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Longtime Dakkanaut

Can you use the "First Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire" on hot shot lasguns? I think you can and is most likely why the Storm Troopers are so expensive but was curious what the consensus is. Also, if you take a Griffion with the reroll on scatter with other artillery variants how does that work? Do you lose that ability if lets say a Colossus is in the squad?

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RAW suggest that hot shot lasguns dont benifit from first rank fire, second rank fire because they have a different profile to lasguns.

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Of course you can. That is the only reason to re-name a "hellgun" to a " hot-shot lasgun".

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I'd say no, a hot shot lasgun is a different weapon with a different name and a different profile.

Alles klar, eh, Kommissar? 
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Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman

Commissar Molotov wrote:I'd say no, a hot shot lasgun is a different weapon with a different name and a different profile.

Agreed- the order only works on regular lasguns.

Anyway, to answer the second question (A good question by the way- it deals with a unit firing a multiple barrage consisting of different weapons, one of which has a reroll), the rules state to start with the weapon closet to the target. I'd say, if it is the Griffon (And the Griffon is in range), resolve it and use the reroll if you wish, then continue resolving the other shells according to the multiple barrage rules, without a reroll on these shells of course. If it is another barrage weapon, resolve that first according to the rules, then resolve the Griffon and take the reroll on the Griffon's shell if wanted. So, according to my interpretation at least, if the Griffon is positioned properly (Meaning the closet vehicle), you can use the Mortar sort of as a "ranging shot" and use the reroll to reposition the whole salvo.
I bet this whole thing will get FAQed eventually.

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Regular Dakkanaut

GW has made rules like this before and they almost always only pertain to one specific weapon. The case here is no different. The rule specifically states lasguns and hotshot lasguns are completely different weapons with a different stat line.

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bremmer925 wrote:Of course you can. That is the only reason to re-name a "hellgun" to a " hot-shot lasgun".

The reason that they renamed hellguns to hot-shot lasguns is to prevent people from claiming their 10 point inquisitorial storm troopers have hellguns with AP3 for 10 points.
FRFSRF does not apply to hot-shot lasguns.

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