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Made in pl
Grovelin' Grot Rigger

Warsaw - Poland

(mini disclaimer: English language is mine second language, so even if I try I am sure that I make some errors, please do not kill me for that ).

After lurking for some time i decide to start mine own P&M blog.

When I start new army I stick to two things:

-I enjoy playing army that is not so obvious. If most players use some tactics I like to go other way. Yes, I know it mean I will loose often if I do not take units that are better than others.

-First I think about some history/ idea of army, later I try to reflect this in rules.

In this case mine idea was to play almost only orcs. Army without huge blocks of Goblins, only huge blocks of Orcs. No Forest Spider Riders, no Night Goblins, no Fanatics, no Wolf Riders. Orcs and more orcs.
About history I always like the idea what will be if group of space orcs will be thrown in to world of Warhammer fantasy.

Imagine Orcs space ship that travel trough wormhole and finished crashed into pieces somewhere in the XXX Mountains.

Most of their equipment will be destroyed, tanks blow up, and most of ammo ruined.
Then tribe will become more savage, conquering some of tribes living in mountains and merging their "culture" with their own.

After several centuries most of their space weapons will be jammed and malfunction. Still they try to behave like long time ago, they paint chariots with red (they are faster right?), they try to emulate all this funny things that make machines make moves. Some of them will be equipped with guns without ammo. Still you can smash someone's head with gun right?

Bosses and Warboss will have still functional mechanical weapons, for normal orcs mechanical mean magic (being smashed by magical or chain axe
hurts the same...).

That was the idea. Ok so what now?
I read army book and try figure how can mine army look. Then I have played some training games (with proxies). After that I figured something like that:
(I do not write point cost, and magic items, it will be different in different army lists, its rather list of miniatures I need)

1x Warboss - one of Foot and on Boar, to have choice witch one I use. This will be mine leader of Army of tribe Cracked Skullz aka Lost Boyz.
1x Battle Standard Bearer - obvious. Must have one to to have BSB
2x Shaman - both on foot I think. One must look little "more" to be Great Shaman if I need one.

With 5 miniatures of Characters I can choose different combinations each game.

Core Choices
1x Orc Boyz with Choppa and Shield and full Command Group, about 20 of them.
1x Orc Boyz with 2 Choppas. Full Command Group, 20 of them.
1-2x Orc Arrer Boyz, each unit with 10 orcs and Champion and Musician
(without Bannerman).

Simple choice of Orc Core Units.

Special Choices
3x Boar Chariot - because I like them and already have them
1x? - I don't know, Black Orcs or some heavy converted Squigs (herders of jumpers). Maybe some machines?

Rare Choices
The most tough choice.
First I think about Snotling pup wagons, made from space junk. But this mean some Snotlings in army that supposed have only Orcs.
Giant is fun, nice miniature and I can convert him to fit into army idea. But second Rare (if I play on 2000+ pts)? Second Giant?
After testing games become obvious I can't play well with him. I don't know what I do wrong, each time he does nothing, he was busy dying (one time he kill 1 dwarf.... one...).

After hard thinking (it huts a bit) I found great idea. Ogres! They are nice to convert, one of most beautiful miniature (at least for me).
And they will add some "punch" to army. After all even I want sometimes to win.
So I decide to use Ogres in all Rare slots no matter how much I will have.
First will be Ironguts and second Lead Belchers. Third Bulls or another Ironguts.

I know that Ogres are not Orcs, but they fit mine idea of "Recruiting - 6ft height or more"

And this add me some more possibilities. As Tribe will often fight side by side with Ogres then some of orcs will use Ogres equipment.

Colours that i choose is Browns (all that leather, rusted weapon and the like), green (of course) and orange. (red is to common , red will be with orange on chariots).

So after all this writing time to show some photos

Army Glued and waiting to be painted.

(Orcs are not glued, i just put in them for photos)

Now some Boyz randomly selected.

Champions from Boyz


Shaman (made from lots of bits from different boxes)

Warboss (or Boss) on Boar

Warboss - it will be most of times Black Orc Warboss
Gorfang "Cracked Skull"

Finally latest photos. Some WIP.

Boyz on witch I try colour scheme.

Battle Baner of Gorfang Cracked Skull

And last for now, Ogres in WIP, i have only Ironguts now so I paint them, I must buy Leadbelchers.

Four fearsome Ironguts:

Ogre with converted weapon

Musician (I mean Bellower)

Bellower from Back

Ogres standard Bearer

And last photo for now, Ironguts Champion

More photos soon
I Hope you like it and you are not bored to death.

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Mean Green Fighting Machine
Orcs - Lost Boyz forming the Waaagh...
Blood Angels - Long time ago... 
Made in us
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

Dayton, Ohio

Dude, this is AWESOME! (I like your comment about a chain axe hurting as much as a 'magic axe' xD!)

Arctik_Firangi wrote:Spelling? Well excuse me, I thought we were discussing the rules as written.
Don't worry, I'm a certified speed freek
Know who else are speed freeks? and  
Made in us
Nasty Nob

Joplin, Missouri

Very nice. I really like the putty work and conversions (especially the Shaman). Keep working on your army.

