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Made in us
Warp-Screaming Noise Marine

Gurnee, IL

Okay, here we go...

Alright six months ago I started researching, sketching, sculpting and acquiring models for a Slaaneshi daemon army. Got off to a good start and then got side tracked by the siren song of a all true-scale Black Templar army, more on that later... Anyway, here we go again. Now the goal here is to create a playable tournament army, that both unique and characterful. So, will be no stock GW models, everything will be getting some sort of conversion. These conversion with be heavily influenced by "Slaves to Darkness" and Liber Chaotica". While, I'm not going for perversion, there will be some naughty bits, we are talking Slaanesh after all. Hopefully you all can help me stay motivated. All comments and critiques are most welcome.

Since in Codex Daemons pretty much forces you to use a mixed gods list. I'm using "count as" to keep things Slaaneshi.

Here's what I have planned so far:


1x Keeper of Secrets (Forgeworld Conversion)

1x Keeper of Secrets (Custom):

6x Heralds:

4x Chariots (converted chariots w/ plastic seekers):


12x Pleasureseekers (converted plastic daemonettes mounted on winged steeds of Slaanesh) = counts as Fiends

12x Wyrms (winged snakes w/ steeds of Slaanesh style heads) = counts as Flamers

12x Gluttons (converted ogre bulls = counts as Blood Crushers)


40x Daemonettes (GW 6th edition - metal daemonettes)

80x Daemonettes (GW Plastic Daemonettes w/ reposing and weapon swaps)

12x Slayers (GW Plastic Daemonettes converted to running poses w/ custom bliss giver swords) = counts as Bloodletters

24x Tormentors (converted grave ghouls is B/SM gear) = Plaguebearers

24x Gorgons (GW Plastic Daemonettes w/ floaty hair, blazing eyes, and ghoul arms) = Horrors

1x Changeling (a plastic daemonette in a commissar cap, jacket, and bolt pistol)

6x Terror Tot Bases (Converted Wyrd Miniature - Lilth Brood):


36x Seekers (Converted GW Plastic Seekers)

12x Furies (Converted Plastic Daemonettes w/ feathered wings)


3x Slaaneshi Daemon Princesses (Custom Sculpts):

3x Slaaneshi Soul Grinders (Custom Sculpts)

Anyway photos to follow...

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"Fear the cute ones." 
Made in us
Freelance Soldier

The Liber Chaotica inspired theme really has me excited to see how well you pull it off. Get some pics up quick!
Made in us
Warp-Screaming Noise Marine

Gurnee, IL

So, lets start out with my Daemon Princess Sculpt, this is pretty rough as it still needs sanding and buffing. I've designed her to be modular so that I can make all 3 Princess models from same basic body once she's cast in resin. After which I cut up, modify the poses, detail them. Their are four different arms, three separate heads, and two different sets of wings; so lots of variation.

Here some early shots:

I plan on having three of these bad girls...boys...its? The goal is to have field up to 5 monstrous creatures in case I want to run a Demonzilla list. That and is just cool to see so many big guys on table top.

Scale Comparison with the FW Keeper:
[Thumb - Slaanesh---Princess_01.gif]

[Thumb - Slaanesh---Princess_02.gif]

[Thumb - Slaanesh---Princess_03.gif]

[Thumb - Slaanesh---Princess_04.gif]

[Thumb - Slaanesh---Princess-Keeper.gif]

[Thumb - Slaanesh---Princess-Keeper_.gif]

[Thumb - Slaanesh---Keeper_01.gif]

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"Fear the cute ones." 
Made in us
Warp-Screaming Noise Marine

Gurnee, IL

Okay more current pics of the princess in turn-around:

Yeah she's looking a little stiff at the moment but that will be rectified once I get her cast up.

[Thumb - DP_01.gif]

[Thumb - DP_02.gif]

[Thumb - DP_03.gif]

[Thumb - DP_04.gif]

[Thumb - DP_05.gif]

[Thumb - DP_06.gif]

[Thumb - DP_07.gif]

[Thumb - DP_08.gif]

[Thumb - DP_09.gif]

[Thumb - DP_10.gif]

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"Fear the cute ones." 
Made in se
Mutilatin' Mad Dok

Making Prospero a less shiny place.

