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New Hampshire USA

I thought Id start a list of fun friendly sites that fans can look for players and events please if you have one list it here! Even thou this group is based in New England its fan base is global and very welcoming good source of free files and event news and stores that carry FOW.


Welcome to FLames OF War New England!
This group has been formed to energize and organize the FOW community in New England. Our primary goal is to support FoW-related events throughout the Northeastern United States, and coordinate group activities.
Group Features
We want this group to be an asset for players. Features of this group that will be used to support our efforts include:

Mailing List: Messages between group members to coordinate activities in the region
Calendar of Upcoming Events: Lists upcoming events in the region. Feel free to add game events, tourneys and conventions of interest.
Links: Links to gaming venues and groups in the region. Hopefully, you'll find a location near you. Please add your own favorites!
User-driven content: Everyone is encouraged to add content. Group ownership and moderation will be distributed to a large core group. We want to avoid this becoming yet another abandoned group with no active management.

Membership to this group is wide-open. New members postings to this list will be moderated for a brief period to reduce problems with spam. P Spend a few minutes and look around

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Made in us
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Manchester NH USA



This is the place for Flames of War gamers in any scale to gather and speak freely about gaming the Pacific War, the Far East, China, and everywhere else Nippon forces marched from 1937 to 1945 using the core Flames of War rules. You can post here without fear of your post being nuked because you use ideas and figures that are not authorised. So if you love Flames of War, and you can't wait until the year 2020 for a pacific handbook, welcome aboard. note : This board is not limted to FOW gaming. All pacific war discusions and painting ideas are welcome.

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