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Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine


Welcome to my Ice Angel Fluff. This epic tale of my chapter has spawned from my personal quest to improve my writing and to describe the chapter that I've gamed with for several decades. Originally the fluff was only about my chapter but as I got more involved with Dakka and gained dakka friends I decided to expand my story.. After joining the Great Marine Swap I traded away and gained nearly twenty marines. As my story grew I began to incorporate my swapped marines.

As you read my tale please don't hesitate to PM me with grammar issues so I can fix them. (Grammar is still my weakness) Also, please don't be afraid to post what you like and dislike. As you read on you'll see how my story and writing has improved and changed from constructive feedback left by my readers. For those of you just starting, I can e-mail you a word doc with the entire story as now posted if you don't want to read the story on the blog. Otherwise good luck and let me know what you think.

EDIT: November 29th, 2013 - I have completed the first draft of book one, which is page 1-43 in this thread.
EDIT: February 16th, 2014 - I have completed the second draft of book one. The entire book is now posted on page 43 and 44. If you want to skip to there, click here ENJOY!
EDIT: March 17th, 2019 - Book three is completed and the edited version is being posted on page 64

Book 1 - List of Guest Marines. This group of marines were either traded for or gifted to me from various people.
Sergeant Pyrox – Fire Angels
Commander Vetov – Emperor’s Tears
Brother Evrard – Dark Angel
Brother Walters – Red Talons
Brother Desai – Sky Warden
Brother Jaska – Marines Chrysemys
Brother Reven – Blood Angels
Brother Nefas – Sinner Marine
Brother Inushi – Mantis Warriors
Brother Kvothe – Shadow Sanctus
Honored Brother Inigo – Sons of Hades

My marine swaps. Back row left to right - Reven, Aquilum, Inigo, Vetov. Front row - Jaska, Nefas, Walters, Evrard

This is Brother Inushi

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Edmonton AB

Its really good

I like it, and its give a good idea of what happens...

"Do you surrender human?"
"What does the word 'Surrender' mean?"
A Capellian Guardsmen to a Tau Firewarrior before the victory at Novograd

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Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine


* begin transmission*

Name: Ice Angel Chapter

Home world: Shattermantle

Founding: Third generation successor chapter from the Blood Angel line

Current Leader: Chapter Master Librarian Duggon

Specialties: hive warfare, close quarter specialists, zero gravity warfare

Campaigns: Cleansing of Lynx system, Third Black Crusade, Hive Fleet Leviathan

Status: At full strength, currently assisting Death Spectres in the Ghost Star System

* Inquisitor Xandel: Ice Angel Chapter under suspicion of using xenos technology and consistently dodging inquisitorial visits. They have impressive history of victories, but their methods have lead to several investigations. ****
* Ultramarine Company Captain Sicarius: Ice Angel chapter close combat ferocity and rapid deployment of assault troops in the defense of Kruggar IV saved the battle. However, company organization does not comply with the sacred Codex Astartes. I recommend an inquiry to their commander for an explanation. *****

Background record 797-38=JL41: Information from Mentor Chapter records, compiled from Brother Matticus

The planet of Shattermantle was a mining planet, located furthest from the sun in the Artaxerex system. The entire population lived in underground hive cities, mining highly valuable minerals near the core of the planet. Extreme cold and intense storms make the surface inhospitable, only several gate cities dotted the surface. A single moon circled Shattermantle called Xibyran, covered in industrial complexes and expansive space ports.

Many centuries ago, shortly after the Ice Angel chapter returned from Abaddon’s Third Black Crusade, the chapter returned to the Artaxerex system. During their approach to Shattermantle an unknown space hulk appeared out of warp on a collision course with Shattermantle. The space hulk, which equaled the size of their home world, smashed into Shattermantle right before their eyes. The astronomical impact pushed the hulk planet out of its regular orbit and deeper into space. More than half of the planet’s population was dead within minutes of impact. The Ice Angels soon learned the space hulk had been occupied by several xenos races; a large chaos cult to Slaaneesh, a group of Dark Eldar pirates, and a large war band of Orks called BludNnuklez Bandeetz.

Nearly every Ice Angel ship and all imperial vessels in the system docked with the planet or hulk and began searching for pockets of survivors and creating new defenses against the hulk’s ferocious denizens.

Shattermantle was now half planet / half conglomeration of space ships and debris. The Ice Angels quickly had their civilians protected. During the fighting that followed, the chapter discovered an entire company of Imperial Guard in the space hulk along with a company of Mantis Warriors, ***** PURGED FROM RECORD *****, ***** PURGED FROM RECORD *****, ***** PURGED FROM RECORD *****, and a squad of Deathwatch marines. These other regiments had been sent to investigate the space hulk when it had previously appeared in Imperial Space.

Shattermantle was floating in space for several weeks before it once again disappeared into the warp, leaving behind the moon of Xibyran and a handful of confused imperial vessels. After several hundred years the moon settled into a new orbit around the fourth planet in the system. Xibyran continues to be an industrial moon for the system and now, due to its closer relationship to the sun, has developed an atmosphere that can sustain life.

While in the warp, the Ice Angels and Imperial Guard forces combined to cleanse the hulk and rebuild their cities. According to the Ice Angels, the Chaos Cult was using ****RECORD EDITED BY UNKNOWN USER**** to move through the warp. The cleansing of the hulk took nearly 36 years, but when they declared it purged of heretics and xenos, the Ice Angels possessed one of Imperium’s largest warp bound vessels. Per Ice Angel records, they floated in the warp for a span of nearly a 100 years. However, upon re-entering real space they discovered they had only been gone 10 years per Imperial Calendar.

