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I've just started collecting a Space-Marine army and want to paint my guys with a liche purple/ice blue/regal blue color scheme. However, I've noticed that most SM armies I see are painted using the pre-set chapter schemes like SW, Salamanders, Black Templar, or Ultramarines. If I decide to paint my army my own way, would people get annoyed if I don't have a chapter back-ground for them? And if I should have a chapter background, how much freedom do I have in terms of fluff before the chapter couldn't exist? For example, I've heard if you create your own chapter background for fun, it doesn't make sense unless their founding chapter is Ultramarines.

And another thing, if you create your own chapter, they have to use the basic SM codex correct?

Sorry if these questions are obvious, I'm new to WH40k and haven't found anything about this in the rulebook.
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I doubt many people will even inquire if you have made a background for your marines, let alone really care if you haven't.

I think there's an article here on Dakka about making chapters. Basically, don't make your guys the best, don't have them do ridicoulous things, etc.

Most chapters are Ultra successors, that's why its often supplied as the parent for home made chapters. You could have your chapter come from any chapter, although some have few known successors (Salamanders).

You could use any of the SM codeci, although if you make them using XXXX codex, you'll want the parent to be XXXXX.

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I highly doubt anyone but TFG will care if you don't have a background for your SMs. If you do want to develop a background, Bolter and Chainsword has a really good section on homemade chapters. It even has a nice guide on "no-nos" that are generally overused or abuse the fluff too much. In the end, it's your time and money, so whatever backstory you want to create (or not) is completely up to you.

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There's more than enough Ultramarines out there already, go with your own chapter.
Thinking up a bit of fluff (really doesn't have to be much) isn't too hard.

My chapter's fluff allows me to use some wondrous contraptions in friendly gameplay. For tourneys or fighting people I don't know, it's easy to reduce it to 100% chapter approved though.

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In terms of the table:

Codex and models. If they are correctly modeled (weapons and gear), then they can be whatever
codex counts as you want. Paint them how you will.

Blue Dark Angel Terminator Deathwing

Red ultras

Green Blood Angel Assault squads

Purple Space Wolves

Properly equipped, you should be able to play them in any tournament. Background only has
to go as far as you want it to go.

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As mentioned above - go and checkout the Bolter & Chainsword's section on creating your own chapter.

Especially, checkout the list of things to avoid - there are some things that just don't make sense or are horribly cliched and overdone.

However, you don't have to create an army background and many people won't care if you do or don't.
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As long as your models are WYSIWIG, how you paint them doesn't matter at all. Having a background doesn't matter either and a large percentage of people playing 40k could care less about the fluff.

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