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The above link goes to the locked thread where it is apparent we weren't getting much accomplished.

In the end this is more than likely going to have to be a matter for the police to solve and that really sucks but it is what it is. Because I buy into his story and believe he maybe was/is going through a hard time I am going to give it a little more time but if I don't hear something soon I'll be calling the po-po for real.

Basically, I am out two carnifexes and a few dread arms.

Seriously, Travis, I have called you, emailed you and just a few mins ago sent you a txt. Someone that knows him needs to get a hold of him ASAP or whatever bad situation he is going through will likely get worse when he is dealing with felony mail fraud. Do I want to have to involve the authorities over 100+ dollars worth of figures? Heck no. Do I want to think that dakka dakka is a terrible place to try and trade? Heck no. Do I want my carnifexes - which believe it or not are actually for my wife? Heck yes. I don't care if they never got magantized, I don't care if they are sent back in little baggies completely unassembled. I trade all over the world and frequently here and on barter town so I understand that sometimes crap happens, but nothing - nothing - is ever too bad not to at least send a little bit of communication.

Made in us


There is a current TR on Lormax started by Dolemite here that is still active. I'm gonna lock this one down for now and copy/paste your message into the aforementioned thread.


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