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Stalwart Dark Angels Space Marine

I've been reading up a lot about the IG lately (having been starting to refurb mine back into a playable force) and have been seeing a lot about mechanized Guard being the new thing. Now, my old Guard used to be incredibly infantry heavy. I literally have 2 LRBTs and a Basilisk, then the rest vast amounts of Infantry and the like. Are these sorts of lists still effective anymore? Or is the full push now only really going mechanized. Basically, am I going to have to now go out and buy a bunch more of tanks to be about to hold my own?

Made in us
Imperial Recruit in Training

Fort Myers FL USA

I have been an IG player for 10 years and I say you have to go mech or go Air Cav in the Valks. With objectives being such a large point of the games the only way to really win is to take the objectives! You have the tanks you NEED the chimeras. With foot sloggers I went 2-9-2 under the new codex. Mech-Vet 3-1-1 and my one loss was to my bad starting setup. I deserved the loss. The tie would have been a win if I had a 6th turn. I do still play 1 plt to get the HW teams.


Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

Feasting on the souls of unworthy opponents

No, you don't need to go out and buy a bunch of new tanks.

People are going mechanized because 5th edition is very vehicle friendly. The number of vehicles and melta that people are taking is pretty much maxed out. As long as you're packing lascannons among lascannons in your heavy weapon teams, you'll do just fine against all that mechanized craziness.

iG gunlines didn't get any less powerful because they now have affordable mechanized tactics. You have very powerful new abilities now too; fleet commanders who can add +1 each to enemy reserve rolls, psychic choirs that wtfpwn. Other stuff.

Made in us
Stalwart Dark Angels Space Marine

I do have a fairly disgusting amount of Heavy Weapons teams and Special Weapons Teams (12-15 Lascannon Teams total) along with a lot of just mass troops. My only issue is if I wanted to go Mech, I'd be in the tank(no pun intended) seeing as I'd need to buy probably 4 or so Chimeras (and they're not cheap $$ wise).

Made in cn
Blackclad Wayfarer

From England. Living in Shanghai

A friend of mine plays IG and although he doesn't play full mech, he does well (2 LRBT, 1 hellhound, 1 demolisher, 2 chimeras). Then again, he's a damn good general.

He likes to create a firebase separated from his troops causing a nasty split fire problem...well it's a problem for me since i'm a nid player.

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Made in us
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman

I'm still a big fan of human wall armies (Part of the reason being my stinginess and reluctance to buy a lot more pricy GW tanks {Unless I buy more Tamiya 1:35 M-113s; hmmmm}). Granted, all of us Guard players have been begging for a cheaper Chimera since last Codex, and now we have it. I only have two Chimeras and one Valkyrie, and I rarely field both Chimeras in the same list (I always field the Valk because it's an awesome model and a kick-ass unit. Yet, I still seem to win/do well with Guard. It's all how you play your army and how the dice work for you.

Made in au
Angry Chaos Agitator

Somewhere on Terra

is a obliterator suppression force (OSF, mad word btw.)any good against mechs??? i mean a possible 9 lc/mm shots a turn + deepstrike right next to the tanks...does it hurt the ig plenty or is it just a waste of points???

...nothing else matters...

Made in ph
Rough Rider with Boomstick

The run run run order is geared for footslogger armies..if you go footslogger make sure you get a lot of PCS, and commissars and combined squads are your friends...and make sure you have CCS with regimental standards, as the weakness of the IG now is the leadership, so the morale check rerolls will be critical to hold the line...

Anyway I believe the list can still do well, but you really need to gear up some units as a mobile force in order to claim objectives, and have some surprises (marbo, deep striking storm troopers, alrahem and outflanking, etc.e tc.) in order to put some forces behind or flanking the enemy lines...

I personally do not play pure mech, but I have a gunline of about 3-4 squads plus the ccs/pcs geared for long range shooting plus artillery armor, and a mobile force with about 3-4 chimeras with vets, PCS, or armored fist squads geared for short range firefights, supported by a rough rider escort or 2..that is from 6-10 vehicles in my listdepending on the pointage (at higher points I'll throw in a couple of valks/vendettas)...

rough riders and ogryns can do very well versus an IG mech force..the weakness of that list is the soft armor 10 rear armor value, so if the chimeras bunch up you can make them pay by assaulting multiple units..even RR without the lances have krak grenades so can hurt Leman Russes...

40K 5th ed W/L/D
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Made in us
Drop Trooper with Demo Charge

"...but you really need to gear up some units as a mobile force in order to claim objectives."

Absolutely. I was playing Al-Raheim with only a few chimeras and doing fairly well. Of course his platoon does even better riding into town in a few chimeras.
Made in eg
Keeper of the Adeptus Arbites Flame

Cairo, Egypt

I'm loving my army. 3-4 Chimeras, 2 Vendettas, filled with vets. Manticore, banewolf and psykers for support.

My problem with gunlines is there is never enough room/line of sight on the table for them. Sure 50-100 guys sounds great, but not try to put them somewhere they can shoot and survive incoming fire.

Vets with lascannon/3 plasma put out an insane amount of firepower, give them a chimera/heavy stubber and now you have 9 more dice of damage.

When I get back to the US I might try some other builds but for now I'm big on mech-vets.

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