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[Pics] ArbitorIan vs Panic - 1750pts - Slaanesh CSM vs Nurgle CSM - Ian's New Table!  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

Hello! It's been ages since we did one of these reports, mainly because Panic is in the process of moving house, so all his stuff is packed away. Anyway, craving some warhammer, and wanting to make good use of my bank holiday weekend, I went and built my OWN gaming table and matching rocky scenery (with the help of Panic of course)! This is the first outing of the new table.

ArbitorIan's Slaanesh CSM

* Sorcerer (Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission)

* Dreadnought (Plasma Cannon)
* 6 Possessed (inc Champion)
* 6 Chosen (Plasmagun, Heavy Bolter, 2 Flamers, Icon of Slaanesh, inc Champion with Powerfist)

* 6 Noise Marines (Blastmaster)
* 6 Noise Marines (Blastmaster, 5 Sonic Blasters)
* 6 Noise Marines (5 Sonic Blasters, inc Champion with Doom Siren)
* 6 Noise Marines (5 Sonic Blasters, inc Champion with Doom Siren & Powerfist) in a Rhino

* 3 Obliterators
* 1 Obliterator
* Predator (Autocannon, 2 Heavy Bolters)

Panic's Nurgle CSM

* Daemon Prince (Wings, Warptime, Mark of Nurgle)
* Chaos Lord (Terminator Armour, Pair of Lightning Claws, Mark of Nurgle)

* 7 Terminators (2 Pairs of Lightning Claws, 2 Power Fists, 3 Power Weapons, 2 Combi-Meltas, 1 Reaper Autocannon, Icon of Nurgle)

* 10 Plague Marines (Meltagun, Plasmagun, inc Champion with Power Weapon)
* 10 Plague Marines (2 Plasmaguns, inc Champion with Powerfist) in a Rhino (Havoc Launcher)

* 3 Obliterators
* 2 Vindicators

We rolled Capture and Control, and Long Table Edge deployment. I won the roll and chose to set up and go first. Here's the Deployment. Slaanesh rolls Power Weapons for the Possessed, and infiltrates the Chosen to the left of the board. The single Obliterator is in reserve. Nurgle keeps the Terminators and Daemon Prince in reserve.


The Possessed, Sorcerer and Rhino advance toward the Nurgle objective, using the standing stones for cover.
The Noise Marines on the hill fire a Blastmaster at the Nurgle Rhino, with no effect. The Dreadnought fires at the Rhino, but is out of range. The Obliterators fire at the Vindicator on the left, stunning it. The Chosen to the left forget to shoot at all! In addition, we completely forget to deploy the Predator, and decide that it's in reserve!

The Plague Marine squad guarding the Nurgle objective open fire on the forgetful Chosen, killing all but one! The Vindicator to the right fires at the Noise Marines but the shot scatters wide. The Obliterators fire on the possessed through the standing stones, killing three with plasma.

Chosen infiltrate to the left of the board

But are cut down by the Plague Marines!

The Vindicator misses the Noise Marines on the hill

End of Turn 1


The Predator arrives to the bottom right of the board. The Rhino continues it's advance, using rock stacks for cover. The Sorcerer moves into the forest of standing stones.
The Noise Marines destroy the Vindicator to the right with a Blastmaster shot. The Sorecerer casts Lash on the Nurgle Obliterators, rolling 12" and moving them right out into the open, where they are targetted by the Slaanesh Obliterators and the lone Chosen Plasmagunner. Despite all the plasma, Panic makes most of his 5+ saves and only takes 1 wound! Noise Marines open fire on the Nurgle Rhino, but it's protected by it's smoke. The Slaanesh Dreadnought then goes crazy and opens fire on the nearest squad of Noise Marines, killing three!

The Nurgle Terminators and Lord arrive and spread out, wary of plasma. The Obliterators turn on the Rhino, wrecking it and forcing the Noise Marines inside to disembark. The remaining Vindicator opens fire on the possessed, leaving only one alive.

Dread goes crazy!

