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Made in us
Mutilatin' Mad Dok

SE Michigan

not sure if this is the right forum, mods please move it if it isn't

so when you assault you pile in right after the assaulting squad moves into base contact, not after they attack correct?

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Gimlet-Eyed Inquisitorial Acolyte

Around Montreal

Once you charged, the opponent moves all his models into base contact, following the rules for that.

Piling in is basically the same move, but after the assault is resolved. If no one falls back and there are still survivors on both sides, you both move to base contact, starting with the player whose turn it is.

So... the answer is kinda both. Except the first time it's called Defender Reacts instead of Pile In.

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Made in us
Mutilatin' Mad Dok

SE Michigan

ok thanks

www.mi40k.com for pickup games and tournaments

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