearby UM Devastators, killing three. The Lascannon Dread destroys the UM Veterans' Razorback, exploding it and killing one nearby Veteran. The Assault Cannon Dread and the Scout Sniper unit join in, killing another two Veterans, before the Assault Terminators charge the Veteran unit, killing all of them and the UM Chaplain. They suffer one loss in return.

In the Ultramarine turn, the remaining Lascannon Razorback shaked the WS Multimelta Dread again. One Tactical Squad open fire on the Striking Scorpions hiding in the wood, killing one. Everything else (Tactical Squads, Razorbacks, Bolters) fire on the WS Assault Terminators but have no effect!

In the Eldar turn, the Warp Spiders turn up behind the WS Lascannon Dread. The open fire, destroying the Lascannon and shaking the Dread. The Striking Scorpions charge into the nearby Tactical Squad, and the Wave Serpent fires at the Assault Terminators, killing one.

More WS Terminators arrive

The entire UM line opens fire on them with no effect!

The UM Command Squad disembarks their Rhino

Warp Spiders arrive and attack a Dreadnought

End of Turn Three

Turn Four

The White Scars come last in the roll for first turn, but seize the initiative AGAIN! Their final squad of Terminators arrive and the varied Terminator squads fire on the UM Command Squad, killing the Apothecary and one regular marine. The remaining Assault Terminators charge the UM Command Squad, killing two and losing two terminators. The Master of the Forge then charges the nearest Razorback, destroying it, but the resulting explosion kills two of his Servitors.

The remaining Ultramarine Devastators shoot at the Master of the Forge, killing the remaininf two servitors, and the Command Squad kills another Assault Terminator in close combat. A nearby Tactical Squad charges into the combat to help.

The Wave Serpent moves up to the central objective and disembarks its Wraithguard, who open fire on the Assault Cannon Terminators, killing three. The Wave Serpent itself then kills one of the newly arrived Cyclone Terminators. The Warp Spiders shoot the Lascannon Dread again, wrecking it this time.

Scout snipers fire at their counterparts

Assault Terminators charge in.

Master of the Forge destroys a Razorback

Striking Scorpions combat continues

Ultramarines Razorback advances

Eldar Rangers still hold the objective

End of Turn Four

Turn Five

Finally, the turn sequence reverses and Eldar win, meaning that Eldar get two turns in a row, and White Scars have to endure four player turns of fire! The Wraithguard who have been plodding along all game finally reach the central objective and open fire on the WS Terminators. Between them, the Wraithguard squads wipe out the Assault Cannon Terminators and kill three more of the Cyclone Terminators. The Wave Serpent stuns the Assault Cannon Dread and the Warp Spiders teleport up to the WS Sniper Scouts, killing them all.

After this decisive move, the rest of the game passes very quickly. An UM Razorback kills the Master of the Forge outright, and the UM Captain kills the last Assault Terminator. By the time the WS turn rolls around, all they have left to fire is a Multimelta Dreadnought, which misses the Wave Serpent. Eldar hold the objective as they have done all game, and win!

Wraithguard wipe out the Terminators

Assault Cannon Dreadnought is stunned

Rangers still hold the objective

End of Turn Five

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Made in us
5th God of Chaos! (Yea'rly!)

The Great State of Texas

1. Can we like, hire you out to do our batreps?

2. I think I just spotted either the mythical unicorn or some old school dreadnoughts. I did! Old school dreads for the win!

"See these dreads. They are older than you are. Now quit sassin' me son and roll some dice."

-"Wait a minute.....who is that Frazz is talking to in the gallery? Hmmm something is going on here.....Oh.... it seems there is some dispute over video taping of some sort......Frazz is really upset now..........wait a minute......whats he go there.......is it? Can it be?....Frazz has just unleashed his hidden weiner dog from his mini bag, while quoting shakespeares "Let slip the dogs the war!!" GG
-"Don't mind Frazzled. He's just Dakka's crazy old dude locked in the attic. He's harmless. Mostly."
-TBone the Magnificent 1999-2014, Long Live the King!
Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

Frazzled wrote:"See these dreads. They are older than you are. Now quit sassin' me son and roll some dice."

I'm gonna use this...

Made in us
Bane Knight

Tulsa, Ok, USA

Yet another great report. Looks like it was a blast all the way around.

Hordini wrote:A little pee came out when I saw that.

My Warmachine Blog:
4500 Tau Army 
Made in us
Angry Blood Angel Assault marine

Bella Napoli

The battlefield looks great. The armies look great. And the battle looked like great fun!!

I am going to take some notes on your battle reporting. This is an excellent battle report.

Made in us
Long-Range Ultramarine Land Speeder Pilot

Whitebear lake Minnesota.

Badass report man looked like a blast.


2500pts Bretonnians 
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

this was a good game..
With the random turn rolls, I rolled last alot... so I used this to my advantage, I played in typical a eldar fashion.
"OMG! Ian did you see that UM razorback shooting at your white scars! heretics!..."
"Dave those WhiteScars are going for all the glory!"
I weaved a spell of mistrust in the marine armies and watched as they shot each other to bits!

But yeah three way games have draw backs.
mostly its that your army has to deal with twice as many enemy as normal.
Also you have to wait twice as long for your turn...
But I find three way games are always fun and they are usually decisive.


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Made in us
Been Around the Block

OMG! I am going to move to wherever you are and play against you! These are some darn good batreps. Keep it up!
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Nu`uanu, Hawai`i

Inspirational reporting! I follow all your reports as you folks set the standard. Hey, next time you folks are in Hawaii we can do a joint report Seriously, it`s only on the other side of the earth from you, come on over!

All painted and pushing 60,000 points combined.


A good game of 40k is one part competition and two parts cooperation. 
Made in au
Grovelin' Grot

The armys were so well painted and the photos you took were great i am going to take some notes on this for my next report.

1500 ork Deathskulls
1000 Raven Guard
1500 Ultramarines
1000 Tau
Making 10000 catachan army 
Made in se
Dakka Veteran

I kept waiting for the marine armies to stop killing eachother and fire at the eldar but they never did Did you actually lose any units?

Nice report!

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Made in gb
Perfect Shot Ultramarine Predator Pilot

Wiltshire, UK

Are you guys ever gonna stop delivering high quality gaming and equally good reports ?

I'm warning y'all : if you do ever stop, I'll have to track you down and bitch-slap you back to the days when D&D was new !

As usual, you guys deliver better than UPS & Fed-Ex.

"The Emperor Protects - And having a loaded Bolter never hurt either !" - Proteus and Pythor, Ultramarines, The Movie.

Nothing in life is so exhilirating as being shot at without result - Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)

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Made in gb
Horrific Hive Tyrant

London (work) / Pompey (live, from time to time)

panic, was that game in london?
i should be down there soon and i got a 2k BA army in the making

the batrep is great, well designed, works well, love it

Suffused with the dying memories of Sanguinus, the warriors of the Death Company seek only one thing: death in battle fighting against the enemies of the Emperor.  
Made in us
Rough Rider with Boomstick

Awesome report, great pics, great armies, and looked like a lot of fun!

Keep it up man.

I would love to see some hot 2 on 2 action (hopefully with some IG in there)

The Happy Guardsman
Red Templars
Radical Inquisitor
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