Extremly impressive work. Just to be sure Are you ditching the whole androgynus slaaneshi concept?

Understanding the scope of the problem is the first step on the path to true panic. - Florence Ambrose

Made in se
Chaos Space Marine dedicated to Slaanesh

Göteborg, Sweden

Impressive army list. Almost everything on that list will be converted and/or built from scratch? I admire people with ambition! And Slaanesh will be pleased. You are doing a great job so far. Keep it up!

Made in us
Warp-Screaming Noise Marine

Gurnee, IL

Here's a couple more scales shots of the the DP and some other units.

Scaled with the FW Keeper:

Now this one will be the base model for all three, but don't worry once I cast her, I'll be converting the others. I'll post some sketches later, as I'd like input on them.

I need Input on:

- armor
- tails (yes/no)
- horns
- naughty bits? :lol:

[Thumb - Scale_03.gif]

[Thumb - Scale_04.gif]

[Thumb - Scale_02.gif]

[Thumb - Scale_05.gif]

[Thumb - Scale_01.gif]

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"Fear the cute ones." 
Made in us
Warp-Screaming Noise Marine

Gurnee, IL

Paul Atreides: Oh, I wouldn't say that I'm dropping the androgyny, I'll leave it to the imagination whats behing those loincloths; but yes my daemons will have their breasts in pairs, be they 2, 4, or six.

Xedric: Everything will be converted or sculpted from scratch.

Tizz: There will be a lot of direct translation of Liber Chotica concepts into this list. Lets fbe honest Chaos has not be chaotic enough for a long time. John Blanche's inspired artwork from "Slave to Darkness" will be looming large here as well.

"Fear the cute ones." 
Made in us
Warp-Screaming Noise Marine

Gurnee, IL

Here are some older WIP shots of my custom seekers. The details on the mount have been greatly improved since these were taken. But I thought I'd throw them up to give an idea of where this is going.


I'm really happy with how this turned out. As you can see here I'm trying to copy the poses of the old mounted 'nettes. The only problem is that the riders are going to be with very labor intensive, lots of cutting and repositioning, also there are only 5 of the models in a box of 'nettes that are really suitable for this. I need at least 14 of these so I'll have to come up with a couple of alternative poses as well.
[Thumb - 10-13-2008-9-25-45-PM_0025.gif]

[Thumb - 10-13-2008-9-26-24-PM_0028.gif]

[Thumb - 10-13-2008-9-26-52-PM_0030.gif]

[Thumb - 10-13-2008-9-28-45-PM_0038.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2737.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2740.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2741.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2742.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2743.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2744.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2746.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2747.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2748.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2749.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2815.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2816.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2817.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2818.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2819.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2820.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2822.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2823.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2821.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2824.gif]

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"Fear the cute ones." 
Made in gb
Bonkers Buggy Driver with Rockets

Bristol uk

Very very good I am interested to see how this project pans out

They dont call me Garybrandy for nothing!

how is it off topic? we hardly know what the topic even is!

Made in us
Warp-Screaming Noise Marine

Gurnee, IL


Since I've already repositioned a few plastic 'nettes to serve a seekers, I thought I'd see how they look mounted on a Steed of Slaanesh. These will be counting as fiends in the army. I've been told that these are best taken in larger numbers so I want at least 12. The riders will be armed with the Slaaneshi Champions spear/lance thingy. The mounts will be fitted with modeling chain bridles and reigns. No saddles though as these girls ride'em bare back. The shields from the Champions will be going to my "Slayers" which will be up-scaled plastic daemonettes counting as bloodletters. I figure I have to represent their T4 somehow.

Say anybody need 12 odd Slaanesh Champions, sans weapons and mounts?

[Thumb - IMG_2827.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2828.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2830.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2831.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2832.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2833.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2834.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2835.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2829.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2836.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2838.gif]

[Thumb - IMG_2839.gif]

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"Fear the cute ones." 
Made in gb
Bonkers Buggy Driver with Rockets

Bristol uk

Brilliant (thumbs up)

They dont call me Garybrandy for nothing!

how is it off topic? we hardly know what the topic even is!

