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Made in gb

Warwick, United Kingdom

Thought I'd throw up a few shots of my main Necron army while I'm still working on the boring bits of the my diorama.

The fluff for them is that thier tomb has had stasis issues and they've suffered a bit over time, hence their rusty apperance.
The bigger units aren't rusted up, as I figure they'd probably get the bulk of the repair time.

Once again appologies for the poor quality of the photography, and C&C welcome. Just FYI the Necron shown is probably the most rusty of the bunch, the others have rust "highlights" instead.
[Thumb - NecronA.jpg]
Rusted Necron Warrior

[Thumb - NecronB.jpg]
Rusted Necron Warrior Back

[Thumb - destroyerA.jpg]
Necron Heavy Destroyer Front

[Thumb - DestroyerB.jpg]
Necron Heavy Destroyer Back

Made in us
Enigmatic Sorcerer of Chaos

Buena Park, CA

Woah, I think this would look amazing as an entire rusted army... You dont see a really dirty necron looks (and rusted even) very often and it looks really good when done right! Cant wait to see more!
Made in ca
Long-Range Ultramarine Land Speeder Pilot

Portsmouth, UK

I agree with Buttler, that rusted guy looks ace, and an army like that would be very cool indeed.


Made in us
Executing Exarch

Odenton, MD

I think if you are going to rust them you need to rust the guns too.
Made in gb
Twisted Trueborn with Blaster

Northern Ireland

Rusty Necrons,

Theyre just faulty machinery! lol

My Dark Eldar would smash them down!

Oh, its on!

Full on, Full on! 
Made in us
Dankhold Troggoth

Shadeglass Maze

Clthomps wrote:I think if you are going to rust them you need to rust the guns too.

I vote for this, too! Not that you're changing them or anything... but if you're adding to the army, having a fully rusted out necron would be very cool . I love the look!
Made in au
Monstrously Massive Big Mutant

An unknown location in the Warp

Looking nice so far but a bit more washes wouldn't kill em...besides they're undead...lolwut

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