Obliterators Lashed into the open

Noise Marines wreck the Vindicator

Nurgle Terminators Deep Strike!

Obliterators wreck the Rhino

Remaining vindicator kills some possessed


Staying in cover, the Sorcerer lashed the Obliterators into the open again. The Slaaneshi Obliterators open fire as well as the Chosen Plasmagunner, this time doing some damage and leaving only one Oblit alive with one wound remaining. The entire Noise Marine line on the hill (plus Dread and Pred) open fire at the Terminators, but only manage to kill one! The Noise Marines disembarking the wrecked Rhino on the left advance towards the Plague Marines and kill four to Doom Siren and Sonic Blasters. They then charge, but fail to hit anything, and suffer one wound. The remaining Possessed charges the Vindicator, but has no effect.

In the Nurgle turn, the last remaining Obliterator opens fire on the Chosen Plasmagunner, killing him. The Rhino fires it's havoc launcher at the Noise Marines on the hill, killing two, before the Terminators and Lord charge and engage both squads, killing all the Noise Marines in one turn! On the other side of the board, the Noise Marines fail to hit again, but the Plague Marines inflict two wounds on them.

Noise Marines charge Plague Marines to the left of the board

Entire Slaanesh line open fire on terminators

Terminators charge and take out two squads!

End of Turn Three


The Slaanesh Dread goes fire crazy again, but this time in the good way, firing twice at the Nurgle Terminators and Lord. Along with the Obliterators, Predator and Noise Marines, they manage to kill all but one, and reduce the Lord to one wound. The final Slaanesh Obliterator deep strikes near to the Nurgle objective and kills the final Nurgle Obliterator. In the assault phase, things are getting predictable. This time, neither the Plague Marines nor the Noise Marines to the left hit each other, and the Possessed Champion still fails to hurt the Vindicator.

In the Nurgle turn, the final squad of Plague Marines disembark their Rhino and open fire on the Noise Marines, killing three. The Daemon Prince shows up, and hides behind a rock stack. The remaining Terminator and Lord charge the final Noise Marine squad, and kill one. To the left of the board, the Plague Marines mop up the final few Noise Marines. The Noise Champion has failed to hit anything with his Powerfist all game!

Massed Slaanesh fire on the Terminators

Plague Marines disembark

Terminator and Lord charge final Noise Marines

Useless Noise Champion gets killed!

End of Turn Four


This turn, the Slaanesh line plasma the newly disembarked Plague Marine squad to death. The Terminator Lord manages to miss the final Noise Marine, but the Possessed finally manages to hit the Vindicator, shaking it. The lone Obliterator opens fire on the Plague Marines to the left, with no effect.

The Plague Marines return fire, but the Obliterator makes his saves. The Rhino attempts to shoot the Slaanesh Predator from behind with it's Havoc launcher,but the shot scatters all the way back onto the rhino, destroying it's bolter! The Daemon Prince joins in the combat for the final Noise Marine, killing him. At this point, nobody can hold the Slaanesh objective as there are no troops choices left in that area of the board!

Rhino destroys it's own bolter

Massed Nurgle HQs kill the final Noise Marine

End of Turn Five


Slaanesh have no troops left, and so can only force a draw. All Nurgle have to do to win is move their Plague Marines onto their objective and stop it being contested. With this in mind, the Sorcerer attempts to Lash them away, but fails his test and wound himself! The lone Obliterator then charges the Plague Marines, drawing them away from the objective, and killing two in the process.

In the Nurgle turn, though, the Plague Marines kill the lone Obliterator and consolidate nearer the objective. The Vindicator attempts to Tank Shock the Possessed champion, but he is fearless and stays to contest the Nurgle objective.

Lone obliterator charges

End of Turn Six


It's all or nothing now, but the Slaanesh Sorcerer passes his psychic test and lashes the final Plague Marines well away from their objective and into the open, where two of them are plasmad to death by the Obliterator squad. He then charges the remaining Plague Marines, but to no effect. Unfortunately, one of the Obliterator plasma shots scatters so far it kills the Possessed Champion contesting the Nurgle objective! No matter though, as in the Nurgle turn, the Sorcerer kills the final two Plague Marines, leaving no troops alive on the board to hold the objectives! The game ends as a draw.

