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Haunted _Undead does Space Wolves in a slighly darkish tone  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Well hello. I have a large collection of the new Wolves which are all unassembled thus far.

There will be a lot of conversion work going into my Wolf army. A lot of resin base work and FW kits for my LR and Rhino`s and Dread

I`m going to focus on Ragnar Blackmane`s Wolf Company.

As I can`t for the life of me stand the light and fluffy grey that wolves are usually painted in mine will be that bit darker.

As a side note there may also at points pop up some Space Hulk terminators and genestealers as I get to painting gaps.

C&C of course more than welcome. Warning this maybe a long process as I paint slow though with some motivation it may pick up!

I need some peeps to keep me going on all this. Tomorrow hopefully I will put up pics of everything that I have and what I will be doing with it minus the few FW bits i`m currently waiting on.

Without further ado, this is my Wolf Lord.

Sorry about the dark pics. My camera flash is way too much and completely drowns the model out. Hopefully my pic taking will improve as I go on
[Thumb - Space Wolves 001.JPG]

[Thumb - Space Wolves 003.JPG]

[Thumb - Space Wolves 004.JPG]

[Thumb - Space Wolves 005.JPG]

[Thumb - Space Wolves 009.JPG]

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Made in gb
Stalwart Veteran Guard Sergeant

I like it, that darker grey works really well. If I were you though, I think I would have the yellow brighter or more prevalent to counter this (unless it is a really dark scheme you're going for, or your camera is making it seem like its darker than it is). There's always the danger with dark schemes in 40k that the army as a whole won't look striking enough on the tabletop.

Also, is that GW snow flock on the base of the bottom pic? If it is, I would seriously recommend that you use the bicarb/pva/white paint technique as the snow it creates is a lot more realistic. It kind of looks like white astroturf at the moment.

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Made in gb
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Omadon's Realm

I always prefer the darker shades of the standard colours on marines (with the exception of Grey_death's Sons of Medusa). Your scheme is working well although I also think the photograph is in it's self too dark to allow us to view the detail.

Made in us
Stealthy Space Wolves Scout

I prefer the darker grey Space Wolves over the powder blue ones !!

Nice job ... but better pictures will do the models credit.

"You never see toilets in the 41st Millennium - that's why everyone looks so angry all the time." - Fezman 1/28/13
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Richmond, VA

I have mine painted this way as well. GREAT look.
Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Newcastle Upon Tyne

yeah my picture taking skills lack a lot. Hopefully they will get better as I take more.

The yellow is actually very strong it`s just the camera and the lack of decent light coming through kinda don`t show it.

it is also GW snow which really blows I know. Hopefully i`ll be able to get something sorted with that tomorrow if I have time to go to town.

Wolf Guard squad are built. Hopefully have pics up soon
Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Newcastle Upon Tyne

I know my bad for the double post but more pics.

And from the last pic you`ll see my camera flash killing my guy lol
[Thumb - Space Wolves 001 (2).JPG]

[Thumb - Space Wolves 005 (2).JPG]

[Thumb - Space Wolves 002 (2).JPG]

[Thumb - Space Wolves 004 (2).JPG]

[Thumb - Space Wolves 003 (2).JPG]

[Thumb - Space Wolves 014.JPG]

Made in au
Mekboy Hammerin' Somethin'

Fedan Mhor

Like the look of the dark grey in the first post. Looks awesome and is probably how Ill do my Wolves, since Im not fond of their power-blue armour. Also good work on the Wolf Claw.

Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Will be updating soon with pics of Wolf Scouts, Long Fangs and a converted Ragnar Blackmane
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