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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

What armies from you flgs or friends do you know are showing up to 'ard boyz in your region??

In my area we have and astounding 2 horde orcs and 2 guard, that i know of, which i would have thought there would have been more guard with the new codex.
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Rough Rider with Boomstick

Mah Hizzy

Theres gonna be 2 or 3 guard here 2 ork players bout 5 Space Marines then abunch of chaos and random things.

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Stone Bonkers Fabricator General

Home Base: Waconia, MN (Minneapolis)

we'll have a little bit of everything, to big of an area to think we won't....

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Made in us
Sinewy Scourge

Bothell, WA

I'm playing in a store I've never played at before. This should be interesting. I know of 3 eldar armys going in addition to my Salamanders.

Salamander Marines 65-12-13
Dark Eldar Wych Cult 4-1-0
Dark Eldar Kabal 36-10-4
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Timmah wrote:Best way to use lysander:
Set in your storage bin, pick up vulkan model, place in list.
Made in us
Wolf Guard Bodyguard in Terminator Armor

my store has 1 Space Wolf player, 1 Dress Angel player, 1 Blood Angel player, 1 Eldar Player, 2 nilla Marine players, 3 Chaos Marine players, 2 Chaos Demon players, 2 IG players, and 5+ Ork players.

people do have multiple lists, and I know 2 people have necrons (wont be bringing them) 2 guys have nids, and of course, more people could show up.

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