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NCRP - Humboldt County

So my club just concluded their first Fantasy League, and are itching to begin a 40k one. I am wanting to jump on the wagon and get another event started before people lose interest. My problems, or question that I am proposing to my fellows here, is what is better, and what types are there for a league or campaign style event?

Which would benefit newer players, say starting at a 500-1000 point limit and then incrementally growing from this point base? Also, as far as length goes, which is longer, a league or campaign? The fantasy league we had lasted on about 6 weeks. Some members are only able to make it once to the monthly club meeting as well, so maybe a longer run campaign may be a better option.

what types of leagues/campaigns are there out there?

Is there anything else that I should be considering as well?

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A campaign or league are both highly variable in length. Generally a campaign requires more work and is more difficult to pin down to a set time than a league, depending on the victory conditions. I vastly prefer campaigns to straight leagues, because of the ability to integrate an additional tactical factor and story into the matches.

Building up your forces is a commonly used introductory technique but it depends how lenient you are with alternation of army lists. If a newbie chooses bad forces for the initial 500pts game is he going to be stuck with them all the way to 2,000pts?

In fantasy I generally appreciate the ability to construct multiple armies or split my forces and a campaign map to advance them on. I always like having territories - mines, roads, etc. - which grant bonuses but I feel in 40k these would be better served by a number of set objectives, such as a holy basilica or spaceport, which grant an advantage to whichever army holds them. Some facilities could even grant a bonus to the whole faction. The rules can be altered to force Cityfight in urban areas, or specific scenarios in specific regions. Generally you want to mix up the battles a lot to prevent dominance of any one type of list. Another good thing about campaigns is you can tie in large battles or special events once a special point or criteria has been met - Apocalypse battles being the most obvious event.
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Anti-Armour Swiss Guard

Newcastle, OZ

I'm running a node campaign for my club.

Each node represents a planetary system. Each player controls two armies (from the same codex) of 1750 points. The goal is to control the most systems at the end.

There are pathways between each system that indicate the 'safe' warp-space channels (with how safe being variable). They are free to move outside the safe channels, but require a 6 to move anywhere, and on a 1 that army will be lost for a number of campaign turns (called the "hung a right at Albuquerque instead of left" rule.)

Systems have a defence value (DV) that indicate how many campaign points must be expended to capture it. Occupied systems can only be captured by defeating the occupying army.

Defeated armies fall back to the closes friendly system that can support them (only a handful of systems can support two armies (from the same player) - again rolling against the warp-space safety level. If they fail (cannot fall back) this roll, or the closest system cannot support them, they are 'broken' and moved to the nearest friendly system that CAN support them - but they have to be rebuilt (using campaign points) before they can be used again. If they are attacked before they can be rebuilt, they fight a special mission and if they lose, that army is destroyed for the remainder of the game.

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