* Master Kargerplakk of Mars Mechanicum: This is one of the longest recorded time shifts in Imperium history. It is a well-known fact that traveling through the warp is through space AND time, but few reports have a discrepancy of this magnitude. Upon hearing of this hulk and warp travel, a contingent of Mechanicum was sent to investigate this technology, however upon arrival at the hulk Shattermantle we were told the warp technology was lost during re-entry into real time.******

*end transmission*

* opening imperial record**

subject – Artaxerex system – record 797-38=YI73

System Information – 4 planets circle one class B star, Agade Zadlin is the closest planet, barren and uninhabited. Kassite is the second planet, a gas giant. Naram and Sippar the two furthest planets have been successfully terraformed to sustain life. Floating in between Naram and Sippar is a massive asteroid belt, the Shatt-el-Hai. Shattermantle was the fifth planet before merging with a hulk, see 797-38=JL41

* close record**
* opening imperial record***

subject – Shatt-el-Hai

17th largest known in-system asteroid belt, located in Artaxerex system

The Artaxerex Imperial Fleet station is in the belt along with several solar forges and 3 major mining facilities. The Ice Angel chapter has one of their space fortresses in the belt as well. However, the Shatt-el-Hai asteroid belt is home to several species of abyssal drakes. This belt contains the highest concentration of abyssal drakes in the Imperium. Nearly 90 percent of the belt is deemed unsafe for imperials due to drake infestation. However, four human tribes inhabit the belt outside imperial safe zones living off the drakes and trading with the system planets. Once every 7.3 years, Imperial calendar (10 years system calendar), the four tribes gather for the Assiblyo-Qua. A hunting game that originally determined which tribe can claim certain territorial rights. Now, there is also a hunt for those who wish to become an Ice Angel.

* close record***

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Imperial Recruit in Training


I like it!

Made in us
Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine


Thanks Metrosh. It's good to see another Hoosier on the forums. You wouldn't be in the Indy area would you?

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Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine



Of all of his close battle brothers, Brother Miqit was the most patient.

Through numerous campaigns his patience has been one of his greatest strengths. He first discovered the importance of patience as an Ice Angel scout in the Siptik Wars, silently waiting in ship debris for the rebellious Howling Bat Brigade ships to inspect. Then as they did, the scouts would fire tracker beacons, timed bombs, or other various devices onto the unsuspecting ships before launching surprise assaults. After all, space warfare is what the Ice Angels were known for.

Nearly 9 decades have past since Brother Miqit has become a full battle brother, now one more trial is testing his patience. The veteran Squad Uttuakki had its own trial and he was determined to pass it. Step one was simple, be allowed to participate in the trial through heroic deeds. Step two was a bit more interesting.

In the asteroid belt of Shatt-el-Hai, Abyssal Drakes by the millions live and feed. There are dozens of different species all of which have different strengths and weaknesses, but at this time Brother Miqit was only looking for one kind. The dreaded Ice Dangler Drake.

At the edge of a large conglomeration of ice shards, Brother Miqit waited. Ice Danglers were known to lay in wait in similar locales. They hide in the outskirts of the ice fields and surrounded themselves with some of the rock shards using their tentacles to hold them in place making them nearly invisible. Finally they grab an ice shard or a dead smaller drake and hold it next to their rocky forms using it as bait for drakes.

Brother Miqit had taken nearly 18 hours just to find a good ice field. For the past 46 hours he has been waiting trying to locate one of these Ice Danglers, hoping to see one strike at one of the lesser drakes. Right now there appears to be 4 smaller species of drakes in the ice field feeding off minerals in the ice or each other.

After taking a look at his chronometer in his HUD he began to recite his liturgies while checking over his gear. First he examined his bolt pistol, the white body just as clean as the day he had received it. He holstered the pistol before pulling out his combat knife. The ornate hilt was formed to resemble feathered wings while the handle ended in a light blue ice shard. Next he moved onto his 4 meter magna spear. To heavy and large to use in any atmosphere the spear was perfect for piercing the armored sides of the large drakes in space. Finally he reexamined the tip of the spear making sure the thermal charge was still ready to deliver its death blow.

As he completed his check a shadow came over his position. A 14 meter Cobalt Drake glided over propelled by its own gaseous discharge, the Cobalt Drake was known for its speed and ferocity. As the smaller drakes began to hide or flee the Cobalt Drake expelled a burst of gas so powerfully that Miqit’s asteroid began to rotate. Miqit waited for his rock to fully come around before moving. As the ice field came back into view he saw that the Cobalt Drake had a firm grasp on a smaller Speckled Dust Drake. The dust drake was already dead from the Cobalts metallic talons. Through several smaller bursts the Cobalt Drake stopped itself on the edge of the ice field and began to tear off the tough outer shell of the dust drake.

While holding his magna spear in both hands he watched, this is what he was waiting for. As the Cobalt Drake concentrated on its meal, an asteroid began to move from below the ice field. As the form got closer it began to shed its rocky shell to reveal its monstrous bulbous form. Tentacles unfurled, its solar wings expanded blocking out the star light from below.

For reasons unknown, Miqit hesitated. He never hesitated. The central orb of the drake was 20 meters in diameter but the wings were at least another 25 meters wide. The sheer size of the Ice Dangler was staggering. The eye stalks on the Ice Dangler Drake were all focused on the Cobalt Drake. He had to make his move. He had to intercept the Dangler at the moment the drakes met.

Using his jump pack he launched off his asteroid. Both hands on his spear he began to line up his thrust. He only had one chance. Even though he was moving quickly through space it seemed like a silent eternity before he reached the drakes. The Ice Dangler Drake let out a psychic screech of anticipation just as he got into range of the Cobalt Drake. The Cobalt attempted to burst away but two of the Danglers tentacles were hold fast. Regardless, the burst was enough to change the drakes trajectory. Brother Miqit refired his pack to adjust but it was too late. As he thrust his spear at the Dangler instead of a deep piercing attack it became a glancing blow. The thermal charge went off destroying the end of the spear along with one of the Danglers wings.

