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[PICS] Traitors vs Loyalists Campaign Game 4- 4000pts - Panic & ArbitorIan vs Fingers & Heretic  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

Campaign game 4. We hope you enjoy.


The Craft rocked violently; Captain Adrian of the UltraMarines bumped his head against the bulkhead. This annoyed him, as did the vessels smell; he wondered again about why he had removed his helmet?
He had been in low orbit for thirteen hours now. This was long enough to test even his enhanced patience. Just then next to him the dim green light of Tactical console sparkled with new enemy contact information, ‘a pathetically small traitor recon?’ Next the Vox crackled into life, ++Orders to Follow++ stand by++'"The PDF of LasShamus city has been over run. Salamanders are cleansing the streets of tainted civilians... they need more time...... the dead wont stay dead”.....Adrian Recognized the voice it was Battle Brother Gaius his voice sounded grave... ++"We’ve detected a small convoy of traitors detached from the main force, Intel indicates that if they reach LasShamus they will enhance the plague and there will be no saving the city.. ++ I’ve sent this information to your tactical console; ++Your Primary mission objective is to Deny the Traitors LasShamus... Adrian, Kill them All. You will be joined by Crimson Fists at the following co-or...”
the Vox communications are cut short. Adrian examines the data and after a few brief moments turns to the ThunderHawk’s pilots ”Bring the squadron to these co-ordinates If the Crimson Fists follow Codex doctrine... they will meet us at this bottle neck.”


2000pts Ultra Marines -- Fingers

2000pts Crimson Fists -- Heretic

2000pts Chaos Space Marines -- Panic

Chaos Space Marines Recon Force
Daemon Prince of Nurgle (wings, MoN, WarpTime)

10 x Plague Marines Personal Icon inc champion (PowerSword) Rhino Havoc Launcher
10 x Plague Marines Personal Icon inc champion (Melta Bombs) Rhino Havoc Launcher
10 x Plague Marines Personal Icon inc champion (Powerfist) Rhino Dozer Blade

DreadNought (extra close combat weapon, extra armour)
DreadNought (extra close combat weapon, extra armour)
DreadNought (extra close combat weapon, extra armour)

Vindicator (possession)
Vindicator (possession)
3 x Obliterators

To Help the CSM, the Gods send forth their herald Arbitor Ian.
2000 pts Chaos Daemons -- ArbitorIan

Chaos Daemons
Keeper of Secrets (aura, musk, gaze)
Great Unclean One (touch, flies)
20 x Daemonettes
15 x Daemonettes
12 x Daemonettes
12 x PlagueBearers
6 x Fiends

Daemon Prince (MoS, Iron Hide, Might, aura, musk, gaze)
Daemon Princess (MoS, flight, pavane, aura, musk, gaze)
Soul Grinder (vomit and phlegm)

--- Custom Scenario. --- (I made this up on the fly... and it’s in no way balanced...)
The CSM are travelling along a road tasked with making ground towards a City.
Each army Deploys 24” from their short table edge.
3 Objective markers are placed on the Imperial Line.

To show Imperial forces have Intel and are expecting the CSM.
The CSM set up First.
The Imperial Forces set up Second.
First turn is then decided by 1-3 Traitors 4-6 Imperial.

--- Deployment ---
I set up the Nurgle Force in an aggressive formation to use the roads to get Plague marines and Icons into the Imperial formation ASAP.
Next the Imperials deployed using up all their available space along their front battle line
--- Deployment --- Imperial 2 --- Traitors 0 ---

--- Deployment --- Imperial 2 --- Traitors 0 ---
-- Imperial Forces roll a 4 and get First turn! --

--- Turn 1 ---
There is no imperial movement. But there is plenty of Imperial firepower...
Captain Adrian declares ‘Open Fire! Kill them all!’
Ultra marines Missiles and Dreadnought take out both CSM vindicators!
The UM Devastators put 4 wounds on the Obliterators killing 2.

He’s basically taken out all my heavy support (I try not to cry) .
the Crimson Fists are less impressive, but they do manage to immobilise and shake CSM rhinos.