Made in us
Enigmatic Exalted Daemon

Albany, NY

The mini-keeper is quite nice already, you've done a wonderful job on her. I think the legs are my favorite bit - anatomically solid but also demonically thin and extra jointed. Same goes for the legs on the seeker mount. Oh, and I support boobs in pairs

There's loads of potential in this project, you can be sure I'll be watching

- Salvage

INSTAGRAM: @boss_salvage 
Made in us
Steadfast Grey Hunter

Austin, Tx

this is fantastic.

I love seeing scratch-builds that are really well done.

I'm amazed at how the seekers are coming along. how long does it typically take you to get that far on one?

Made in gb
Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

London, England

Awesome. Magnificent scultping, great concepts. One to follow.


My Loyalist P&M Log, Irkutsk 24th

"And what is wrong with their life? What on earth is less reprehensible than the life of the Levovs?"
- American Pastoral, Philip Roth

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No soldier's paid to kick against His powers.
We laughed - knowing that better men would come,
And greater wars: when each proud fighter brags
He wars on Death, for lives; not men, for flags. 
Made in us
Madrak Ironhide

Sweet. Even though Chaos is icky.

Get your own Dakka Code!

"...he could never understand the sense of a contest in which the two adversaries agreed upon the rules." Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude 
Made in gb
Krazed Killa Kan

Newport, S Wales

Lookin good so far, that is an excellent couple of sculpts goin on there, especially the steeds, looks exactly like the originals.
Tbf the previous slaaneshi stuff was better (yes, I know they were all scantily clad) but the new plastics are ugly-looking (which for the chaos god of pleasure and lust I can see being a disadvantage), it's just a shame they retired the old steeds (the lizard/snake things were wicked), plus the six-breasted thing was kinda cool. Imagine making love to a woman with six breasts?

Imagine making love to a woman........

My P&M Log: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/433120.page
 Atma01 wrote:


Phototoxin wrote:Kids go in , they waste tonnes of money on marnus calgar and his landraider, the slaneshi-like GW revel at this lust and short term profit margin pleasure. Meanwhile father time and cunning lord tzeentch whisper 'our games are better AND cheaper' and then players leave for mantic and warmahordes.

daveNYC wrote:The Craftworld guys, who are such stick-in-the-muds that they manage to make the Ultramarines look like an Ibiza nightclub that spiked its Red Bull with LSD.
Made in us
Lurking Gaunt

United States (Delaware)

Your Sculpts look amazing!

Made in us
Warp-Screaming Noise Marine

Gurnee, IL

Okay progress!

I finished the wings last night, so here ya go.

[Thumb - IMG_2686.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_2689.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_2690.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_2691.JPG]

[Thumb - Wing_02.gif]

[Thumb - Wing_03.gif]

[Thumb - Wing_04.gif]

[Thumb - Wing_05.gif]

[Thumb - Wing_06.gif]

[Thumb - Wing_07.gif]

[Thumb - Wing_08.gif]

[Thumb - Wing_left.gif]

[Thumb - Wings.gif]

[Thumb - Wings_01.gif]

[Thumb - Wings_02.gif]

[Thumb - wings_arms_02.gif]

[Thumb - wings_arms_01.gif]

[Thumb - wings_arms_03.gif]

[Thumb - wings_arms_04.gif]

[Thumb - wings_arms_05.gif]

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"Fear the cute ones." 
Made in us
Warp-Screaming Noise Marine

Gurnee, IL

Okay here are a few of my Gluttons IE. count as plague bearers:

I actually have 12 of these converted now, but I flubbed the pics of the others. biggrin.gif

Anyway what I did here was take a basic Ogre model and cut off the legs at the crotch, and sculpted new bare legs, while adding some additional height to make them more imposing compared to all those true-scaled marines running around these days. I also filled in and sculpted a bare belly, as well and carving in a butt crack. laugh.gif

So sculpted these two basic models so I could make casts of the bodies. As you can see the arms looked stumpy, so I late cut through the biceps and extended them with some copper wire and good old Aves Sculpt. The head are simply modded and not casts. Basically I shaved off the stone earrings, and ugly hair, beards, etc; and sculpted on some spiky bits and horns. The cast were later cut up and pined in more dynamic poses. Here are the casts:

