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Da Big Mek

London, UK

Dakka now promotes project logs on our home page in a special project log section. There are a few rules which need to be followed for your project log to qualify for homepage promotion, so if you want to have your project exposed to thousands more people then just do the following:
1. Update frequently - only recent updates by the original poster of a topic will count as a project being updated.
2. Use the dakka gallery for your image hosting. Attachments will also work but the gallery will give you much more control. If you only use photobucket or another third party image host, then we cant legally generate thumbnail images for the homepage and therefore your project log wont be promoted.
3. Post pictures! A little bit obvious, but we exclude any text only project logs as once again it would mean that we cant show a thumbnail image with the project log title.

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Swamp Troll

I use the attachments button at the bottom of the page, does that insert my photos into the Gallery because I would love to be featured so more people can follow along and help in my recent endeavors!


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Battleship Captain

USA-Illinois- the Chi

So using picasa is a no-no?

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Black Templar Recruit Undergoing Surgeries


i rule black templars rule
for da empror OMG 6th ED IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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BT uses the Codex Astartes as toilet paper. They’re an Imp Fist successor, recruit from multiple planets, and are known to be the largest Chapter in the galaxy. They’re on a constant Crusade, keeping it real for the Emperor and not bumming around like the other guys. They hate psykers and can’t ally with them. They’re basically an entire chapter of Chaplains. CC lunatics. What every Space Marine should aspire to be, if not trapped in a Matt Ward nightmare
"Ok, 9 hits, wounding on a 2 up..." "...Dude, your dice suck." skalk bloodaxe
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Courageous Space Marine Captain

Glasgow, Scotland

How are the logs actually chosen? Is it views or exalts or random or what?

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Death-Dealing Ultramarine Devastator

Exeter, U.K

Please have a look at my post on P&M blogs , warhammer 40,00 dreadnought costume build and let me know if i can do this.


My channel
Take a look today 
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Frothing Warhound of Chaos

I am not sure if this info is elsewhere, but when I try to host an image from my gallery here into my P&M blog, it appears as a broken link. Can you point me in the right direction?

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Sinewy Scourge

Salt Lake City, Utah

What if we have a lot of pics that are not gallery worthy, but still relevant to the project? (Terrain supplies, partially painted minis, etc...)

You can't spell 'slaughter' without 'laughter'.
By the time they scream... It's too late.
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Sneaky Striking Scorpion

Peoria, Illinois

Must all the pics in the project log be in the gallery or can we get away with say a single pic of the completed build. In my case, that still means plenty of photos in the gallery, but would eliminate all the rest of the wip photos.

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Kirasu - Q: What comes out of an Eldar cocoon? A: Corsair butterflies!
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Da Big Mek

London, UK

Only the gallery photo is shown on the homepage.

Check out our new, fully plastic tabletop wargame - Maelstrom's Edge, made by Dakka!
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Huge Hierodule

Nottingham (yay!)

If the project OP posts a comment with a Photobucket image, does their Project log stop being promoted forever or is it just that one post that doesn't get promoted?

Also: do the 16 x 16 GIFs in my signature, hosted on PB, count as a PB image in my posts?

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Noble Knight of the Realm

Would love too!

Is there an amnesty for older posts containing external links, before transitioning to Dakkas image gallery repo?

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