I like how you added in some of the 40k Ork heads. It gives them a unique look.

"Just pull it out and play with it" -Big Nasty B @ Life After the Cover Save
40k: Orks
Fantasy: Empire, Beastmen, Warriors of Chaos, and Ogre Kingdoms  
Made in pl
Grovelin' Grot Rigger

Warsaw - Poland

Despite going to work I manage to paint a little more of Orc Boyz and Shaman.

I must find how to make better photos. :/

Here we go with some photos, all of them are still WIP:


Orc Boyz

Another this is that I finally get the idea of what 4-th special I need. Night Goblins Squig Hoopers.
At least unit that have their rules. I don't want Night Goblins in army so I will convert unit that can have the same rules as this one.
I will make unit of half-cyborgized Goblins (Grots) that are pumped up with combat drugs. It will fit to Immune to psyhology, random movement, 3 Toughness (they are still Goblins) and Strenght 5 with 2 Attacks (mechanical arms, and the like). I just must buy some Goblins Grotz :/

More of photos later. Hope you will like it.


Mean Green Fighting Machine
Orcs - Lost Boyz forming the Waaagh...
Blood Angels - Long time ago... 
Made in pl
Grovelin' Grot Rigger

Warsaw - Poland

Ok some more WIP
Last two weeks I heaved total massacre in work so only little steps up in army painting.

First of all one of Boys, finished with painting, only base still to making.

And WARBOSS! The Green the Mean and almost done

Also almoast done, chariots

Driver of one of chariots

And last today's image, that's how I put miniatures when I wait them to dry.

Here comes orcs attacking my Radio

Mean Green Fighting Machine
Orcs - Lost Boyz forming the Waaagh...
Blood Angels - Long time ago... 
Made in gb
Rampaging Reaver Titan Princeps


These look fantastic, some really great work and a good pace too. Well done!!!
Made in us
Mysterious Techpriest

Is that a chainblade I see on one of those charioteers?


2800pts Dark Angels
2000pts Adeptus Mechanicus
1850pts Imperial Guard
Made in pl
Grovelin' Grot Rigger

Warsaw - Poland

Yes its chain blade.

Mean Green Fighting Machine
Orcs - Lost Boyz forming the Waaagh...
Blood Angels - Long time ago... 
Made in us
Average Orc Boy

Here nor their. USA

But does it work?? lol

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Made in us
Renegade Kan Killin Orks

San Francisco, CA

I love this theme, and the back story works great. Ork-tek is so tricky

You picked a nice color scheme too.
Made in pl
Grovelin' Grot Rigger

Warsaw - Poland

Work still don't give me lots of time to t aka care of my minis but i have some progress.

As I said before, i have idea of Squig Hoopers that will fit into theme of my army.

Idea is like that:

Lost Boyz Looneys
Unit of Goblins with some "still" working mechanical devices. Some chainsaws, powerclaws, and the sort. SOme of them have still working cybork bodies.
They are grouped together by Warboss, when battle occurs they are pointed straight to enemy and convinced by some talking, kicks and insults that they must go forward (a little gossip that that guys on other side have some beer and new cool shining stuff usually works).
They are fighting in unorganised mob.

I will use rules of Night Goblin Squig Hoppers.
It will fit excellent.
They have Toughness 3 like all goblins, Low LD like Goblins. Mechanical devices gives them Strength 5 and 2 Attacks.
Immune to psychology - when you are Goblin with mechanical claw that can crush any armour, you believe that you are invincible.
Skirmish - Looneys fight in non organised manner, they are to stupid to form any sights of normal unit.
Hate Dwarvs - even that Looneys are not Night Goblins (they are descendants of Space Grots), they hate dwarfs because those little beardlings have more metal than them! Kill Da Beardlings, get their metal and beer! Chaarge...
Loony - (Boooing! in Armybook) - Looneys move 3D6. They are unpredictable, sometimes they surge forward enemy to get all those shining stuff and sometimes they stop all to watch how work one of devices.

So i have the rules (i know i just took one from armybook ), i have idea now I need miniatures.

So here we go. Down here you have some photos of WIP Looneys, I still must model some Cybork-parts (Green stuff will be used I think).
I will play them just like Night Goblins Squig Hoppers. I hope my opponents will don't have any problems with that

Looneys, one by one:

The same as above but from side

(i know i still must glue that one cable..)

Stupid one

Looneys Squad

How look engines that power up all those nasty weapons:

Hope You like it

Still need to do:
- Two more Looneys to have 10 of them.
- Green-Stuff work on Looneys
- Painting, Painting, Painting... (i have only 1/2 of one unit painted, and 3 Chariots... :/)
- Buy Leadbelchers.. (i have hope in Christmas )


Mean Green Fighting Machine
Orcs - Lost Boyz forming the Waaagh...
Blood Angels - Long time ago... 
Made in pl
Space Marine Scout with Sniper Rifle

Cool conversions. Like the gobbo with the saw. I'm not sure about the theme of the army though. It's neither FB nor 40K. But still keep it up.

