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Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

So, back from tour, a few new things built, and time for our first game in AGES. Panic brought over his Plague Marines to face my Squat IG, and we played a modified Rules of Engagement mission on my underused new table! Enjoy...

ArbitorIan's Squats (Imperial Guard)

* Ancestor Lord (Primaris Psyker)
* Engineer Guildmaster (Techpriest Enginseer)
* 4 Squat Rangers (Ratlings)
* Veteran Squad (3 Plasmaguns)
* Infantry Platoon
* Platoon Command Squad (Heavy Bolter, Plasmagun, Commander with Bolter)
* Infantry Squad (Heavy Bolter, Plasmagun)
* Infantry Squad (Heavy Bolter, Plasmagun)
* Heavy Weapon Squad (Mortars)
* 2 Leman Russ Executioners (Plasma Sponsons)

Panic's Plague Marines

* Chaos Lord (Mark of Nurgle, Lightning Claws, Melta Bombs)
* 7 Plague Marines (Champion with Powerfist) in a Rhino
* 7 Plague Marines in a Rhino
* Vindicator
* Chaos Dreadnought (Multimelta)
* 3 Obliterators

Deployment and Mission

We elected to play using the old Rules of Engagement missions from 4ed. I'll post a link if I can still find them online, it's a fantastic way to play. The idea is that each army may have very different objectives. You each place two objective markers - one in your own zone, and one in no-man's land, and then randomise which mission you get. For example, one army may be trying to hold both their OWN objective markers, while the other team may have to hold one of each, or just kill the opposing player's leader, or whatever. There's a few tweaks we made to bring it in line with 5ed. They were...

* We used 5ed rules for holding objectives (Troops only, other units contest, must be within 3") rather than RoE ones (Any unit, closest model holds, no contesting)
* We deployed using the RoE rules (One unit each at a time) rather than 5ed ones, since deployment and first turn are separate roll-offs

Squats rolled RESCUE - Their primary objective was to rescue data from one of the enemy's objectives. To do this, a squad has to spend an entire movement phase in base contact with it. They also had a secondary objective, which was to hold one of their own objectives.

Plague Marines rolled UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE - Their primary objective was to hold two, randomly determined objectives (both the ones in no-man's land). If they only hold one, they fail the mission. They have no secondary objective.

Turn One

Squats went first, and opened fire immediately. The Rangers took some pot shots at the Dread, but to no effect. And both Executioners open fire on opposite tanks, with no effect.

The Ancestor Lord advanced, and cast Lightning Arc on the nearest Rhino, exploding it and killing two Plague Marines in the process.

Chaos then moved up their remaining Rhino and the Dreadnought, which opened fire at the nearest Executioner, exploding it!

The now-footslogging Plague Marines hid behind the Vindicator, which shot at the nearest Executioner, failed to penetrate, and killed one nearby Veteran in the process.

Turn Two

The Ancestor Lord advanced into the side arc of the Vindicator and cast Lightning Arc again, penetrating and destroying the Demolisher Cannon!

The bottom Executioner moved backwards to aim at the Dreadnought on the top end of the table, but was out of range. All other shooting was pretty inconsequential.

The Obliterators at the bottom of the table, and attack the nearest Executioner with multimeltas, destroying the Plasma Executioner Cannon!

At the top of the table, the Dreadnought kills a Squat trooper with his multimelta, and the Rhino advances into the main Squat line.

Turn Three

Squat shooting was poor in the third turn - the Ancestor Lord cast Lightning Arc on the Dreadnought, but failed to penetrate, and the massed plasma fire as the whole army swing round on the Obliterators only caused three wounds. The Engineer Guildmaster attempted to fix the Executioner, but failed. In the Chaos turn, the Obliterators fired on the Executioner again, but with no effect.

The Chaos Lord and his squad disembark their Rhino and charge into the Ancestor Lord and Command Squad. They win the combat easily, and the squad is broken and forced to fall back (with no chance of rallying since they're below half strength!)

The Obliterators charge into the Executioner, destroying another Plasma Cannon.

The Dreadnought charges the Infantry Squad at the top of the board, killing two of them. They pass their break test!

Turn Four

Again, the Squats turn the whole army around to direct massed fire at the Lord and his Squad. Only one Plague Marine and the Lord are left standing. In assault, the Dreadnought forces the Infantry Squad to fall back, stopping the Squats from achieving their Primary objective.

The Obliterators fire plasma at the Mortar team holding their own objective, killing two teams, but leaving themselves out of range for an assault.

The Chaos Lord hides away in the Rhino, and the last Plague Marine moves onto the objective. With the footslogging Plague Marines slowly advancing on the other objective all game, Chaos now have their Primary objective.

Turn Five

The Squat army rounds once again, hoping for another turn to reach their own objective now the Mortar team has been shot from it. The final Mortar team open fire on the lone Plague Marine holding the top objective, hit and kill him! It's now impossible for Chaos to complete their Primary objective.