[Thumb - Base_glutton_01.gif]

[Thumb - Base_glutton_02.gif]

[Thumb - Gluttons_01.gif]

[Thumb - Gluttons_02.gif]

[Thumb - Gluttons_03.gif]

[Thumb - Gluttons_04.gif]

[Thumb - Gluttons_05.gif]

[Thumb - Gluttons_06.gif]

[Thumb - Gluttons_07.gif]

[Thumb - Gluttons_A_01.gif]

[Thumb - Gluttons_A_02.gif]

[Thumb - Gluttons_A_03.gif]

[Thumb - Gluttons_A_04.gif]

[Thumb - Gluttons_A_05.gif]

[Thumb - Gluttons_A_06.gif]

[Thumb - Gluttons_A_07.gif]

[Thumb - Glutton---Standard-bearer_2.gif]

[Thumb - 302.gif]

[Thumb - 10-13-2008-9-35-29-PM_0052.gif]

[Thumb - 10-13-2008-9-35-48-PM_0053.gif]

[Thumb - 10-13-2008-9-37-36-PM_0055.gif]

[Thumb - 10-13-2008-9-38-46-PM_0060.gif]

[Thumb - 10-13-2008-9-38-46-PM_0060.gif]

[Thumb - 10-13-2008-9-39-26-PM_0063.gif]

[Thumb - 10-13-2008-9-39-37-PM_0064.gif]

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"Fear the cute ones." 
Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

Sterling, Virginia

I like the idea for the gluttons a good bit, though I would point out the bases are too large for count as plague bearers. I doubt many people would complain because they are so good looking, but technically they need to be on a 25mm base to be legal.

All in all, that is a great use of the ogres

Woad to WAR... on Celts blog, which is mostly Circle Orboros
"I'm sick of auto-penetrating attacks against my behind!" - Kungfuhustler 
Made in us
Warp-Screaming Noise Marine

Gurnee, IL

Boss_Pimpalotz: Thank you.

Boss_Salvage: Thank you. I spent quite a long time getting thoughs legs right, and I'm still only semi-happy with them.

Beamo: The base model for the seeker took maybe 2-3 hours. I won't be sculpting each one individually though. I'll be employing the dark arts to cast off 14 or so.

Smiling Assasin: Thanks for your intrest. I'll be posting up some concept drawings for the army soon.

Malfred: Yes...chaos can be icky. I'm going for sexy but disturbing.

Leigen_Zero: Yep love the Diaz nettes were sweet, but the new ones are very nice as well and cheap...they just need a few...uhm...cosmetic alterations.

ChaoticFlanagan: Thanks buddy.

Wehrkind: Hmmm...hadn't thought about the base issue. I have some 25mm and 30mm bases, I could use. Is it legal to have material, like say styrene sheet overhang the base a bit?

"Fear the cute ones." 
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

It's legal to have material overhang the base.

You should stick to the original base sizes as closely as possible, being a all Deep Striking army having larger bases makes your units more likely to scatter onto something!


Made in us
Warp-Screaming Noise Marine

Gurnee, IL

Armor Concept Designs for the Daemon Princesses:

Okay, I spent some time trying to figure out what sort of armor would look best. While I don't want them to be completely covered up, I do want to plausibly represent the "Iron Hide" upgrade. These are heavily influenced by "Liber Chaotic" by the way.

Let me know what you all think!
[Thumb - Concepts_01.gif]

[Thumb - Concepts_02.gif]

[Thumb - Concepts_03.gif]

[Thumb - Concepts_04.gif]

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"Fear the cute ones." 
Made in nl
Annoyed Blood Angel Devastator

amazing dude i added this to favorite because i wanna follow this from beginning to end

btw all your sketches look great i just can't choose

Walk softly, and carry a big gun  
Made in us
Warp-Screaming Noise Marine

Gurnee, IL

Panic wrote:yeah,
It's legal to have material overhang the base.

You should stick to the original base sizes as closely as possible, being a all Deep Striking army having larger bases makes your units more likely to scatter onto something!