The psychic screech turned into a scream of pain. Miqit’s head throbbed immediately. The Cobalt Drake took this opportunity to slash and burst out of the grasp of the Dangler, but the Danglers Tongue spear pierced the cobalts body and began to reel him in. The Ice Dangler Drake began to look around its bulk with its tentacles trying to locate Miqit. Once it had, it began to rotate to bring about its tentacles. Knowing that his best chance to kill the beast had passed, he patiently waited once again for the right opportunity to strike. Pulling out his pistol and knife he recited a prayer to the Emperor and Sanguinius. The remaining solar wing of the beast blocked out the suns light, leaving Miqit to stare down the beast in the dark.

The Dangler had too many eyes to fire at and too tough a hide to shoot at with his pistol. Bringing an inferno pistol would have been too easy. Seeing that the Dangler had already used his tongue spear on the cobalt drake, the Dangler reached out with one of its eyed tentacles to grasp Miqit. The Dangler was beginning to crack the cobalts shell with its jaws when Miqit lined up his attack. The inside of the Danglers mouth was its weakest point. As the eyed tentacle pulled him in he stabbed the eye with his knife and fired a full clip into the beasts’ mouth. The screech returned and Miqit reloaded with his pistol with angelic speed. The Dangler shoved Miqit into its mouth and tried to crush him with renewed vigor, but the bulk of the Cobalt body was keeping giving Miqit enough room to avoid the majority of the crushing teeth but he had merely moments before both him and cobalt drake were crushed into mush.

Miqit stuck his blade into the side of the beasts’ mouth and began to fire every bullet in his remaining clip into the beast. Chunks of flesh and gore began to fill the mouth. The pressure built and he felt the metal of his jump pack begin to buckle. When he had expended the clip he realized the pressure from the jaws had stopped. The beast wasn’t moving any more and neither were the eye tentacles that he could still see in space.

Once again Miqit prayed to Sanguinius and thanked his blessed bolt pistol. After several minutes he extracted himself from the body of the Ice Dangler. Removing his jump pack he examined the damage and discovered that one jet was still functional. After putting the jump pack on he grabbed the remaining wing of the Ice Dangler and began to jet through space dragging the Dangler behind him.

When he returned to Shattermantle he would gift the Ice Dangler to Muttabriqu and if found worthy Muttabriqu would share a cup of the Danglers ice cold blood with Miqit making him part of the veteran unit.

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Decrepit Dakkanaut

Madison, WI

Great bit of fiction IceAngel! Keep up the good work! Your creative side must be workin' over-time...

Made in us
Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine


Gitsplitta wrote:Great bit of fiction IceAngel! Keep up the good work! Your creative side must be workin' over-time...

Thanks Gitsplitta, I've been reading lots of 40K books lately so I've been thinking up all sorts of stuff for my own army.

I'll post up some more once I've got them in text form.

Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Madison, WI

Looking forward to it my friend! :-)

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Australia, NSW, Blue Mountains

I would love to see a codex!! You have some awesome ideas.

Made in us
Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine


Finch Claw wrote:I would love to see a codex!! You have some awesome ideas.

lol, thanks Finch Claw. I would love to see an Ice Angel codex as well! However I am not sure I want to bother with making up my own rules. I just want to concentrate on the fluff. Keep an eye on this post because I'll be adding some more stories as I edit them.

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Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine


“How are you enjoying your first mission as an Uttuakki?” Bel Uri shouted from his crouched position. Miqit peaked around the back of the hemorrhaging tanker he was using as cover, the smell of some sort of sweet liquid seeping through his filtered helmet. “hmph! It certainly has been interesting” he managed to say before firing his meltagun at an incoming Ork Burna Boy incinerating the top half of its body.

“OH, come on Miqit! At least let ONE get here!” Bel Uri said while clenching his powerfist. The ork shots were bouncing all over the scrap pile he was using as cover.

“The Emperor gave us blessed bolt pistols; you should put yours to work.” Miqit replied as he moved back behind cover. The arms fire from the other side of the hanger was still heavy and keeping them from pushing forward.

Bel Uri was peaking over the top of his scrap metal pile when a side door about 60 feet from his flank flew off its hinges. Both Bel Uri and Miqit turned just in time to see a wave of Orks pouring out of the door. The lead ork was moving full speed towards them, his cleavers waving above his head.

“FOR SANGUINIUS!” Bel Uri shouted as he leapt up from his crouch to meet the Ork charge. Miqit adjusted and tried to keep some cover between himself and the orks with guns, but he realized that he would soon be surrounded. With a prayer on his lips he charged in Bel Uri’s wake, quickly coming to his brother’s aid.

Bel Uri was a blizzard of death, his chainsword parrying and deflecting blows while his powerfist destroyed everything he punched. Bel Uri was far from the largest marine in the Ice Angel chapter, but the speed in which his chainsword and powerfist worked made him one of the best close combat specialists in the chapter.

Miqit stood back to back with Bel Uri firing his meltagun and bolt pistol at anything approaching from their flank. After a few seconds of close quarter fighting a dozen orks had fallen to the Ice Angel assault and the remaining orks were turning to flee, even the orks with guns were fleeing. Bel Uri begun to chuckle as he surveyed his handy work, Miqit immediately took cover behind the nearest piece of machinery searching for targets.

Bel Uri gave a quick look around before saying, “Be calm brother, these orks are no match for the Astartes, especially the Ice Angel Chapter. This would be so much more entertaining if this Rokk hadn’t dropped all of its Orks on the planet surface already” Revving his chainsword to remove some of the gore that had accumulated on its blade, Bel Uri turned towards the first door they were attempting to breach.

“Come Miqit, let us see if we can’t find our way through this cursed pile of space debris.”

