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[PICS] PaniC Vs ArbitorIan 1500pts Nurgle CSM vs Slaanesh Daemons...  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

A quick Game between ArbitorIan and I.
taking a break from the Campaign Games we decided to have a Chaos vs Chaos Game.

-+++-------------------------- Nurgle Chaos Space Marine Army ---------------------------------+++-
-+++------------------------------------ Panics Nurgle Army ---------------------------------------+++-

DeamonPrince MON Wings WarpTime

DreadNought PlasmaCanon
DreadNought PlasmaCanon
DreadNought Melta

7 PlagueMarines Champion PowerFist 1x PlasmaGun Icon
7 PlagueMarines Champion PowerSword 1x PlasmaGun Icon
7 PlagueMarines Champion MeltaBomb 1x PlasmaGun Icon
7 LesserDaemons
7 LesserDaemons

Preditor with autocannon and Heavybolters
Preditor with autocannon and Heavybolters

-+++-------------------------- Nurgle Chaos Space Marine Army ---------------------------------+++-

-+++------------------------------------- ArbitorIans Army -----------------------------------------+++-
-+++---------------------------------- SlaaneshDaemon Army -------------------------------------+++-

Keeper of Secrets : Aura of Acquiscence, instrument, unholy might, Soporific musk, Transfixing gaze and Pavane.
Herald of slaanesh : Soporific musk, Transfixing gaze and Pavane.

6 Fiends of Slaanesh

15 Daemonettes
15 Daemonettes
15 Daemonettes

Soul Grinder with Vomit and Phlegm
Daemon Prince: MOS, IronHide, Aura of Acquiscence, instrument, unholy might, Soporific musk and Transfixing gaze.

-+++------------------------------------- ArbitorIans Army -----------------------------------------+++-

-+++------------------------------------------- Mission -----------------------------------------------+++-
We rolled for the mission.
Capture and Control - with 5 Objectives - with Dawn of War Deployment.

-+++------------------------------------------ Mission ------------------------------------------------+++-

-+++---------------------------------------- Deployment --------------------------------------------+++-

I placed two squads of marines and the DEamon prince along the 12" deployment line.
-+++-------------------------------------- Start of Turn 1 -------------------------------------------+++-

The Plague Marines MArch forward, the plan is to claim objectives early.
the rest of the army moves onto the board at full speed, with no targets on the board, everything runs in the shooting phase.

Ian rolls for which group of daemons arrive and the gods send forward the heavy hitters!
a Keeper of secrets SouldGrinder and the Fiends arrive and they either DS with a hit or scatter a minimal distance.

-+++--------------------------------------- End of Turn 1 -------------------------------------------+++-
Objectives +++ Nurgle - 0 +++ Slaanesh - 0--------------------------------+++-
-+++-------------------------------------- Start of Turn 2 -------------------------------------------+++-

One squad of Lesser Deamon plaguebearers arrives drawn to the Icon on the Left of the board.
The Two Dreads go crazy and run towards the nearest enemy
Every thing marches forward again. The DP jumps across to the next building and hides from sight.
The Other sane Dread fires his plasm at the KOS and scores 1 wound.

the Preditor tries to shoot the KOS's claw but misses.

1 Squad of Daemoneets arrives from the Warp at the back-Right corner of the board.
SoulGrinder Shoots at the Plague marines but the shot scatters onto the KOS luckily it makes it's save.

The Keeper of Secrets Assaults into the Plague marines and Kills 5 of them.

the Fiends Charge a Chaos Dread

and remove It's DCCW arm.

The DaemonPrince assaults the Plague Marines in the ruin on the Left and kills 1

-+++--------------------------------------- End of Turn 2 -------------------------------------------+++-
Objectives +++ Nurgle - 0 +++ Slaanesh - 0--------------------------------+++-
-+++-------------------------------------- Start of Turn 3 -------------------------------------------+++-

The Melta Gun Dread Kills the SoulGrinder

The LesserDaemons join the plaguemarines and fight the Slaanesh DaemonPrince he takes three wounds and decides to flee combat.

The Fiends Kill the Chaos dread on the left.
The Nurgle Daemon Prince and Dread assault the KOS and Kill it.

The rest of Ians Army arrives from the Warp. 2 more squads of deamonettes and the herald of slaanesh.
They Deepstrike onto the center of the battle field, behind my DaemonPrince.

Fiends assault the Nurgle force and split the assault. but a spat of dodgy dice means they only manage to shake the dread and kill one Plague marine. the nurgle force hits back killing 4 fiends...1 more fiend dies to no retreat!

The Slaanesh Daemon Prince decides to avoid the Plague MArines and attack the Preditor, he scores a crew stunned.

-+++--------------------------------------- End of Turn 3 -------------------------------------------+++-
Objectives +++ Nurgle - 1 +++ Slaanesh - 1--------------------------------+++-
-+++-------------------------------------- Start of Turn 4 -------------------------------------------+++-

The Nurgle DaemonPrince jumps to the safety of the rooftop.

The Melta Dread Assaults the Squad of Daemonettes holding the top/right objective.
he manages to kill one, they fail to do any damage in return (they needed to hit, rend and score a 3 on the D3 to just to glance)

Plague MArines fire at the slaanesh DeamonPrince attacking the Preditor, but fail to wound.

