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Made in gb
Fresh-Faced New User


After deciding that i didnt like the Ard boyz i created. I thought it would be a good idea to go back and look at the rest of the army and see what else i didnt like.
While going through my mins i came across a big mek i bought from GW. Which isnt my favourite miniature, so i thought ill convert my own.

After looking through my bitz box i came across a meganobz without any arms and thought it would be a great place to start.
I have a couple options to go with.

Im leaning towards two arms and the buzz saw.
what do you guys think?
[Thumb - pauls pics 001.JPG]

[Thumb - pauls pics 002.JPG]

[Thumb - pauls pics 003.JPG]

[Thumb - pauls pics 004.JPG]

[Thumb - pauls pics 005.JPG]

[Thumb - pauls pics 006.JPG]

[Thumb - pauls pics 007.JPG]

[Thumb - pauls pics 008.JPG]

[Thumb - pauls pics 009.JPG]

[Thumb - pauls pics 010.JPG]

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Misery. Missouri. Who can tell the difference.

I like the gun arm one better. It flows better with the rest of the model.

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Made in fi
Roarin' Runtherd

Plz no tay guns.

Made in gb
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Omadon's Realm

Ork-afy your tau guns, take a look at the lootaz for what I mean.

Made in gb
Been Around the Block

I think a combination of spike-arm & Spanner-arm looks good, but the axe-blade on the spanner needs work. Are you going to add any guitar-wire servo arms?
Made in au
Longtime Dakkanaut

The spanner needs to come away from the face but not into the mass of guns on the head. It needs to be its own point on the plane of focus.

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