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Sneaky Chameleon Skink


I'm new to 40k but don't want to use the word "noob"... brings back flashes of WoW which is the gaming equivalent of viet nam imo. Dont get me wrong, I still play it, but it feels very much like someone wanted to base the social structure in that game off of Lord of the Flies, but I digress... I thought I'd try the word 'greengun' and see how that stuck. This 'is' dakkadakka right?
Anywho, I've seen the word 'tabling' used from time to time and was wondering what it's definition was considered to be. I tried to find it on google but found many articles on how to build tables, the history of tables, famous tables... but nothing useful. I assume it means a crushing defeat, but would anyone be so kind as to enlighten me on the specifics of the term "tabling"
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Tough-as-Nails Ork Boy

Casualties get taken off the board and put on the table. So 'tabling' is killing off your opponent's entire army.
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