Bel Uri jogged over to the door with Miqit right behind him. The lights in the space vessel turned off leaving them in darkness. A light blue light turned on in both of their helmets, objective two had been completed. Sarabda, Tirid, and Idiptu had destroyed the generator system that was powering this section of the Rokk. As Bel Uri and Miqit began to silently move forward in the darkness the power suddenly came back online. Lights turned back on and the sound of several thousand engines kicked back on. The light blue light in their helmets turned back off. The objective wasn’t as completed as they thought.

As silently as snowflakes landing on ice, the two black armored figures moved through the halls attempting to reach their objective. Somewhere in this sector was a large hanger that they intended to open.

Bel Uri rounded a corner and dispatched a running snotling with his knee before pausing to look down three tunnels. Miqit came up to Bel Uri and confirmed that nothing was behind him.

“Which way Brother Uri?” Miqit said while trying to read some of the ork graffiti.

Bel Uri pointed to the right with his chainsword as Miqit pointed to the path in front of them. Bel Uri cocked his head trying to determine why the middle path was chosen. That’s when he saw it. In orange paint on a piece of rusted metal was “DA HNGER” Bel Uri took one step towards the center path when a large explosion erupted from their left. The hallway shuddered from the shock wave the explosion created. The explosion was followed by what must have been cannon fire. The rapid booms were soon turned into what sounded like a building crashing. Yellow flashing lights appeared in the bottom left of their HUD. Bel Uri and Miqit were immediately running full speed down the hall way towards the cannon fire.

“Bel Uri….. Miqit…. come in” a voice in their helmet sounded.

“Muttabriqu we are in bound, what in the Emperors throne is firing?!” Bel Uri asked.

A short pause in the cannon fire was interrupted by what sounded like someone tearing steel, the screaming metal soon turned into a loud plang.

“According to Umru you should be coming up right behind it, disable target immediately Rabishu is pinned and Bennu is MIA.”

Within seconds Bel Uri and Miqit rounded a corner and found themselves over looking an extremely large hanger. The hanger was hundreds of different floors and levels with cranes and equipment stretching in every direction. They couldn’t even see it all; it seemed to expand all the way around the Rokk. Across from them the closed hanger door appeared to be an extremely large metal mouth. Below them and to their right was what appeared to be the top half of a 7 story mechanical ork. It’s right arm a large pitch fork and its left arm was 5 cannons strapped together. It had its back to them; the cannons in its left arm were being reloaded by about 20 grots using all sorts of cranes and machines. As the rage in Bel Uri began to well, Miqit held his brothers shoulder and pointed over to what appeared to be an ork space bomber waiting to be reloaded.

Without further hesitation they ran along the wall towards the bomber as fast as they could. According to the shouts the cannons were almost done being reloaded. Bel Uri and Miqit jumped down two stories onto another walk way. They were now on the same level as the bomber. Bel Uri burst onto the landing and bull rushed an unsuspecting ork who gave a loud grunt before being punched by a powerfist. Miqit went straight towards the metal brace holding the bomber in place and fired his meltagun. The shot disintegrated the metal and left only an orange glow. Bel Uri was searching for something else to kill when Miqit shouted “URI USE THE TRUCK!”

Pushing the anger aside, Bel Uri concentrated on figuring out how to start the truck. A hissing sound came from below them and Miqit saw the pitched fork arm of the mounted stompa course with energy. Looking further down the hanger up against a destroyed section of wall he witnessed three black armored marines scattering. The energy of the fork was building, its pitch almost reaching a level that he couldn’t hear.

A rumble behind him soon turned into a roar that shook the floor. Bel Uri was sitting behind the large truck. With a change in grumble he got the truck moving, it went about 30 feet before crashing into the back of the bomber. Using all the trucks power Bel Uri pushed the bomber over the edge of the docking bay towards the unsuspecting stompa. The plane crashed into the stompas head and the resulting explosion ignited the cannons unused shells. Bel Uri stopped the truck on the edge of the hanger and not feeling that his job was done, got out and pushed the ork truck over the edge as well for good measure.

“Perfect timing Brothers!” Muttabriqu said into the vox. “Proceed to way point Phi”

A new way point appeared in their HUD. Leaving the hanger Miqit and Bel Uri began to move towards it. Killing a handful of grots as they passed, they descended several levels; the two Ice Angels left the normal metal hallways and were soon in a stone passage.

“This must be the asteroid center of the rokk.” Miqit stated “It may limit our communication range.”

Bel Uri flashed a HUD symbol for a halt before a handful of orks rounded the bend firing their guns. Rounds exploded off the walls and armor of the Ice Angels, unphased Miqit took aim and fired his meltagun at the closest ork, melting its stomach along with its gun. Bel Uri charged “FOR THE ICE!” he shouted as he met an ork in melee. Miqit moved up and with his left hand pulled out his bolt pistol and fired once taking out the light above Bel Uri’s head. Bathing the orks and marines in darkness the orks began to panic and fire sporadically. More orks were dieing from friendly fire then from Miqit or Bel Uri. The sound of dieing orks was soon replaced by the sound of running ones.

Bel Uri began to pursue when static filled his vox.

“repeat…… Muttabriqu repeat.” Bel Uri stated.

“Brot……s Bennu” the static filled voice said.
“Bennu! What is your position and status?!” Bel Uri asked with urgency in his voice.

Only static filled his vox but a new way point was on his HUD. Somewhere below him was Brother Bennu. Miqit and Bel Uri were once again moving but this time not towards way point Phi. Coming up to a shaft it seemed they were right above Bennu. A smokey haze was making visibility tough, a stench was also seeping through their rebreathers. Looking around Miqit and Bel Uri determined they will have to climb down the rocky shaft.

“Bennu, report!” Bel Uri once again asked but this time using the outside speaker in his helm.

