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Last Remaining Whole C'Tan

Pleasant Valley, Iowa

Sorry, this rambles a bit.

When I started collecting, I started with 40k. As such I generally used GWS supplies for paint, and got my own brushes from a hobby shop near me. I stuck with plain old citadel paints, then moved to the foundation line for basing, then added washes - I imagine this is a pretty standard newbie evolution path for supplies, much as I started with super cheap brushes before I realized that the "cheap" brushes cost significantly more than the "expensive" ones after factoring in how quickly they fell apart... but I digress. I dabbled in some other types, when Neal was out of what I wanted in GWS - I've tried some VGC and at least one P3. I was pleased with the P3 - it didn't streak, it covered a base of black primer in one coat, and I got more in the bottle for less money. Seemed like a win all around.

So my wife knows I was interested in starting Warmachine coming this January, and my birthday being yesterday, got me some gear and included the starter color of P3 (Khador colors). While I don't technically need the P3 starter kit (as I have the GWS color equivalents) I was interested in starting a pile of P3 anyway and then rotating that in as I exhaust the GWS supplies (except the washes, I really like those).

I work the night shift at a helpdesk, and some shifts are pretty quiet, I can often get a lot of painting done at work. Only problem is I'm a huge klutz and after the (second) time of cleaning up a giant mess of black ink, I bought a 100 pack of the plastic eyedropper bottles and tops. Now, the first thing I do when I got new paint is swap it from the factory bottle to a .5oz eyedropper, and add a lava bead and a label. Less mess, seems to stay fresher longer, I have an agitator to keep it mixed easily, I can easily see what color it is, and most importantly, if/when I knock them over, nothing spills.

I noticed when I was filling the bottles with the newbie 6 pack of P3... the levels varied. A lot. Like, a lot lot. The GWS product has always been 100% consistent in volume per container. However, the P3, all from the same package, filled my equally sized .5oz containers to a range of volumes.

I've added a line indicating the actual level of paint, as when I was labelling them, I squeezed a few before I realized that this was maybe postworthy. As a control, note the Hammerfall Khaki is 2 months old and has been used on a Dreadnought already.

Any of you guys notice anything like this? general commentary on P3?
[Thumb - p3_variance.jpg]

 lord_blackfang wrote:
Respect to the guy who subscribed just to post a massive ASCII dong in the chat and immediately get banned.
Made in us

I can't say that it's unique to P3. I got the Foundation Paint starter kit from GW, and the levels varied. Nothing drastic, but they definitely weren;t uniform. The exceptions in my case were Khemeri brown, and Macharite red, both of wich were only about a third of the container full or what is essentially colored sludge. Fortunately, these aren't colors I use very often, and scooping out a small amount and watering it down fixes the issue.

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Rampaging Furioso Blood Angel Dreadnought

Boston, MA

Very interesting... I haven't noticed this myself but I suppose I never really was looking for it. Regardless I do love P3 paints though... you can thin them down to almost nothing and they still work.

Please check out my photo blog: http://atticwars40k.blogspot.com/ 
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The quality on the metals I think is subpar. I do use about 6 colors from the P3 line. I use them to replace a simialr GW paint due to its thicker pigment.

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Where did you pick up those eye dropper bottles? Did you get them online or at some craft store?
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Fresh-Faced New User

Oppenheimer wrote:Where did you pick up those eye dropper bottles? Did you get them online or at some craft store?

I got my dropper bottles from eBay he still has them for sale
Made in us
Last Remaining Whole C'Tan

Pleasant Valley, Iowa

I got my dropper bottles in bulk from Conpak.com. I think I spent around $85 for 150 bottles, tops, and agitators, with visions of selling some of them on ebay to recoup my cost. I think I made back around $35 and got bored with listing them. If anyone wants some bottles with tops and agitators, send me a PM.

Back on topic, I started painting with the P3 and found that the khador red certainly doesn't cover black. Feh.

 lord_blackfang wrote:
Respect to the guy who subscribed just to post a massive ASCII dong in the chat and immediately get banned.
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