The last Fiend immobilises the Dread... (leaving it facing away from the enemy )
The dread and Plague marines kill the last fiend... then they consolodate into a line ready their bolters and prepare to face the Daemonettes.

But The Daemonettes Score a 6" run and with fleet manage to assault the Plague MArines!!! before they get shot at!

The charge proves lethal and they kill 5 of the 7 Plague Marines. This leaves two squads of 2 plague marines in the central area.

The Slaanesh Herald calls out to the Nurgle DP with Pavaine, but he's not listening...

The SlaaneshDaemonPrince decides to have another go at the plague marines.
but this doesn't work out and he dies...

-+++--------------------------------------- End of Turn 4 ---------------------------------------------+++-
Objectives +++ Nurgle - 1 +++ Slaanesh - 0--------------------------------+++-
-+++-------------------------------------- Start of Turn 5 -------------------------------------------+++-

LesserDaemons Secure the objectives for Nurgle.

The Nurgle DaemonPrince tries to draw the Daemonettes away from the objectives, but this doesn't work... they kill him.

PlagueMarines leave cover and run towards the objective in the open.

2 PlagueMarines in the squad not in combat Move to secure the central Objective.
the Daemonettes finishs off the remains of the PlagueMarines in combat & Consolodate towards the objective.

The Daemonettes attacking the Dread pull off his DCCW..

Daemonettes score another big run and charge the Plague marines at the top left. they kill 4 but the last one makes all his no retreat saves and sticks around to contest the objective.

in the central combat it's the same story the daemonettes kill one plague marine but can't kill the last Plaguemarine and he contests.

-+++--------------------------------------- End of Turn 5 -------------------------------------------+++-
Objectives +++ Nurgle - 2 +++ Slaanesh - 0--------------------------------+++-

We roll for another Turn, but roll a end of game!
[size=16]-+++-------------------------------------- End of Game ---------------------------------------------+++-

A Victory For nurgle, But one more turn Would have probabily turned things around!
Hope you enjoyed!?

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Made in us

O H I am in the Webway...

Very nice. Love picture heavy bat reps . Both armies looked great too!

He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster and if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you  
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Nu`uanu, Hawai`i

What slug-fest that turned out to be! I love how all your games against Ian are so close. Truly a testimony to both of your skills as generals. Great use of lesser daemons for holding objectives. That is also a good way to balance out your low model count for your Plague Marines.

As always, you folks set the standard

All painted and pushing 60,000 points combined.


A good game of 40k is one part competition and two parts cooperation. 
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

I'm really starting to see how good LesserDaemons are. LesserDaemons don't use up a troops choice, and are cheap compared with plaguemarines, have a 5++ Save.
Plague marines and LesserDaemons have a great synergy.
Two squads of LesserDaemons supporting several squads of PlagueMarines works because, while PlagueMarines are great at sticking it out in combat they don't pack punch. so once you know which PlagueMarines are going to be in combat you DS the Lesser Daemons nearby to help out.

Once the PlagueMarines are in combat, the Lesser daemons add in a extra 21 Str4 Ws4 attacks...
The Daemons can assault the turn they DS changing a plague marine assault from a possible 21attacks to a possible 42attacks.
Plus they hit at Int4 which again can really help because the PlagueMarines are Int3.

+++I fixed a few errors in the report. should read better now.+++


Made in us
Lurking Gaunt


I just have to say that I love reading your battle reports; the pictures really make them. You and ArbitorIan always seem to have great armies and even better fights.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

Made in us
Sybarite Swinging an Agonizer

Plague marines and LesserDaemons have a great synergy.

That's the value that me and my gaming buddy discovered w/ his Nurgle CSM list.

The Lesser deamons survive well against the things that butcher your PM's and vice versa. They give you the flexibility to tie up, and possibly kill the CC troops that worry your PM's the most.

Example; I play 'Crons DE and 'Nids

My Incubi and tricked out lord will rip through PM's. A well placed squad of lesser deamons completely eliminate my ability to roll through his army. NOTHING else he can field for CC preforms as well against Incubi as those Lesser Deamons. (Exception; Dreadnaught)

Same with 'Nids, while stealers will essentially kill EVERYTHING they face, the fact is point for point, those lesser deamons preform WAY better than PM's in CC with stealers. So while being in CC with stealers is not an optimal situation the Lesser Deamons are MUCH more likely to tarpit, and even kill some stealers along the way. (Hell I've lost 8 man stealer squads to summoned deamons on the charge.)

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Versteckt in den Schatten deines Geistes.

Now see everyone - that's what a table should look like. Actual terrain, not open fields of nothingness.

Great stuff.

Made in us
Long-Range Black Templar Land Speeder Pilot


Beautiful pictures, great report.

Full marks, yet again. Good work, panic.

Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read. -Groucho Marx
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Pyromaniac Hellhound Pilot


Wow, thanks for posting all these reports. I love reading battle reports with lots of pics, and yours are really nice. Keep 'em coming!

It's better to simply be an idiot, as no one can call you on it here. -H.B.M.C.

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Wonderful report -- highly diverting. The armies look splendid on that table. And the table creates a very tricky-tricksy setting for a battle. Thanks for posting.

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