A cough from below was all the response they needed before both Miqit and Bel Uri were climbing down the shaft. In a matter of minutes they were down the shaft and looking down into a larger cavern. A pile of refuse filled the cavern nearly to the top and off to one side was the form of a crushed and damaged Ice Angel. Surrounding the armored form were nearly two dozen bodies of squigs.

“What happen to you Bennu, you look like a space wolf?” Miqit asked.

Bennu chuckled and then coughed, “The Emperor protects! However, I seemed to have fallen in a pit. Did you destroy that stompa?”

“Bel Uri dropped a bomber on it” Miqit stated. Bennu tilted his head quizzically.

“Status Bennu?” Bel Uri said while bending down to inspect his brother. Bennu had squig gore all over his hands up to his elbows. His leg was twisted at a horrible angle and most likely would have to be replaced. However his worst wound was his left side that was severely burnt and melted from arm pit to thigh.

“Broken leg, most of my left side is heavily damaged; I also am out of bolt pistol magazines and missing my chain sword.” Bennu stated manner of factly.

Bel Uri nodded, handed over his bolt pistol ammo, and began to pick up Bennu. Miqit stepped away looking for Bennus chainsword and an exit. Climbing to the top of the refuse mound he saw what looked like a chainsword hilt. He pulled it out from the refuse and was taken back by what he found. The chainsword was built for a space marine, but not for an Ice Angel. The bottom half was all that remained and its quartered coloring suggested another chapter. After wiping away some of the filth he saw a phrase etched into the blade. “The Tears from the Emperor will cleanse t….” The remainder of the phrase was missing along with the remainder of the blade.

Attaching it to his belt he moved away looking for a path. He saw several tunnels but only one looked clear enough to let them pass. Hearing his two brothers moving towards him he hoisted up his meltagun and moved towards the tunnel entrance. Bel Uri followed behind all while supporting Brother Bennu.

The tunnel was dark and after only a few bends no ambient light reached the walls. Miqit moved forward through the unfinished walls once again reciting a litany of patience. His steady breathing and steps only interrupted by the occasional crunch of garbage under his feet.

After a few more minutes of winding tunnels they were heading deeper into the rokk. The garbage under there feet was soon replaced with solid stone and the tunnel began to get thinner. Soon the three Ice Angels were moving sideways down the tunnel. Miqit, leading with his meltagun, turned one final tight corner before arriving in a chamber slightly larger then the hallway, with one sturdy looking dusty door.

Shoulder to shoulder the Marines stood. The door wasn’t quiet as tall as they were but wide enough for them to get through. Bel Uri got ready to open the door, Miqit prepared to move in, Bennu whispered a prayer to the Emperor. Bel Uri put some pressure on the door, realized it was locked, and then punched it with his powerfist. The old door exploded from the impact and before the shards had even reached the floor Miqit was in the room moving down the left side seeking a target. Bel Uri was in the door way holding Bennu up who was also seeking targets with his orange bolt pistol.

There may not have been any Orks to kill or maim but what they did find made the rage in all three marines begin to boil. All three chanted a prayer to the Emperor. The room was a stone room with a tall vaulted ceiling. Across from them was another door, much sturdier then the one they bashed with some sort of bulky locking mechanism. Chains dangled from the ceiling and the room was dominated by some sort of machine with a handful of claw arms. On the center dais in the room was a mangled space marine, one of the claw arms was pinning him to the floor. There were a total of 7 pits in the room; each one had the remains of a human or ork prisoner.

For several seconds, Miqit stood perfectly still wondering how any space marine could be captured by an Ork. Bel Uri was beginning to tremble with anger. Bennu began to chant the litany of inner peace. Realizing that Bennu was trying to help out Bel Uri, Miqit added his voice to the chant. The inner turmoil in Bel Uri began to subside and soon he was also chanting. After finishing the final verse, Bel Uri took a deep breath. He looked at Bennu. Nothing was said and even though their helmets were on, Miqit could tell that his two battle brothers were having a silent conversation.

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They seem to be extraordinarily angry. There on a stealth mission, right? so thats why they have black armor? Nice story though, nice names.

Made in us
Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine


Finch Claw wrote:They seem to be extraordinarily angry. There on a stealth mission, right? so thats why they have black armor? Nice story though, nice names.

They always wear black, only the Ice Angel death company wears white like my avatar. Check out my gallery, the squad in the story I have painted up and have pictures of.

The mission they are on is not a stealth mission, as the story continues you'll learn more. I hope you didn't notice to many grammatical errors. Thanks for the feedback, btw.

Made in au
Boosting Black Templar Biker

Australia, NSW, Blue Mountains

Lol i'm naot goewd width miye grammer eitheer. I'll check the gallery out to.

Made in au
Boosting Black Templar Biker

Australia, NSW, Blue Mountains

<goes into gallery, clicks on army image> Holy MAJOLY! you have a 'eck load! nice painting btw

Made in us
Blood-Drenched Death Company Marine


Finch Claw wrote:<goes into gallery, clicks on army image> Holy MAJOLY! you have a 'eck load! nice painting btw

lmao, yes, yes i do have a 'eck load. I should really take a new picture of the ones that I have repainted. The army is slowly starting to look good. Some of those marines I had painted FOREVER ago, they need an update.

Made in us
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Excellent story IceAngel. Just enjoyed it while munching on my lunch! :-) Keep up the excellent work. Pardon me for being slow, but is the chamber they encountered chaos influenced? I'm guessing by the sacrificial nature of the scene and the reactions of the marines. Or is that part of the "wait till the next installment" hook?

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Gitsplitta wrote:Excellent story IceAngel. Just enjoyed it while munching on my lunch! :-) Keep up the excellent work. Pardon me for being slow, but is the chamber they encountered chaos influenced? I'm guessing by the sacrificial nature of the scene and the reactions of the marines. Or is that part of the "wait till the next installment" hook?

You will have to wait and see Gitsplitta. I don't want to give anything away!