Dang! I'd forgotten the effect of larger bases on deep stike. Alright then overhanging bases it is. I have some themed bases ideas I'm working on. Thanks for your help.

"Fear the cute ones." 
Made in us
Rampaging Carnifex

Los Angeles, CA

Simple, elegant, seductive... all the tools of slannesh, and youve captured it, great great job, I see from your sketches that you have some art backround as I do, I dont know, why not try all of them?

Armies I play:
-5000 pts
-2500 pts
Mechanicus -1850 pts 
Made in us
Twisting Tzeentch Horror

Golden, CO

Wow, looking really good! I really really like the work you've put into the Seekers/Pleasureseekers. The comparison with the standard pose (legs stright out, straddling the mount) looks so horrid compared to the converted (and old) ones. The Mini-keepers/princesses are solidly worked.

What are the "procreate" feathers? Are they commercially available modeling bits? I'm looking for a bunch for my native-american themed marines and my GS skills aren't great at making them.

Not so sure about the Gluttons, it's a nice concept but the Ogres are too big, and still look too much like ogres, not daemons. Maybe some more mouths, like on their bellies? That would emphasize that they're only there to eat.
Made in us
Warp-Screaming Noise Marine

Gurnee, IL

Keeper of Secrets:

Here's my Forge World KOS and the inspiration behind this army; and oh how I love her....

She will be getting considerable attention and modifications. She's all pinned, gap filled, sanded and ready to go so...

Anyway, I have planned the following conversions so far:

1. I'll be replacing all of the spikes on the leggings and glove with GS rivets/studs, just like the leggings of the Diaz damonettes and the steeds. I hate spiky bits! Chaos should be much more than that.

2. The breast plate will be aged gold and platnium, with the spikes on the breastplate replaced with miniture plastic gems.

3. Sculpting a branded Slaanesh symbol on the left inner thigh.

4. Sanding off the eyes on the accessory breasts and replacing them with actual nipples. I get the joke but the concept is just silly. These may or may not be pierced.

5. The resin chains including the necklace will all be replaced with modeling chain and metal foil. The Slaanesh symbol will probably be photo-etched. I got a small machine from micro mark, but haven't had time to play with it yet. I got it for my military and ship modeling, but will be following FW lead on this and future minature projects.

6. The up raise hand will be replace with a custom hand grasping a barbed whip.

7. Her sword blade had a large bubble flaw in her casting, so that will be replace with a heavier styrene and brass rod staff bearing Slaaneshes symbol from "Slave to Darkness".

8. Finally, a pierced tounge.

Yet more Daemons!

This guy will serve as a second Keeper or "Count as Skarbrand". In either case he shall be based on this:

Comments and critiques as usual are greatly appreciated. Let me know what you think!
[Thumb - KOS-1.gif]

[Thumb - KOS-2_01.gif]

[Thumb - KOS-2_02.gif]

[Thumb - Untitled-12 copy.jpg]

[Thumb - Untitled-23 copy.jpg]

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"Fear the cute ones." 
Made in us
Warp-Screaming Noise Marine

Gurnee, IL

gennadius: Thanks bro, this time I'll actually get this army done.

gameandwatch: I probably will, I have 2-4 3" tall heralds to sculpt, and they'll need costumes as well. I'll do some more sketches.

tzeentchling: Yeah pain in the that it will be I'm going to have sculpt some more scratch sitting poses, to at least mix in with the stradle legged poses. I suposse I could just sculpt the bodies cast them and outfit with daemonettes heads, arms and feet.

"Procreate" is a epoxy putty similar to GS. I can post up a tutorial on how I did the feathers its really easy. I would probably take you an hour to sculpt all the feathers you could ever need for your army.

On the gluttons I'll admit they are a little over the top as I "biggerized" them as well. But having said that the Plaguebearer art in the Daemon Codex is just as beefy. In fact the way they look in the dex almost made me go Nurgle.

As for them not being daemonic enough I had in mind the Genie from Disney's Aladin sans the paracute pants ofcourse. I plan to paint them pastel blue, with realistically bloody maws and hands. Hmmm...maybe some tentacles....

"Fear the cute ones." 
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