Attempting to remove the last threat, the army round on the last Obliterator, but only reduce him to one wound. The Engineer, failing to fix the Executioner again, charges the Obliterator, but misses everything, and gets powerfisted to death!

The Dreadnought advances on the Ancestor Lord and Platoon leader, who are still falling back, and kills them both.

The Obliterator moves up to the objective, denying it to the Squat army. We make the roll for last turn, Squats hoping they'll get one more turn to get their objective back, but the roll is a 2, and the game ends. Nobody has completed ANY of their missions, and the game is a draw!

A draw? Only one thing for it....MID WEEK REMATCH!

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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Nu`uanu, Hawai`i


Been looking forward to a report from you folks!

Boy, if there is weapon to take against Death Gaurd it is Plasma! Still, the need for anti tank is critical, especially since Nurgle hates the number 9

Playing the old missions makes me want to dig up the 2nd edition mission cards. Did you folks keep your missions secret? That was what made the mission cards cool because you could use units as decoys to try and keep your opponants guessing.

It is a shame that the engenseer could not repair, may have missed it but do you have servitors to help him? That would be super fluffy for squats to keep their heavy vehicles in the game.

I wonder if Ian could get his hands on some Hearth Gaurd (I think thatis what they were called) Maybe count as Space marine allies. That way you could use them to counter assualt should your lines be attacked.

Great game, keep 'em coming!

All painted and pushing 60,000 points combined.


A good game of 40k is one part competition and two parts cooperation. 
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

I knew ArbitorIan's Squats packed a stupid ammount of plasma, so my first job was to mech up!
And this would have worked too except for the billions of strength 6 shots coming from the Living Ancestors brain!

Second to last turn I made my mistake!!!
I split the Lord and Plaguemarine squad and left the last 'troop' outside the rhino! on the objective
I reasoned nothing can see him hiding behind the rhino 'he'll be safe' and next turn the Lord can assault from the other side of the rhino.
Except for that last damn mortar team... because sure enough Ian rolled a hit...
he'll need a 5 to wound....................->
But that's ok I have a 3+ armour save ->
ummmm.......... that's fine I have FNP -> ... god damn it!

AnyWayS! I still achived half of my main Objective, so I'll happily take the moral victory!!! mwwahaha

Midweek rematch it is! and if Ian can paint more squats - I'll bring more Dreads!


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Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

Panic wrote:
And this would have worked too except for the billions of strength 6 shots coming from the Living Ancestors brain!

Yes! Does anyone else experience this?

When we played in that tournament, the guy with the Primaris Psyker consistently rolled 9, 10, 11 shots for his Lightning Arc. Since I've had the Living Ancestor, I've got exactly the same. Rarely does he ever shoot out less than 8 bolts a turn.

Should Primaris have the special rule "Freaky Dice Luck"?

Made in us
Flashy Flashgitz

Chicago Suburbs Northwest

Very fun report. Great to see the Squats take the field in larger numbers and actually put up a fight vs. tough, stinky marines.

- Blackbone

Us Blood axes have learnt a lot from da humies. How best ta kill 'em, fer example.  
Made in us
Committed Chaos Cult Marine

I love the primus, He does wonders to light tanks and orks/nids. Most people on dakka hate him though :(.

And whilst you're pointing and shouting at the boogeyman in the corner, you're missing the burglar coming in through the window.

Well, Duh! Because they had a giant Mining ship. If you had a giant mining ship you would drill holes in everything too, before you'd destory it with a black hole 
Made in ca
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman

Great battle report and photos

Made in us
Enigmatic Exalted Daemon

Albany, NY

Panic wrote:Midweek rematch it is! and if Ian can paint more squats - I'll bring more Dreads!

Great report lads, nice armies on a tight table = 40k at it's best. Love the mayhem the single dread got up to, including the needless execution of the Old Squad Guy as he ran for it

- Salvage

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

We played a rematch yesterday it's posted here -> Squat vs CSM - Game 2.
As promised I brought more dreads!


Made in au
Swift Swooping Hawk

Canberra, Australia

Never seen a full Squat army before. Nice. Just don't let GW see it. They might get cranky. 8)

Currently collecting and painting Eldar from W40k.  
Made in us
Automated Rubric Marine of Tzeentch

VA Beach

Cool report, you guys really like to use the old school models!

Let the galaxy burn.

Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

ZacktheChaosChild wrote:Cool report, you guys really like to use the old school models!

I'm a huge fan of oop models - just for how uniwue your army looks with them in. And of course for when the newer players out there finally get a chance to see models they'd only previously seen before on SoL

Made in us
Deadly Dark Eldar Warrior

Southern California

whoa, thats awesome! I'm not going to lie; I've never actually seen a squat being play before (curse my youngness)

Dark Eldar
The Ninjas of 40k
Nothing can kill Ninjas, so how can one kill Dark Eldar?
Made in us
Mysterious Techpriest

Yikes! I may have to reconsider taking a Primaris Psyker.


2800pts Dark Angels
2000pts Adeptus Mechanicus
1850pts Imperial Guard
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