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Waiting with baited breath....

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Hey a new orkmoticon! Thank you for the friend invite

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Bel Uri took a deep breath and assisted Bennu across the room towards the sturdy door. Miqit cautiously approached the marine under the claw. The naked space marine looked rather pale and was without any of his armor. Very precise cuts and wounds were all over his body. Every single Imperial tattoo on his body was scarred over from various kinds of wounds and burns. It looked like he had a lot of broken ribs and one of his legs was broken in several places. His dark hair was matted with moisture and upon closer inspection he appeared to have several odd pins in his spine. The claw that was pinning him to the floor looked like it was meant to shear lumber; instead it had all sorts of rods and metal welded to it. One pincer had pierced the marine’s good thigh while the other pincer was mashing the marine’s arm to the floor.

Bel Uri sat Bennu down on some sort of engine block and turned, “Can you tell what chapter he is from Miqit?” he asked.

Miqit tried to gain some information from the tattoos but they were too destroyed to read. “No, he is too scarred and doesn’t seem to have any legible markings on him besides the aquila that I can make out. “ He leaned closer and examined the marine’s face. His one eye that wasn’t swollen seemed to be moving behind his eye lid. “Brothers! He still lives.”

“Leave no brother behind, “Bel Uri responded, “Can you carry him out of here Miqit?”

“Certainly, unarmored he shouldn’t even slow me down.” Miqi responded before further examining the claw. Following his gaze Bel Uri saw the controls for the claw weren’t far to his right. He moved over and saw that the panel looked a lot like it was at one time an auspex unit for a chimera. Over all of the buttons ork glyphs were drawn in blue ink. He pushed several and nothing happened, finally he found an unmarked switch that actually fired up the engine that Bennu was sitting on.

“By the Emperor!” Bennu said before hastily getting up off the quaking engine onto his good leg and hoping over by the door.

Now that the engine was on several of the buttons lit up, he quickly moved the claw up a few feet out of the marine’s body. As the claw exited his leg, Miqit examined the body once again before picking him up and throwing him over his shoulder. Miqi had the naked figure over his left shoulder and pulled his meltagun back out with his right arm.

“I think it is time we left this rokk, only a few more hours before the Frozen Rage returns.” Bel Uri said while moving back Bennu.

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In the silence he closed his eyes. He concentrated on the feeling of the harness holding him in place. He felt his brothers around him. He moved his right hand over to feel the meltagun Kwu-akki in its lock down position. He was honored to be wielding such an ancient and revered weapon. This was his first mission in the veteran Squad Uttuakki, he had been training with the Squad for months during warp travel but he still felt a hint of excitement from the thought of warring with his new unit.

Miqit opened his eyes and looked up. Like all Ice Angel vehicles, the drop pod he was in was bathed in a blue light. To his right was Bel Uri, one of the oldest members of the unit. His right hand was encased in a powerfist that had slain thousands of various aliens. To Miqit’s left and across from him were three other members of the unit Tirid, Idiptu, and Sarabda. Per unit tradition, instead of white weapons all of theirs were orange and each member had painted simple runes or designs on their helmets. Sarabda, who wielded the squad’s other meltagun, looked up from his reverie and caught the gaze of Miqit. Sarabda was the biggest marine in the squad but also the quietest. Even though they were all wearing their helmets Miqit could almost feel the gaze coming from Sarabda. Miqit gave a slight nod and Sarabda returned the gesture.

The boisterous Bel Uri took a deep breathe before beginning his mission checks. After a few seconds of system checks a prayer was given by Idiptu. The moment the prayer was finished the soft blue light of the pod was interrupted by a flashing yellow light. They had entered the fire path of the rokk they were about to infiltrate.

Five drop pods were approaching the rokk while their ship, the Frozen Rage, was attacking from range onto the other side. By the time the stealth drop pods were sited by the Orks the first was already adjusting its trajectory to land. The first pod hit the rokk and exploded sending out an EMP wave to temporarly disrupt all electronics. The next two pods landed, further away from the first, opened and began to spew forth explosive rounds into the nearby ork structures. Meanwhile the last two pods landed by the first pod and rapidly deployed the 10 man squad.

Miqit, Bel-Uri, Tirid, Idiptu, and Sarabda headed towards the nearest Ork tower, light was still pouring out from under its wrecked form. Rabishu, Umru, Sidana, Bennu, and Muttabriqu headed in the other direction towards the great Rokk hanger. Over the vox the sergeant Muttabriqu chimed in, “Brothers! Resistance appears to be light, let us show this xenos filth what mistake they have made by letting Ice Angels on their Rokk!”

The squad responded with shouts and grunts. Upon reaching the tower Miqit and Sarabda further opened up their entrance with some melta charges. Several ork bodies floated out into the void of space before the five marines pushed themselves through their new entrance. Once through a nearby air lock Bel Uri and Miqit split off towards the hanger while the other three marines went towards the generators. Squad Uttuakki progressed through much of the outer rokk before the intruder siren in the rokk was even turned on.

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Nice writing, are we going to find out who this tortured marine is? And just an idea, instead of a flame thrower, and ice thrower, fires liquid nitrogen that makes anything incased in it brittle.

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oh yeah, there is much more to come.

That would be a cool idea for an ice thrower. I may have to use that idea in further stories. Thanks!

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“AAAAAAHHHHHH” was all the warning Bel-Uri needed. Sidestepping with super human speed he dodged the diving ork. Surprised at his speed the ork jammed his big choppa into the floor where Bel-Uri was moments ago. Before the ork could pull the choppa out of the metal floor Bel-Uri was running him through with his chainsword. The orange tip of the blade hit the floor before being pulled back out.

Three shots rang out from Bennu’s bolt pistol. An ork fell off the balcony above and landed not far from Bel-Uri’s latest victim. The long hallway was oddly shaped with several floors of balconies above, both walls looked to be exterior hulls of imperial vessels with balconies and passageways cut in. A dozen or so ork bodies now decorated the floor.

