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Fixture of Dakka

Sheffield, UK

I saw that there were a few Flames of War players posting in this thread. So, what and how much have you guys got and what do you play against?

I have a 1,500 point Panzergrenadierkompanie (Fortress Europe) and a 1500 point 9th SS Panzerkompanie (Cobra/PDF). I'm also building a Sperrverband (Hammer & Sickle) out of the bits I've stopped using for my other companies (StuGs and Hummels) that will become a 1,500 point force. After that I intend to increase the size of my forces to 1,750 points each.

I play against British Infantry, US Armoured, German Panzers and British Paras.

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got a 2000 point Falschimjager/Grenadier army and 2000 points of Panzers

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New Hampshire USA

I started with FJ and did all the support options I then did the same for a German Recon force then the Italians caught my eye and I did a Carrie (tank) list and since I again also did all the support options it was east to jump in and do a Italian infantry force another hobby of mine is railroading (HO scale) I do era 2 German railroading so alot of my tanks also play double duty has flat car loads. Points ? I have no idea. But having a bit of options for army building is fun and allows me to build to suite....and I just started my first allied list A British Cromwell tank force all lists we play at are 1750 or 2000 1500 is only rarely played and then only mid-war. 1750 for both mid and late is the most popular for pick up games and at events. I like the local event scene more than the nationals and like the overall gaming community over any other. In a more competitive format of gaming the fan base just seems more friendly and carefree and out of all my gaming groups its the only one I would consider playing in at the national level largely due to the great people that play. Collecting FOW armies has been fun one word of advice , If you use sable foam trys to sstore your armies I "silver sharpie" is a great tool to label the out side edge of your foam trays
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Da Big Mek

London, UK

I'm a very slow painter so only have 745 points of British late-war armoured (normandy). Just ordered a box of typhoons, a rifle platoon and a pair of m10c anti-tank vehicles as well which I'm looking forward to painting up. I have not played anyone yet as I dont have much of a force to speak of and am more of a painter than a gamer, but I really love working in the 15mm scale.

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Dakka Veteran

I run a 1,500 Gerpanzerte Panzergrenadier Kompanie, Late War Normandy.

It's actually 2. Panzer Division, Panzergrenadier-Regiment 304, Panzergrenadier-Bataillon I, 1st Kompanie. Once I replace the StuGs (which could historically be argued came from 352. Infanterie) with Panzer IVs I'll have a kompanie which accurately represents its historical analogue.

I'm finishing the paint jobs for a club painting challenge which ends on May 28th. Perhaps I will post some pics when I'm done. I think they're going to turn out well if I can pull off vehicle numbering properly. Going to have to paint them on myself to stick with historically-accurate numbering schemes.

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Bounding Assault Marine

Redlands, California

I have 2k of MW U.S. Armor, 1,750 of MW U.S. rangers and am building MW paratroopers and expanding my Armored company to run the Cobra book.

I mostly play my friends Ostfront Germans and my brother is getting Kossak Russians using the new PDF.

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Da Big Mek

London, UK

Just a quick request... please upload pictures of your painted troops as we would all love to see them, and the more FoW stuff we get, the more it will encourage other FoW players to sign up and join in. If we can get enough FoW discussion rolling then we can get a dedicated FoW forum set up here.

Here is some of my FoW stuff:

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Fighter Ace

Tampa, FL

I've got 1500 pts of Mid-War Hungarians that I field as a Puskas Szaszad (Infantry Company), but if I change up the organization I can change it to a Kerepakos Szaszad (Bicycle Infantry Company) which is pretty fun to play. It's not something I play with frequently, because the person I play with here has creative interpretations of the rules, but I've enjoyed it in the past. I'll try and throw some pictures up this weekend when I get some time.

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Madrak Ironhide

You all should make http://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/Army_Profiles

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Crazed Zealot

I kind of got obsessed with FoW when i started so i went silly buying stuff, i have around 4000pts of German infantry 2000 points of 2nd SS panzer and 2000 pts of german Panzergrenadiers...i bought the army box set to start and that was the best way to start....

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Charging Wild Rider

You asked for it, you got it:

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Fighter Ace

Tampa, FL

Very nice mattboy! Your little toy soldiers are prettier than mine.

-Be calm and prudent, strong and resolute. Valor and enthusiasm of an offensive spirit will cause you to prevail in the attack.

-Never surrender, to you death or victory must be a point of honor. 
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Junior Officer with Laspistol

South Africa

Agreed Mattyboy they look awesome.

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Lieutenant General

Florence, KY

I'm slowly working on a LW Normandy Armoured Squadron, specifically the 2nd Grenadier Guards.

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