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The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

Hey kids

I'm trying to come up with some ideas for 2 special vet squads. I would like them to be affordable in points but at the same time I would rather have cool models with a cool theme so they don't have to be the most point effective out there, just not too crazy. I'd like each unit to be equipped differently like maybe one would be anti armor and the other more like anti infantry? Both will have their very own valkyrie and get dropped into the middle of the battle and blow stuff up and hopefully live to tell the tale.

I'm planning to use valkyrie door gunners for the main bodies to represent carapace armor, since it seems to have more pieces than the usual cadian armor, and then I'll use cadian arms & heads, mostly from the command squad box and leftovers from regular guardsman arms. I would have liked to use gunnery sgt harker in one unit, but he can't be in a unit with carapace armor. So I was thinking what if I did 1 unit with carapace armor, 3 meltaguns and a demo charge as the tankbusters, and the 2nd unit carapace with 3 flamers and a heavy flamer as the hordebusters? or 3 grenade launchers instead of flamers?

And then what about their valkyries? I'm going to equip each one with rocket pods and a multi laser, or should I give the tankbusters a vendetta to kind of match their theme?

And what about names? I gotta come up with cool names for each unit.. like "Rico's Roughnecks" from starship troopers And then, what kind of nose art and stuff like that would they want painted on their valkyrie? would they write little messages like "payback" on the rocket pods, or would writing be more like on a bomb being dropped?

Just looking for some ideas

Made in gb
Sister Vastly Superior

I'd shove some shotguns on the flamer veterans.

Easy conversion to get working right, and actually quite effective.

Also, personally, I (if I didnt think they were massive cheese and refuse to take them) go for 50/50 Valkyries and Vendettas.

But then, I am of the MOAR LASCANNONS school of guard players...

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Made in us
The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

yep I also like lots of las cannons .. the only thing is most of the time a vendetta won't be able to shoot everything it has if it's flying around a lot. But if I do a LC or multi laser plus 2 rocket pods, the pods will count as defensive weapons so it can fire everything. so it just seemed like a multi laser would be good there too, all those shots from that plus 2 pie plates on 1 unit. I'm gonna have a platoon with 2 HW squads full of lascannons though, plus other things like russes.

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Liberated Grot Land Raida


From a tactical point if view, I wouldn't combine Harker with a vendetta/valkyrie borne squad, since it won't be making use of his infiltrate (his biggest asset IMHO).

If you want two valk squads, consider one with carapace (since you want to use the door gunners), 3 meltaguns, shotguns (cuz they're cool!) and maybe demolitions. I would equip a second squad with plasma guns and a plasma pistol on the sarge, to take out battlesuits/necrons/teremies/plague marines etc, or additional meltas depending on your CCS setup. Falmers seem like a bit of a waste of BS4, and a SWS or PCS can do the same job cheaper, assuming you're using some regular platoons as well.

Harker seems best used eithe rpurely for his infiltrate, or with a second heavy bolter and three grenade launchers for lots of cheap mid-strength firepower.

For names, I'd go either old school (Top Gun style), or take a look at monster truck names for inspiration. "Gravedigger" for a Valk opens up some nice modelling and nose art options for example. Stuff such as Rico's Roughnecks demands specially converted sergeants!

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Made in us
The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

I plan to have the whole squad specially converted

I forgot about Harker's infiltrate so yeah, that wouldn't work. I just like the idea of a big beefy guy holding a heavy bolter all by himself, and being able to move & shoot with it.

I was thinking of the flamer team just because I wanted to use the heavy flamer bitz somewhere.

I was kind of hesitant to use a bunch of plasmas since they're so pricey but I plan to have them in my normal units anyway. Before I ran my army as 2 platoons with a plasma in each, plus a 5 man vet drop trooper unit with 3 plasmas, so either way have plenty of those to go around.

For the rest of the army I plan to have 1 platoon with 2 units of lascannons, who will hang back with a barebones CCS who can issue them orders and they'll act as their own kind of platoon. Then the rest of the platoon will be running around to try and get objectives with just 1 plasma in each unit. Then whatever points are left will be filled up with tanks.

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