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Made in us
Imperial Guard Landspeeder Pilot

What's left of Cadia

Gudoza and crew are looking super cool! Really well done

TheEyeOfNight- I swear, this thread is 70% smack talk, 20% RP organization, and 10% butt jokes
TheEyeOfNight- "Ordo Xenos reports that the Necrons have attained democracy, kamikaze tendencies, and nuclear fission. It's all tits up, sir."
Space Marine flyers are shaped for the greatest possible air resistance so that the air may never defeat the SPACE MARINES!

"They shall be my finest warriors, these men who give themselves to me. LIke clay I shall mould them and in the furnace of war I shall forge them. They will be of iron will and steely muscle. In great armor shall I clad them and with the mightiest guns shall they be armed. They will be untouched by plague or disease, no sickness will blight them. They will have tactics, strategies and machines such that no foe will best them in battle. They are my bulwark against the Terror. They are the Defenders of Humanity. They are my Space Marines, and they shall know no fear."- The God Emperor of Mankind 
Made in gb
Pious Palatine

Excellent work as ever.

Made in gb
Wicked Warphead with Iron Staff


Beautiful work, lush red.

Made in gb
Infiltrating Broodlord

Nottingham (yay!)

Well, Gudoza's crew are good for wrecking tanks, but how about some anti-Astartes firepower?

Go on. Charge all that I5 FNP Plasma. See what happens. Can take them as Havocs, or if HS slots are tight - or, if they need to Sternguard a tough position, Chosen. No need to WYSIWYG Chainswords on them now everyone only gets two weapons.

But wait? How do all these gunners get into position? Got you covered:

So far, they've racked up a pretty good body count - even killing a rival Chaos Lord who expended his Biker minions to get through the hail of firepower, only to find his Power Sword inflicted No Pain on the Champion whilst the unit slowly pulled him apart. That taught him not to follow a slightly unorthodox interpretation of the Book of Lorgar!

I'm going to miss Slaanesh being awesome, and having access to troopers armed with rifle, pistol, and chainsword.

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Made in gb
Possessed Khorne Marine Covered in Spikes


Great squad and rhino!

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Quanar wrote:you were able to fit regular guardsmen in drop pods before the FAQ and they'd just come out as a sort of soup..
Made in au
Courageous Space Marine Captain

Melbourne .au

These Word bearers are going from strength to strength. Gudoza's squad looks the business, as does the plasma squad. I especially like the use of different marks of Plasma gun, right down to some being adorned with Chaos iconography while others remain plain - very much in keeping with the look and ethos of the Traitor Legions in the 41st Millennium!

Made in gb
Infiltrating Broodlord

Nottingham (yay!)

Looking at 8ed rules again, I think I'll have to play the banner bearer's drum-fed Bolter there as a Bolt Pistol, 3ed True Grit style, and add a Chainsword to his belt. Slaanesh is strictly a melee unit's deity as of this weekend. Still, Plasma squads look incredible with a Chaos Lord cheering them on - I've got parts for making a Dreadclaw to drop them right on some corpse-lovers.

Speaking of dropping in melefic entities, here's some Chaotic critters:

When I roll Incursion, these are my go-to beasties after I've summoned some Bloodcrushers and I've gotta go faster. They run rings around enemies, bouncing off enemy units at supersonic speed. And they can easily turn those gribbly eyes on backfield gunner units - snooping as usual!

Made in gb
Infiltrating Broodlord

Nottingham (yay!)

Played and won my first 48K game this week. I was intending to get a final game of 7th in, with 20 Cultists, 20 CSMs, a Baleful Icon Dark Apostle and a Palanquin Sorcerer, but everyone's on 8th so I went with it. Faced off against Orks and outnumbered them. Hah! Neither my Sorcerer nor his Weirdboy helped either of us. But 20 Khornate marines with melee rerolls... wow. They slaughtered everything (except some grits, who suicided on the Cultists' flamer). Frag grenade took out four Boyz. Nobz rolled a 3 on a 4" charge. Turn three I declared a charge against his entire remaining army and finished them off. Definitely liking hordes and guaranteed charge rerolls.

The victorious commanders:

HD versions:


Moloch's pistol is an amalgam, I wanted a bayonet and ammo belt. I think I'll keep it, it adds to his relentless appearance. Not sure what role Fuster will have nowadays, think I want a Sorcerer with Jump Pack to buff the front lines, and a Summoner wants to be unmarked for versatility. The Nurgling behind him has had a whiff of Nurgle's Taint and is feeling a bit worse for wear.

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Made in us

Albany, NY

That superheated axe tho!

Great contrast between the two leaders, on top of stellar paintjobs, etc.

- Salvage

Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Madison, WI

Beautiful work on those figs linds. Glad you had a successful first outing. Definitely a melee game now.

Made in au
Courageous Space Marine Captain

Melbourne .au

That's a great looking pair of characters there, and the screamers look fantastic as well.

Made in gb
Infiltrating Broodlord

Nottingham (yay!)

I seem to be pretty much up to date on my Chaos photos! I have a few more units to photograph, and I'm thinking about expanding into some World Eaters support and have my Death Guard to add, but apart from that my collection's at a pretty playable level now so this blog will probably slow down a bit whilst I get cracking on my Primaris-heavy Novamarines.

Got my second game in, against Ynnari. I misunderstood the restrictions on Summoning, but the Daemons I brought in didn't really do much other than catch some bullets. I had 20 Marines, 10x2 Cultuists, 5 Havocs with Autocannons, and the two new HQ above.

First turn, Havocs shot down a Raider and Marines took out the passengers. Second turn, Cultists flamered some Wyches and Marines shot the survivors. Third turn, Autocannons & melta guns killed a Wraithlord, and thanks to Warptime the CSM horde charged the remaining Guardians & Farseer. Astartes outnumbering Eldar 2:1, with re-rolls to hit... we called it at that.

It seems that a horde of Word Bearers is a pretty formidable force! I was thinking about replacing the Bolter guys with more duellists, but having an even split between the two is working well - I can castle for a turn or two, taking casualties out of the riflemen, and still make some brutal charges. I'm trying to tweak my list to have 250 Reinforcement Points at 1K - this seems to have a lot of potential, allowing for Be'lakor, a Keeper of Secrets, or 2-3 handy units.

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