[demonic language on] Na DAKKA DAKKA fajnie jest spotkać rodaka. [demonic language off]

Cheers Rebel

See my log *YAWN* Space Marines  
Made in pl
Grovelin' Grot Rigger

Warsaw - Poland

Last days most of my free time i spend in work

So only upgrade is some pictures of Orc Boyz, finally i paint whole regiment. Now I need "only" paint the mistakes, and make the bases.... Oh and paint the shields for them...


Here goes pictures:

FCG of first Orc Boyz regiment:

Orc Boyz Mob

Orc Boyz Mob second picture

Only good thing is that is Christmas coming. (more time for painting )

Mean Green Fighting Machine
Orcs - Lost Boyz forming the Waaagh...
Blood Angels - Long time ago... 
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

that Looney squad looks cool, although probabily a bit too high tech!?

I think I might buy a boxset of WHFB goblins to convert to grots for my 40k Grot army. It Looks like doing the conversions was lots of fun.


Made in pl
Grovelin' Grot Rigger

Warsaw - Poland

Maybe a little bit to high tech but i like the idea nd can't resist to make model when the idea hit me (in head...).

Conversions was lot of fun, patience, and glue...
(to be true to Looneys inspired me your Grots army )

Mean Green Fighting Machine
Orcs - Lost Boyz forming the Waaagh...
Blood Angels - Long time ago... 
Made in pl
Grovelin' Grot Rigger

Warsaw - Poland

As I said before, "thanks" to massacre I have in work I don't have much time to paint my army.
Only thing i can do after work is glueing orcs (when my eyes try to fall out because to much computer).
To tired to painting.

Ok here some photos of last work.

First Arrer Boyz, made from Space Orks, and Goblin mob parts (bows).

Whole unit


Part of first rank

Second rank

Close-up to one of Archers

I didn't make banner for them. I am almost sure I will not use it in any game.

Next here comes one of didn't used units, Big Bad Black Orkz.
I know, they are not perfect but I just want them Why? Because.
When I start making them I realised that model I used as Warboss is a little "normal" compared to them. (its the same model, Orc big un form WH40k) so its look like one of them not their boss.
So I decided to a little treachery here. (Treachery to my Warboss).
He will become one of normal Black Orks, and I will make Bad Warboss from WH40k Warboss (from AOBR). He is a little to big to 25mm x 25mm but I will figure something later.

So, here comes black Orks:


Musician,... a Bellower.. or something a like


Just one of Black Orks

Now i think about making some Spear Chuckas and Rock Lobba, handmade that will look like made from space junk.
And I have some strange idea to make snotling bases from... gnoblars I have some of them from Ogre spures, and Gnoblas are almost weak as snotlings, one stand have 3 wounds so I will use 3 gnoblars per base.

Cheers all

Mean Green Fighting Machine
Orcs - Lost Boyz forming the Waaagh...
Blood Angels - Long time ago... 
Made in us
Nurgle Veteran Marine with the Flu

Las Vegas

I think that this is a great start to an Orcs and Goblins army. I love the use of Ork and Orcs together, as they really do complement each other.

For the paint scheme, I suggest using Thraka green wash on the Orc skin, it works wonders.

If I had a dollar for every dollar I spent I'd have all my money back.
Made in pl
Grovelin' Grot Rigger

Warsaw - Poland

About Orc skin belive me there is Thraka Green Wash.
I paint skin in this way:
- Black Primer
- Olive as base colour (Valeho paint)
- Snotlig green dry brush
- Goblin green dry brush
- Thraka Green Wash
- Goblin green dry brush (a little bit)
- Goblin green/ Bleached Bone 1:1 in some edges

Having only little time this weekend I make some firs step of Spear Chuckas

Spear Chucka 1
Made to look like "normal" spear chucka but one that will fit to army idea.

Second Spear Chucka.
This will happen when your Goblins see Repeater Bolt Thrower...


Mean Green Fighting Machine
Orcs - Lost Boyz forming the Waaagh...
Blood Angels - Long time ago... 
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

I'm liking the Repeata Spear Chukka - any idea how the crew are going to look yet?

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Gamgee on Tau Players wrote:we all kill cats and sell our own families to the devil and eat live puppies.
Made in pl
Grovelin' Grot Rigger

Warsaw - Poland

Yes and no
I have some ideas but i don't start to work on them.
One of repeater Spear Chucka goblins will sit up on chair (this little one on Spear Chucka). At least that's the idea.

Also I am waiting on some WH40k grotz I won on auction, maybe some of them will be Chucka Boyz.

Of course two Orcs made from Space Orcs will be bullies. I have hands wit whip from chariots so i think both bullies will have whip to speed-up Goblins in work

Mean Green Fighting Machine
Orcs - Lost Boyz forming the Waaagh...
Blood Angels - Long time ago... 
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