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Converting AOBR Orks into burna boyz  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Battlefield Professional

New York

Okay, so I did something dumb. I totally forgot the AOBR orks have their right arm attached to their bodies (I'm sure by design by GW). I still have a butt load of burnas (20 of em to be exact) and have gone ahead anyway.

I did a test model first and found I can chopoff the arm and, with a little bit of GS filler in the arm cracks will have burna boyz.

So why have I posted this? My question is are there others out there who have ran into the same situation and if you did what was your solution. Also, before I chop off the next 19 arms did you find any particular model/spot to chop or alter the origional model so it fits better?

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wakefield west yorkshire

there solution will be the same as yours lol
my buddy did the same with burners and nobs (all those spare arms in the box )

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next ???????(but there will be a lot of it)

Made in us
Mutilatin' Mad Dok

SE Michigan

Yeah I also did this to 5 AOBR boyz, turned into burna boyz with some stolen tau flamers and fusion blasters, All I did was chop the arm off and superglue a shoota boyz arm in place after turning the shootas into burnas

www.mi40k.com for pickup games and tournaments

Made in us
Foolproof Falcon Pilot

All of my Lootas are AoBR boys.

I found the best ones to use are the either ones w/o the shoulder armor, or at least the ones w/o sholder armo that wraps over the top of the arm.

If you use the right boys, it is just a simple straight cut to get the arm off.

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