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Regular Dakkanaut

So I'm starting a WH army, and I have a question about the Guard units that can be used with the WH. It states that Imperial Guard Infantry Platoons can be used, but I cant find them on the GW websites. Which figures do I use for these? The same with the the Armored Fist and the Rough Rider Squad... I can find the other units, but I cant find these. Also, I just want to verify as my friends tell me that I can, but if I use the Sororitas, I cannot use Space Marines, correct?

Thanks for the help.

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Fresh-Faced New User

If you use Space Marines, you can't use SOB, that is correct. I'm not sure what the fluff excuse for this is, but I can understand the gameplay reasons why they wouldn't want you fielding SM units alongside faithful units.

As for what figures represent an IG platoon, that's not a simple answer. Platoons are constructed by combining IG squads and there are several different kinds of squads (plus you can use different models to represent those squads, so you can have Cadian, Catachan, Vostroyan, Krieg, etc. troops). There's an article on BoLS that discusses IG and Inquisition pairings in more detail that you can find here.

What it really boils down to though is you have to get a copy of the IG codex to really get a grasp on your options.

There will be some problems with using inducted guard from the new codex because the definitions of some of those units have changed dramatically. The above article discusses that a little bit too. I suspect that in a few months there will need to be an updated Witch Hunters FAQ on GW's site to address these issues.

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Iron Fang

Troy, OH

The fluff reason is that Space Marines won't subordinate their command to the Ecclesiarchy. Occasionally, they'll agree to help an Inquisitor out, but they won't take orders from the Church. They're Space Marines! We all know, too, that secretly, Space Marines are misogynists and chauvanists.

The recent 'Ard Boyz rules for Inquisition allying are probably the closest we'll get to official updates to what can and can't ally into a DH or WH army given the new codexes for both the potential allies for the Inquisition armies. Or, if you're more optomistic, they probably closely mirror what any future FAQ updates will reflect.

In answer to the original post: Most of the platoons you're going to be inducting with IG allies are going to be generic IG soldiers. Now, generic IG soldiers come in all sorts of varieties, depending on which world they come from. You can go with Cadian troopers, Catachan troopers, or go to Forge World for the regiments that haven't been released in plastic. Then, as the IG codex will explain, you'll be able to add heavy weapons teams and the like to the mix, too. So they'll be coming out of multiple boxes, etc. We can't just point you to a box and say "these," because it depends on what type of IG you want (Cadians, Catachans, Vostroyans, etc.), and what unit composition you decide on for your list.
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Regular Dakkanaut

Thanks alot both of you... Thats exactly what I needed. I was confused as to what constituted Infantry Platoons. you guys were great in in not suggesting units to use but pointing out which units I could use, thanks to both of you....

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Umber Guard

Houston, Texas

From what I understand there are no more Armored Fist squads in the new IG codex, but it lists them a a troop choice for inducted IG in the WH codex... what's the call on that?

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I would have to say that they cannot be used. Much like Old One Eye and Red Terror in the 'nid dex, they are part of an older codex. If the WH book had actually listed them in the reference section or in the unit listing in the description section then maybe, but I know I've seen somewhere a faq that states that older units are discontinued and cannot be used unless its agreed to by both players, even then you might need an older IG dex and then it becomes sticky as to actual rules used (4th edition guys for part of the game and 5th edition guys for the other)... Discontinuing units sucks... lol


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So I just thought of a question.... Would I be able to use a command squad as imperial troopers? Its listed underneath the troops so I'm hoping that I can as I want the First Rank Fire! Second Rank Fire! but I'm guessing that I cannot do that....

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Iron Fang

Troy, OH

Again, the recent 'Ard Boyz legal armies list covers how Inquisition handles new allies' codices, and what is and isn't allowed to be allied in the 'Ard Boyz tournaments. As these are GW-sponsored and sanctioned events, with GW-written scenarios and rules, this is the closest there is to an authoritative answer until the Witch Hunters and Demon Hunters get new codices, or GW updates the existing FAQs.

Allowed troops allied choices: Space Marine Tactical Squads, Space Marine Scout Squads, Imperial Guard Infantry Platoons, Imperial Guard Veteran Squads (Upgrade characters cannot be taken)

Allowed fast attack allied choices: Space Marine Assault Squad, Land Speeder Squadron, Space Marine Bike Squad, Scout Sentinel Squadron, Armored Sentinel Squadron, Rough Rider Squad, Space Marine Scout Bike Squad

Allowed heavy support allied choices: Space Marine Devastator Squad, Space Marine Land Raider (including Crusader and Redeemer variants), Space Marine Dreadnaught, Space Marine Predator, Leman Russ Squadron (Pask cannot be taken)

The 'Ard Boyz rules leave the Elite and HQ entries in the normal Inquisition codices un-modified.

All of the above are outlined in the C:SM and IG codices. s2ua7: There are two "command squads" in the IG codex. There is a "company command squad," which is an HQ, and there is a "platoon command squad," which is a required *part* of a platoon. FRFSRF is an order available to the platoon command squad.
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