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I've come to the conclusion that, for the money, the Aegis Defense Line is one of the best valued plastic model kits GW has put out in a long time. I paid $17 on FeeBay (Price+shipping) and am thinking of sniping a few more!

The wall sections are great, have no assembly, easy to paint and have so much potential to be converted for specific races. AND it comes with a nice AA gun to boot which has sooo many possibilities bits-wise.

First off I'm posting a pic of what I did with the AA gun. I Doubt I'm the first to have thought of this, but boy does it fit sooo nicely on the old Gorka-Morka trukk to make it into an AA Warbuggy (From Apoc)! This model is far from done, I have some work to do such as running a control box to the passenger and some more paint, but I wanted to post this so others can steal the idea and do the same. With the new trukk out being at least twice the size of the old, the scale is nice as well (IMHO)

The only problem I encountered with mounting the AA gun is I cut off the bits on the bottom of the gun designed to make it fit into its base better. That raised issues with the raised little hatch on the trukk. In the future I would either leave those bits or trim it down about half way so it fits on the bed better. As it is I had to cut off the raised parts of the trukk bed with a knife (but with my new toy, see below, may not be concerned with that in the future)

Next is the wall itself. I had the idea of doing this when the kit first came out, and tried a few things with the glyphs (Which mean, from R-L, Destruction and Bad) such as placing a glyph over the eagle but that didn't work. I do think the Orks would have defiled the eagles so I had to come up with something.

Then I bought a Dremmel!

As you can see, I went to town with this first wall section. It still needs paint but I carved DIE into the front (You may not be able to see it, but there is a bullet hole for the I as well) and carved the eagles. See pics for details.

Now comes the hard part. I have one wall done with some unique conversions but how can I do 4 long and 4 short walls all different? I'll figure a way I suppose, but if you have an idea let me know!

And now for the art:
[Thumb - AA Buggy.JPG]
The Ork AA Buggy made from the old-style trukk and Aegis AA gun.

[Thumb - AegisF.JPG]
Full Front of Wall

[Thumb - Aegis1.JPG]

[Thumb - Aegis2.JPG]

[Thumb - Aegis3.JPG]
Rear of wall - I didn't do much for damage here as I figured the brunt of the damage would be on the front.

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The buggy rocks!
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Oxford MI

Good idea, much cheaper than the Ork barracades .Nice job

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ill have to buy some simply for the gun, could make a pretty nice flak wagon.
allthough the old trukk makes em look bigger than they are

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Buena Park, CA

hmmmmm I think the barracades are way to plain... Add random plates here and there... At the moment it looks like normal battle damage with a sign. Just add some plasticard plating and it will look ALOT more orky
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The buggy is the best!!!

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