Chaos Daemons Roll for their chosen units and the gods nod.
The KeeperOfSecrets, Princess, Fiends, Soulgrinder and PlagueBearers Daemonic Assault to the north of the Chaos Battle Line.

Plague marines disembark their immobilised rhino and run.
Rhinos and Dreads (+run) move forward and pop smoke.
The Princess calls the CF forward out from the crater and the SoulGrinder Kills 7...

--- End of Turn 1 --- Imperial 2 --- Traitors 0 ---

--- Start of Turn 2 --- Imperial 2 --- Traitors 0 ---

--- Turn 2 ---
Crimson Fist Command Squad flank the Building to the north, open fire with bolt & plasma pistols and assault the Keeper of secrets and kill him!

Cf also Kill 1 PlagueBearer
the Rest of the Imperial Gun line open fire but can’t make out their targets through the smoke. (lots of hits and damage but i made all my cover saves)

the UM devastators take aim at the PM on foot and Kill 6.

The Nurgle Dread next to the PlagueBearers tries to kill some... But fails....
Next two squads of Daemonettes DS into the game, they use the PlagueMarines Icon.
One squad of Plague marines disembarks and move forward firing boltpistols at the UM and assault into them killing 1

both rhinos move to provide cover the Daemonettes.
The other squad of Plague marines disembark and rapid fire at the CF

Plague bearers prove tough and kill 2 CF and take no wounds.
The remaining obliterator Kills 1 UM Devastator (unlucky for Fingers and wound allocation it’s the Sergeant, putting his squad out of coherency)

Fiends finish off the Crimson Fists CMD squad leaving just the captain alive, the Captain kills 1 fiend.

The floating Daemon Princess finds herself in combat with admiring CF vanguard, she kills 2 they cause 1 wound.

--- End of Turn 2 --- Imperial 1 --- Traitors 0 ---

--- Start of Turn 3 --- Imperial 1 --- Traitors 0 ---

--- Turn 3 ---
Space Marines begin to move up to replace losses.

A UM missile streaks through the sky to shakes CSM Dread
next the Predator immobilises the another CSM dread.
next The LascanonDread lashes out and wreaks the third CSM dread.
UM pile in and kill 6 plague marines, slow to react the PlageMarines manage 2 kills in return.
the Crimson fist Dread charges another squad of Plague marines killing 1... But the Plague marine squad having 10k years of experience remove it’s DCCW in return.
Slaanesh sends another Daemonic asset to the battle front, this time a Daemon prince.
He takes cover by the church to the north. The Nurgle dread moves up and provides him extra cover.

CSM Rhinos Havoc fire and the obliterator kill 3 Devastators.

Fiends kill the CrimsonFist Captain
The CFs fighting the DaemonPrincess wound her again, she fails to wound.
the PlagueMarines continue to battle the Dreadnought and manage to shake him, he fails to wound.

in the PlagueBearers and Crimson Fist tactical combat, everyone is tired and everyone fails to cause wounds.
Ok next... the Daemonettes assault in and create a Big central Combat:

First squad of Daemonettes, 15 reach combat>60 attacks>30Hits>8 rend kills+1 unsaved kilsl> 9 dead UM Tacticals.
Second squad of Daemonettes, 11 reach combat>44 attacks> 3 rends and 2 unsaved kills> 5 dead UM Assault marines
Ultramarines kill 2 Plague Marines
PlagueMarines in return kill 1 UM and put 1 wound on the UM captain.
End result The Imperial Forces lost the Combat by 14 and every squad fails it’s Ld test...
~ Next We rolled for each Imperial squads Int +d6 vs Chaos Deamonettes (5+d6).
The Daemonettes Int of 5 resulted in each Imperial squads being caught and no retreat applied.

So by RAW we believe that each squad takes 14 no retreat saves... each... ( Did we do this correct? Rules experts, Please feedback?)
Captain Adrian takes 14 saves, and makes 13!
His assault marines are buried under an blur of claws
the Tacticals also suffer, 4 battle brothers are lost leaving 2 v.angry tactical marines...

--- End of Turn 3 --- Imperial 1 --- Traitors 0 ---

--- Start of Turn 4 --- Imperial 1 --- Traitors 0 ---

--- Turn 4 ---
Predator shakes the CSM rhino
UM DEV kill 1 PM
Crimson Fists jump to defend UM Captain Adrian,
And UltraMarines Counter Assault the Daemonettes.

