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Longtime Dakkanaut

AS per the mods instruction, here's the transaction of what showed up. This happened back in Oct 2009.

It was for 3 boxes of NG and three blisters of fanatics for:

1 Battlewagon (5th ed)
Big mek with kustom mega blasta
4 burnas and a big mek

no mention of painted models by him is ever metioned ever.

Much like lunahound, the models come in a box with newspaper, no ither protection.

The battlewagon:

badly painted, with some white stuff stuck to the front(see second picture), and missing a wheel.





These are the 4 burners with big mek. there's not enough parts, maybe enough for one.


the big mek with CMB and weirdboy are the only thing salvagable, as thier metal


PM went unanswered when complained to him.

Hope more old fools come to their senses and start giving you their money instead of those Union Jack Blood suckers...  
Made in gb
Killer Klaivex

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