The Vindicator can't hold the Nurgle objective

And neither of these guys can hold the Slaanesh objective

End of Turn Seven

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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Nu`uanu, Hawai`i

What a game! Draws are my favorite.

The table looks great. I especially like the surreal stacked rock formation.

Awesome to see you folks posting again and I look forward to more.

All painted and pushing 60,000 points combined.


A good game of 40k is one part competition and two parts cooperation. 
Made in au
Owns Whole Set of Skullz Techpriests

Versteckt in den Schatten deines Geistes.

Now that's terrain. It covers a lot of the table, some of it is high, and it's not an open bloody field that we see so often. And it's not a RoB board, which is always a bonus.

And I'm totally digging the old skool Predator. Love those things.

Made in cn
Furious Raptor

Shanghai, China

Great report, looks like it was a fun game.

.. Black Forest .. Red Sea .. 
Made in us
Enigmatic Exalted Daemon

Albany, NY

Wicked report, always love seeing chaos vs chaos beatdowns - and a draw is only natural, because when chaos fights chaos everybody wins!

Terrain is definitely nice too, gets me thinking about building a(nother) gaming table of my own ...

- Salvage

Made in fr
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

A table in two days! and it was a joy to play on.
I feel My big mistake was getting my only assaulting 'Troops' out of their rhino, I spaced them out wide but Ian took the only real treat out by firing everything causeing more than 10 wounds with no armour or FNP saves!

also at the other end of the board the sorcerer should have gotten more of my attention as he pulled my defense plans apart!

The first Win on Ians table is still up for grabs!
Next time!


Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

It's true! I hadn't thought of that. Right, we shall have to get another game in soon. I may resurrect my old IG army and get them playable ASAP.

Thanks for all the scenery comments. I've still got a load of polystyrene in the basement, so I'm thinking of doing some more standing stone arrangements (maybe some really BIG ones) and maybe a mountain fortress for some planetstrike games...

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Silverdale, WA

As always, love your reports. The high angle shots are great and that terrain is really interesting.

Made in us
Auspicious Skink Shaman

Nice BatRep! For some reason, this line made me laugh:

The Daemon Prince shows up, and hides behind a rock stack.

As an Ork player, I'm always amazed by how small some MEQ armies are - especially Nurgle.

Again, well done! A battle to the death!

Made in us
Nurgle Predator Driver with an Infestation

Nice battle report. It looked like fun

Made in us
Storm Trooper with Maglight


Awesome report! I like seeing self inflicted damages on both sides! Looking forward to another Panic and ArbitorIan report in the future.

...one amongst untold billions.
Made in ca
Orc Big Boss waving a Banner

Grim Forgotten Nihilist Forest.

Ties are the best. Cause they lead to rematchs!!

Successful Trades.

Twoshoeevans: Kmilliete89. gainsay

Flesh Tearer's 3k
Aeldari 2500pts
Ironjawz 2k

Made in gb
Twisted Trueborn with Blaster


When chaos vs chaos,chaos always wins .

Great report guys .

Made in ca
Devious Space Marine dedicated to Tzeentch

Creston, BC

Great to see you guys getting some games in. I love these reports not to mention your willingness to take Possessed. Hats off1 ('cept you Ian, I expect you sleep in that thing)

Made in us
Slaanesh Veteran Marine with Tentacles


Nice models... Some of those conversions are downright awesome.

Slaneesh may seem fun now, but when you find yourself in bed with a he-goat and several implements of pain, you'll know you've gone too far. -Emperor's Faithful

"Oh, Brother Asmodai! Yes, spank me! I've been heretical!"
"Feel the Emperor's judgement, Azrael!"
"Oooh, yes! Purge me! Purge me!" -Cheese Elemental

'In the eye of Terror, it's still the '80's. And that's a good thing.' -Necroagogo 
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