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Trying to find original source art info for a Callidus assassin.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Fresh-Faced New User

I was wondering if anyone here could help me in tracking down additional information for a high-res image. In the Assassins Codex, there is a small drawing of a Callidus assassin similar to this piece of fan art:

People have told me that the original drawing was done by Dave Gallagher who also did one of a Vindcare assassin. Apparently both appeared as large, high-res images in a WH40k art book. Therionweb.de used to have both large images (each scanned with a "T" in the lower corner) but now Therionweb is no more. Does anyone have any contact information for Dave Gallagher or know which book specifically had the original images, or any additional information?
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Camouflaged Zero


Are you sure that is fan art? I cannot see the difference between it and the picture in Codex: Assassins.

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Fresh-Faced New User

That's precisely why I used it!

Most forums have No Copyrighted Material policies so I'm glad that I was able to find something close because there isn't a whole lot of Callidus art out there (or if there is, I sure as heck haven't found too much of it). I did re-size the fan-art (which was about three times larger) and tinkered around pixellating/sharpening the original's "brushed look" so it would closely match the original (done in pencil/ pastel in the codex. It's a compliment that I came that close, given the base work. Being able to say, "I'm looking for the original like this one helps people a lot more than a stick figure or a page reference!

Any ideas on where the actual Gallagher piece comes from?
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