SM combat phases- Big Combat
Daemonettes kill 8 CrimsonFists
Crimson Fists and UltraMarines kill 14 daemonettes
Plague Marines drool... I mean kill nothing....
the two deamonette and the Plague Marine units take 6 no retreat saves each:
7 daemonettes and 1 PM dies...
This leaves 4 daemonettes & 1 daemonettes and 1 plague marine left....... Combat has turned!!!

Obliterator and Rhino fire at the DEV holding the objective, killing them all.

PlagueMarines run to now vacant objective

The Central Plague Marines wreak the CF Dread and move towards the central objective.

Fiends have a go at the CF Terminators, but bounce off them and then all fiends die to the terminator PowerFists.

DeamonPrince moves up using the Dread as Cover

The floating Slaanish DaemonPrincess breaks off the love affair and slays the last of the CF tactical marines and moves up towards the church objective

Traitor Big Combat
Daemonettes kill 2 UM
Imperials kill all 5 Daemons
But all the UM’s in the world Can’t Kill the last PlagueMarine.
The Plague Marine watches all the daemons die and gets ready to strike last... and misses...
(but to his credit he makes all his no retreat saves, and ties up the Marines)

--- End of Turn 4 --- Imperial 0 --- Traitors 0 ---

--- Start of Turn 5 --- Imperial 0 --- Traitors 0 ---

--- Turn 5 ---
Crimson Fist Terminators Form around the CSm Rhino and Fire at the Daemonettes killing 15 of the 20

UM dread shakes the CSM rhino near the south objective... he then assaults and immobilises it.
CF Kill last 3 Plague marines at the centre of the table.

the Predator Shakes the CSM dread.

Ultra Marines Kill the last PlagueMarine... like a fly...
and consolidate 6” to to Objective on top of the building.

Captian Adrian joins the central squad of Crimson Fists

CSM Daemon Prince and the Daemonic Greater Damon GUO decide to turn up...
better late than never...Deamon Prince DeepStrikes ontop of the building next to the objective.

Then he runs forward to contest.
the CSM dread assaults the CF and UM Captain and contests the objective
In combat the twisted mechanical beast singles out and kills UltraMarine Captain Adrian.
the Slaanesh Prince and princess Assaults the Terminators and kills 2, but he suffers 2 wounds..

--- End of Turn 5 --- Imperial 0 --- Traitors 0 ---

--- End Of Game --- Imperial 0 --- Traitors 0 ---

We Roll for another turn....
and roll a 2.
A cold draw Both sides felt they could turn this around.

Deamonettes havn't reached the objective.

The combat contests the central objective

The Late Arrival Deamon Prince contests the last objective...


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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Nu`uanu, Hawai`i


I don't have time to read now but I will savour part 4 when I get off of work, Thanks Panic!!

All painted and pushing 60,000 points combined.


A good game of 40k is one part competition and two parts cooperation. 
Made in us
Enigmatic Exalted Daemon

Albany, NY

Great game Panic, I was overjoyed to see chaos able to get stuck in despite running headlong into all those guns. And it continues to make my black heart happy to see 3 dreads rampaging the table, and even getting to crush space marine captains into pulp occasionally

- Salvage

Made in de
Virulent Space Marine dedicated to Nurgle

Fab reprot as ever, but why did you listen to the dice gods??!! You should have played another turn, someone should win that game

shame your DP's turned up so late, in the end a waste of points and yet you still managed to hold your own. for me you the moral victor

"every day, and in every way, i am getting better and better." Pink Panther.

"he's fallen' in the water" The Goons. 
Made in us
Black Templar Servitor Dragging Masonry


phillpowell wrote:shame your DP's turned up so late, in the end a waste of points and yet you still managed to hold your own. for me you the moral victor

Well, considering they are traitors, I would say immoral victor

This is the type of stuff that really motivates me to get my CSM up to snuff.. BTW, what is that DP made out of? (I see what I think are Belakor wings)

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Nu`uanu, Hawai`i

All that carnage! That was a thrilling read Panic. The battle at the center of the table was truly classic. And I love the way you were able to take the loss of your heavies on the chin and still keep up beat! And even though your Daemon Prince was late he kept the game a tie. Pure suspense! Next week I will pitting my Thousand Sons against my Imperial Gaurd (with your blessings of course) and I will have to deal with that Officer of the Fleet dude. I allready have a hard time making my reserve rolls as it is...

