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Bellevue, WA USA

The superb Space Hulk video on YouTube, "Space Hulk: Ambush on DV-224," no longer has audio. Because of copyright issues, all sounds and music have been removed by YouTube.

YouTube - Space Hulk: Ambush on DV-224

I encountered a version with the great soundtrack that can be downloaded. If you are interested in its location, drop me a note.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Copyright, my good sir, learn to respect it, or get enough money to buy your away around it.

It looks like a nice enough effort, although it would have worked better if the models had been based on clear plastic bases or something which didn't clash so much with the backgrounds.
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Fresh-Faced New User

Bellevue, WA USA

I agree copyrights need to be respected. The removal of the audio is disapponting because the video has been available for a while. The music really made the production enjoyable.

You are correct the miniatures could have had a few different appearances. Regardless of the paint schemes, the movie does simulate Space Hulk well.

I liked the idea of having the Terminator Flamer being used as an Autocannon. Having a Flamer only on the unit at the end of the movie makes for a more exciting battle. Use of a Flamer as an Autocannon reminds me of the double-barrel machine-gun in the movie Red Scorpion.

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No, its gone past copyright, its now fething insanity!
pretty much nothing on youtube has sound anymore :K

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Judging from the music credits at the end, I can see how the appropriate copyright enforcement people would have been annoyed, and they'd be justified in their actions. I assume that the people who did the animation either didn't ask for permission, or didn't get very far. YouTube gets attention, attention draws copyright enforcement, and copyright enforcement is detrimental to these sorts of fan-based efforts which don't get permission to use other people's music.

On the other hand, I live in a college town in a small state and I think it would be feasible even where I live to find someone to do music and sound effects for this sort of thing. So that makes me a bit more jaded about people complaining about removing unlicensed soundtracks.
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The terminators look like they are "waddling" when they walk. Not a good look for the emperor's finest...

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