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You make a good point with your review of the elite choices, however I have to disagree with you on the Storm Troopers and the Ogryns. With both units you mentioned that the point cost was to high for both units however, you must understand the concept that these units are expensive and expendable. i have used both units and have had great success with them on multiple occasions both in the previous codex and the current codex. For me I use these guys to attack something valuable in an enemy's. For example i was playing against a Black Templar player and in his army he had two land raiders (one normal the other a crusader) which were positioned behind his infantry, and there was a terminator squad leading the charge of Templar infantry. So to combat the terminators I rushed my Ogryns in and essentially stopped their advance. The ogryns eventually would beat the terminators, and at the same time stopped their advance. Meanwhile i deepstriked my storm troopers behind the first land raider and destroyed it using meltaguns. his second land raider was immobilizedso it could not turn around to shoot at the storm troopers. in the next turn the destroyed the crusader just as a tactical squad started to get a little to close. I was able to get some hot-shot rounds fired at them and I reduced the tactical squads number to half befor they assaulted me and decimated the troopers. Both the Ogryns and Storm Troopers were destroyed, however they did their job and severely weakened the templar force. After that it came down to my two massive platoons and two conscript mobs to overwhelm the templar forces through sheer numbers. This tactic works fairly well, and I thought I would just through them out there for discussion.

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