“I’m out” Bennu stated while scanning the balconies.

Miqit slid out of cover, crossed the hallway, and handed him his last clip. Bennu reloaded as Bel-Uri returned. “We must move on, now that we have signals again we should be able to reach waypoint Phi shortly.”

Miqit went back to his side of the hall and picked up the naked unconscious marine. His bolt pistol was in his hand with only a few rounds left in it. Bel-Uri, with Bennu, began to move down the hall as fast as they could manage when a distant explosion was heard. The lights in the hall dimmed and the light blue light in their HUD flashed on again.

Bel-Uri approached the corner to a hallway when a large garage door at the end of the hall opened. Before the door was even half way open Miqit holstered his pistol and threw his last frag grenade into opening. The four marines were heading down the side hallway when the small explosion went off. The sound of screaming orks immediately followed.

At the next intersection, Miqit took up the lead. Bel-Uri was still assisting the wounded Bennu but they were setting a quick pace. They went through several blast doors before entering a large room. The hexagon shaped room had four entrances and was tiered down two meters in the center of the room; some sort of control panel was dormant in the center. All around the perimeter were short metal walls that were welded to the floor. 30 maybe 40 ork bodies littered the room; most had been bashed or crushed by what looked to be powerfist attacks. To their right Muttabriqu stood.

Muttabriqu had been squad leader for nearly 150 years. His armor was covered with purity seals and his pointy helmet had a large wavy orange line painted vertically over his left eye. His powerfist crackled and his plasma pistol still smoked from its most recent use.

“Welcome brothers” he said. His smooth voice sounded calm and confident as always.
“We must move to our exit immediately, the orks are finally beginning to organize their counter assault. “
He paused “Who are you carrying Brother Miqit?” he said quizzically.

“We found this prisoner after we located Brother Bennu, he has not spoken but is still alive.” Miqit responded.

“Where was….” The sound of boots and orks shouting interrupted Muttabriqu’s sentence. Muttabriqu stared down the hall away across from him. “Hanger is behind me, move out.”

Without hesitation the marines moved past Muttabriqu and he quickly followed.

They traveled a short distance before passing through another blast door which led them into some sort of staging area. Nearly every door lining the walls was damaged or had scrap in it. They headed to their right. The hallway they were traversing was large enough for a land raider to fit in but there was little cover besides some random truck or tank parts. In front of them an explosion blew out a door larger then a rhino. The door flew across the hall with a clang. Before the smoke had begun to dissipate Tirid and Idiptu were in the hall looking both directions searching for targets. Their black armor was covered in soot and grease.

“Perfect timing as always” Bel-Uri shouted. Sarabda walked out from the hallway, nearly half a head taller then Tirid and Idiptu, his chest plate was heavily damaged and the barrel of his meltagun was sheared off.

Sarabda was the quietest of Squad Uttuakki but the speed in which he tactically assessed situations was nearly precognizant. He moved towards Bel-Uri and took Bennu in order to let Bel-Uri the use of both hands.

“Muttabriqu, the Frozen Rage is 12 minutes out. We have secured transport but according to my scans they are gathering on the perimeter of the hanger. “Umru said through the vox.

“We are in route Brother Umru, eta six minutes.”Muttabriqu responded.

Without words spoken or commands given, Muttabriqu and his marines ran down the hall. The unencumbered marines moved ahead and peered down any open doors or passageways. Sarabda ran with Bennu in his arms as if he were a child, Bennu wielded two bolt pistols.

As they approached the end of the hall they entered once again into the vast hanger. Smoke now filled the hanger, destroyed weapons and bombed out vehicles were on nearly every platform. The vast mouth that protected the hanger was now open, only the field now protected the hanger from space. Shots rang out to their left and when they looked over they saw a platform above them being peppered with fire. Muttabriqu took point and began to wind a path up the wall crossing empty platforms and rumbling machines.

The marines had covered nearly half the distance when an ork scream came over the speaker system and rang through the hanger. “KILL DA HUMIES! WAAAAAGH” In response hundreds of ork voices bellowed out their rage. Orks began to poor in from doors and openings on nearly every level.
“Up two more, over to the ship, and then down on top. Tirid, Idiptu and Bel-Uri rear guard. Move” Muttabriqu said to his unit over the vox.

After a few more platforms they could see clearly the ship that their fellow brothers had commandeered. It appeared to be a rebuilt thunderhawk. Some of the old paint could still be seen under the bulky metal plates the orks had installed. One wing was entirely scratch built and seemed to be sagging giving the entire ship a sad look. The main turret on top had also been replaced by what looked like a chimera autocannon turret. The entire front end had been replaced and instead of having a front ramp there were two side by side demolisher cannons covered in red paint.

At point, Muttabriqu was dispatching the few orks that got in their way, but most of the action was going on behind them. Bel-Uri was in hand to hand with what looked to be a constant stream of orks coming out of a side tunnel they had just passed. Tirid and Idiptu were killing all of the orks that spilled out around Bel-Uri with bolt pistol or chainswords. Idiptu was beginning to chant a battle hymn, his beautiful voice raising everyone’s spirits.

In front of them and now down a level Rabishu and Sidana were laying down a constant stream of fire from heavy weapons. The ork contraptions they were firing were horribly inaccurate but shot out such large caliber ammo that it had torn up a lot of the surrounding platforms. Rabishu was actually shaking from constant rumble his cannon were causing. They were surrounded but the orks had no easy way to reach the platform with the thunderhawk.

Only one platform away before they were directly above the thunderhawk pad. Miqit was fourth in the row of marines hustling along. Muttabriqu was on the platform over by a recessed ladder urging Sarabda and Bennu to climb down. The platform looked more like a dock stretching straight out into the void of the hanger. It was wide enough for two dreadnoughts to stand side by side.