So that puts the total at Traitors 2, Loyalists 1 and one draw.


All painted and pushing 60,000 points combined.


A good game of 40k is one part competition and two parts cooperation. 
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

Thanx guys This game worked out well enough for a scratch built scenario.

Phil: we were tempted to ignore the dice!
Boss Salvage: When I put three Dreads on the table I know i can always count on your support!
Mordantos: I used Belakor's wings, sword, legs and tail, the CSM deamon prince body and pads, thrakas power claw, and a ogre maneater head.
MoreHammer: C'mon this is your campaign as much as it is Ours... I look forward to seeing the thousand sons thrash some imperial dogs across your table!


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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Nu`uanu, Hawai`i

Hey thanks for the artist licence I just want to honor all the work you have done to set the standard for battle reports here on Dakka.

So yes indeed we will be seeing some mad spawning as I will have at least two Thousand Son Sorcerors casting Gift twice a turn with 6 spawn waiting in the wings. Hope I don`t run out

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All painted and pushing 60,000 points combined.


A good game of 40k is one part competition and two parts cooperation. 
Made in us
Twisting Tzeentch Horror

Golden, CO

I think you did play the big combat's resolution wrong. Assuming the squads all failed their LD check to stay, you then roll initiative to see if you catch them as they fall back. If you do, then all those caught take wounds as per no retreat (ie each squad takes a number of wounds equal to what the combat was lost by), otherwise they escape and fall back 2D6.
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

I should have said. We rolled and added Inititive.
The Daemonettes Int of 5 resulted in all three imperial squads being caught and no retreat applied. I'll update the report.

But what we were unsure about is that by RAW each unit takes a full number of saves equal to the ammount their side lost by ( they lost by 14wounds).
-14 extra saves on the UM captain.
-14 extra saves for the Assault Marines
-14 extra saves for the Tactical Squad

not 14 saves shared across the losing sides models or units??


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Made in us
Twisting Tzeentch Horror

Golden, CO

Yep, that's how it works! Harsh, isn't it!
Made in au
Hurr! Ogryn Bone 'Ead!


Love this report just like I love all your reports.
Made in us
Servoarm Flailing Magos


This game looks like it was awesome! That is a lot of blue marines... yuck. All the same, this is what the 40k games are intended to be! Cataclysmic battles between traitors and loyalists!

http://www.teun135miniaturewargaming.blogspot.com/ https://www.instagram.com/teun135/
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Made in us
Angry Blood Angel Assault marine

New Jersey

I really like this report you wrote, especially the epic battle on the central field. that is so outstanding!
Made in us
Abhorrent Grotesque Aberration

Hopping on the pain wagon

Great report! Took me 2 days to get through it because I was savoring it ;-)

A few comments I want to make -

1. I love that daemon prince - what is it a gorger head on a csm daemon prince with ghazgull's klaw? I think those wings are maybe belacor?
2. I am just starting a crimson fist army and so I have linked this for motivation to get them done. I love how they look en masse.
3. I love the pic with the massed old school daemonettes vs. the assault marines. one of my favorites from this report. The other favorite pic is the daemon princess vs. the vanguard.

Keep up the great work on your batrep - I know that they are time consuming and a pain in the ass, but I for one really love reading them and they motivate me to do more.

Kabal of the Razor's Song project log

There is a secret song at the center of the universe and its sound is like razors through flesh. 
Made in us
Nurgle Predator Driver with an Infestation

I have to say Panic, those finished obliterators that you made look amazing. Great battle report sir

Made in us
Trigger-Happy Baal Predator Pilot

Great report. That was alot of of SM. Impressive to look at.

2000 points
500 points
1500 points "You don’t want to play Blood Angels to be different you play them because you finally realized that they go crazy and drink blood yet haven’t been killed off by the Inquisition. Proving that they are just bada**”  
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