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Eternally-Stimulated Slaanesh Dreadnought

New York, NY

What is Etched Brass from Forgeworld used for?

How to you properly use the product?

This is a serious question as I have seen less skilled hobbyists use etched brass icons and it looked horrible

I have a love /hate relationship with anything green. 
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Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

Vacaville, CA

I've personally never used it but i have seen it used as a stencil for an airbrush that looked rather good.

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Focused Fire Warrior

If your patient you can draw and cut the pattern out of paper and that will be an equally good stencil for far less $

But a use of the etched brass. you can glue it onto a building(skuff of the back with sand paper) and then weather it in a bit for a nice shiny raised emblem

You can then intentionally use rather mild chemicals to corrode it, alkalines salts and such. but be careful.

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Or website for airbrush tutorials
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Hardened Veteran Guardsman

the 25th century

I also have a little bit of etched brass that came with a baseing kit a few years ago, can these bits be used the same way plastic bits can? In other words, can I glue them onto stuff and paint them like I would plastic or metal bits? Is there any additional preparation that they need besides the usual prime and paint? Is it adviseable to paint them, or is weathering a better way to go?
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Anti-piracy Officer

Somewhere in southern England.

Etched brass is available for the following purposes among others:

Engine grilles on AFVs, wire mesh and other baggage stowage bits, the ratlines on 1/1200 scale sailing ships, and plants and flowers to decorate bases.

They are a bit tricky to use because it's a new material so I advise people to have a go with a non-essential piece first.

Superglue or Araldite will stick the part in place. It can be painted just like plastic or metal (wash, prime etc.)

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Longtime Dakkanaut

St. George, UT

I picked up a set of the Space Wolf eched brass plating and just added some to my tanks.

I just glued them on with superglue, primed the whole thing, and then painted them.

I'd almost consider adding them on afterwords to keep them shiny, but it wouldn't match very well.

I just think of them are raised decals or just another raised piece of detail that you need to watch out for.

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Plaguelord Titan Princeps of Nurgle

Portsmouth UK

this lass is getting quite an outing this week! -

check out the creeping vines in the background.

The armour plates are apparently (from the FW Model Masterclass book) best painted separately as the detail can easily be obscured by a couple of coats of paint.

Once done, before weathering & varnishing, glue in place with superglue.
Only a tiny drop is needed.
Another method is to hold the finished piece on the mini with a sculting tool or similar (not too hard or you'll dent the brass). Dip a piece of wire (a bent paper clip is ideal) into some runny superglue (it comes in different thicknesses - I now use the really runny stuff) & run the paper clip along the edge - the glue should seep beneath the plate. Repeat on all side / edges.
BTW don't use your fingure to hold the plate in place - superglue loves skin & it will migrate away from where it's meant to go & you'll have an etched brass plate for a fingure tip!

As to why it's used - you can get much finer detail on etched brass and distressing it is much easier.
It's used a lot in plastic tank & plane models for grills, belts, ammo, etc.
Check out the following link to see how varied it can be -

Check out my gallery here
Also I've started taking photos to use as reference for weathering which can be found here. Please send me your photos so they can be found all in one place!! 
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