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I found an article showing painted models of various space marine chapters before the heresy. If the page says not in archive then hit the refresh button a couple of times

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Love the conversions, one thing to consider is when it takes place.

e.g. in Flight of the Eisenstein Death Gaurd were still using Mk.III while the Luna wolves were using Mk.IV.

I'd like to see these bolters

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Too bad the pics don't load up larger sized. I am about to start up a truescale Imperial Fist and that armor is exactly what I wanted to make.

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person person wrote:
I'd like to see these bolters

i started collecting SM during the last edition and the bikes available then came with a small separate sprue with four sets of shoulder pads and four of those 'holy' bolters on it. also some gorka morka orks had similar guns.
(i think the bikes have been redone since...I've been out of the hobby for a few years and only just found time to get back in)

just been through my bitz box and guess what i found...

[Thumb - S8301688.JPG]
any one want them? could be cool for a vetran squad...

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It always makes me smile when people make "Heresy" armies and never use Mk7, when the loyalists had access to it later in the war
Also the fact that people think that the Mk5 helmet is a Mk7 with studs

I do wish FW did more Mk4 legs though, or if the GW tactical squad box included more of the varients.

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I like the original space marine beakies, there are so many marine plastic kits out there now that you can go to town on conversions....there just so hard to find here are some of my finished models...
[Thumb - IMG00094-20090830-0201.jpg]
Imperial Suns chapter (red and gold) can be custodes

[Thumb - IMG00076-20090814-2146.jpg]
converted whirlwind

[Thumb - IMG00096-20090830-0202.jpg]
vet sargent (Imperial Suns)

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