Sharp whistles sounded below and the explosions that followed shook their platform. The crack of autocannon fire responded. The hanger lit up with a bright light as something exploded on a distant platform. Sarabda and Bennu disappeared down the ladder moving towards the thunderhawk. Miqit was about to move down when the doors on the closest platform next to them opened up. Out walked an ork machine with a large claw arm and some sort of cannon. It fired at Muttabriqu, he put up his fist to protect his helmet. The ammo appeared to be scrap metal with a few stikkbombs in the mix. It stuck in his armor and one particularly large piece tore off part of his back pack. The reloading mechanism on the killa kan was already dumping more “ammo” in the cannon. Muttabriqu was about to launch over when Miqit came running past. Miqit jumped from their platform towards the kan. Kwu-akki was in his hands. His jump sent him flying over the space between the platforms, he leveled his meltagun and waited until the last moment. The claw arm began to reach out to grab him but at the last second Miqit fired the holy Kwu-akki. The shot went into the visor of the kan and out the back. He then crashed right into it knocking the kan over on its back. Miqit stood up and looked back at Muttabriqu who nodded his head in approval when a hail of scrap metal shot and bounced all over the downed kan. Two more kans were hobbling onto the platform from the open garage. Miqit took cover behind the downed kan when Muttabriqu jumped the gap and engaged the closest kan.

By now Sarabda and Bennu had reached the thunderhawk. Tirid had picked up the unconscious marine and carried him down as well. Bel-Uri and Idiptu were still holding off the orks approached from the other side.

Muttabriqu was dancing with the killa kan easily dodging all of the klaw attacks before he slid around the kan out of the klaws reach and began to tear apart exposed wiring and punching with his powerfist into the kans back. Miqit waited until the other kan turned to face Muttabriqu before running up and taking out one of its legs with his meltagun. Kwu-akki sang with a constant hiss as he fired twice more, destroying the cannon arm and finally one in the back of the kan.

Down the hall more orks were approaching. Miqit took up a good firing position when Muttabriqu threw the last of his grenades down the hall. “We must move brother, time is running short.” Muttabriqu stated. The thunderhawk fired up its engines and several heavy bolters on the side began to search for targets before spitting out destruction.

They both ran and jumped towards the ladder platform when the grenades silenced the charging orks. Bel-Uri was already moving down and Idiptu was covering him when they arrived. Idiptu stayed until all of the marines were below him before he climbed down the ladder. The fire onto the thunderhawk gunship had increased and the ship had taken several hits but still held. Idiptu ran onto the downed ramp into the ship before Rabishu and Sidana gave up their firing positions and joined them. The Thunderhawk was now firing in every direction its cannons could. Tirid was actually in an exposed bubble on the top manually firing the autocannon turret at the surrounding orks.

As the ramp closed, several large inner claws clamped over the ramp and held it tight. Two more blast doors separated the marines from the exit now. The inner most room held Bennu, the unconscious marine, Miqit and Sarabda. Umru and Muttabriqu were in the cockpit. The other marines were throughout the ship manning weapon controls.

The thunderhawks engines began to rev up. The lumbering ship picked up off the platform and the landing gear went inside the belly of the ship. The ship began to list to one side before Umru sent the ship forward out into space. Before they crossed the field Umru did send a signal to blow out the remaining charges he had set. The field protecting the hanger then faded and failed. All of the unprotected orks in the hanger were sucked out into space and the vehicle fires went out.

As the hawk sped up away from the Orkk Rokk the ship passed a stream of small missile followed up by one large missile the size of their thunderhawk. The missiles entered the now unprotected hanger and destroyed the hanger. The larger missile went through all the damaged structure and when it exploded the entire rokk was blown into chunks. Debris peppered the fleeing thunderhawk but no serious damage was sustained.

The Squad all cheered for another successful mission and for the Emperors grace. Miqit sat down next to the wounded marine and once again took a moment to examine him.

“Squad Uttuakki, this is Captain Ruusa, excellent work! The Emperor shines his light upon you as always.”

“The Emperor shines his light on all Ice Angels, captain.” Muttabriqu responded.

“Casualties?” the captain asked.

“None, several wounds and we have located a prisoner marine.” He responded.

“Hanger 1 is clear for your landing” one of the ships servitors chimed in.

The Frozen Rage had adjusted itself so that the Thunderhawk wouldn’t need to turn at all but simply glide in and stop. As the Thunderhawk came to a clumsy landing the brothers were gathering in the center room.

Bel-Uri was already weaving a tale of their mission. Tirid and Idiptu were adding in their own flavor as usual. Miqit was about to say something when a scar on the downed marines back caught his eye. The scar was done with a delicate knife and it was no larger then a bolter round. It was a series of three runes that looked alien and not ork. Concentrating for a second, Miqit commited the runes to memory before rejoining the tale his brothers were weaving. Miqit could already see it; tonight in the Hall of Time Bel Uri would be in front of the chapter telling his tale, The Tale of Miqit’s first mission and the fall of the ork rokk.

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I enjoyed the read, thank you very much.

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Finch Claw wrote:I enjoyed the read, thank you very much.

Thanks Finch! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

It may be a few before that next installment comes out. I think in the next section we will get to meet more of the Ice Angel chapter.

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Hey IceAngel, great story!

My only suggestion for improvement is to give a little more time and care to the actual combat sequences because we can all relate to them (as we all encounter them on the table top). Don't rush through them... embellish them just a bit... just enough to turn up the "heroic" volume a bit.

Thanks for your work and creativity though... really a fun read.

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Gitsplitta: I'm glad you enjoyed the read. I'll elaborate more in the combat scenes on my next one and we can see how well it turns out. I am still trying to figure out the best way to portray and write out my ideas but I greatly appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

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