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Siege of Vraks Part 2 owners - I'm looking pre-purchase advice  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Greetings Venerable IA6 owners!
I'm a potential brother looking for some information before I make the purchase that will bring me into your esteemed ranks.

I'm currently mustering a Red Scorpions Battle Company, but I'm basing a lot of my build info on IA4: The Anpehlion Project, whose rules are looking fairly out-dated with the release of the latest Codex: Space Marines.

According to the Forge World website, There are 9-10 pages about the Red Scorpions in Vraks 2.
My questions to you are:
1) How many of these pages contain actual rules compared to artwork/colour scheme guides?
2) Are the rules presented (assuming there are any) outdated by the latest Space Marine Codex, and to be updated in (the confirmed) Vraks 3?

I'm (I think understandably) dubious about dropping £40 for a book with so few pages dedicated to my army, especially if these pages are just pretty pictures with no rules updates from Anphelion.

Thanks for reading, I'll appreciate any information & advice you can offer.

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Might want to wait. as there will be an update coming soon for vraks 1-3 for guard and other stuff.

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