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Arlington, Texas

So I like the Il-Kaithe color scheme, but there exists a grand total of two lines of fluff about them in the codex and on Google also, apparently. They really don't like Chaos and their Bone Singers are so good, they can "even use their art in the heat of battle." This gives me an excuse to take whatever Eldar units I want and none of the fluff-mongers can yell at me, but I wanted to throw a squad of something Bone Singer-ish in there for jollies. Should I convert a farseer into one? A squad of storm guardians (I refuse to use the regular variety)? I plan on maxing out Fire Dragons and possibly War Walkers with a few Vypers, a few squads of Dire Avengers and at least one baby-sitting Ranger/Pathfinder squad and two Farseers, does any of this sound like a good possibility? Give me some ideas, people.

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Oozing Plague Marine Terminator

What about a "Wraithguard" with a Bonesinger leading some Wraithbone constructs?

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DarkHound wrote:What about a "Wraithguard" with a Bonesinger leading some Wraithbone constructs?

That seems like a cool idea. Maybe he's along to repair them in battle?

A Farseer conversion sounds like a good plan to me. Bonesingers use psychic powers, right? Either way it's close enough.

And yes, I think they're obscure enough that even strict fluff enforcers won't mind whatever list you come up with.

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Sanctjud wrote:It's not just lame... it's Twilight Blood Angels Nipples Lame.
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Oozing Plague Marine Terminator

What about running something close to Iyaden? You have the freedom of lack of fluff to not depend on Wraithguard, and just re-modeling all your Warlocks as Bonesingers. DoW1 Bonesingers looked great, and I'd love to see a Wraithsmith (master Bonesinger ((Farseer))) leading a retinue of Bonesingers, Wraith Constructs (Wraithguard and Lords) and Bone Acolytes (Guardians of some sort) with Bonesingers (warlocks) sprinkled throughout.

A mix of mech for the Acolytes and Aspect Warriors, and slogging with the Wraiths with the Wraithsmith riding a top a Wraithserpent (bike). So, you have your Wraith units hang back on objectives, using the Guard as a scoring anchor and the Lord as a sniper with his Brightlance. The rest of the list runs like other Mech Eldar and chews up segments of the enemy. I like the idea of Wraithserpent mounted Bonesingers (Shining Spears). I know SS aren't popular (actually I don't, I don't pay too much attention to Eldar threads), but I've used them a couple times on Vassal and they always make waaay more then their fair share of havoc.

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I think that taking a unit of wraithguard with a farseer to cast fortune on them would be thematically appropriate. The re-roll from Fortune could represent the Bonesinger (farseer) repairing the constructs during battle.

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Gwar! wrote:Yup you're absolutely right

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Arlington, Texas

Thanks for the ideas! I like the Fortune-repair concept and Wraithserpent idea especially.

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