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Im starting an army of White Minotaurs (which can be found in the 'How to paint space marines' book.) I was just wondering or possibly looking for opinions on whether all the Minotaurs chapters are connected fluff wise and that they just have differnt paint schemes or whether they are just differnt chapters all together.

Any help is appreciated as it i guess it would be nice to have at least a little bit of fluff to go with them although if thats not the case it kinda gives me free reign on the design and direction i can take them in.

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- 2000pt White Minotaurs

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Here's whats on the Lexi:

Brazen Minotaurs:The Brazen Minotaurs are a codex chapter

Minotaurs:The Minotaurs are a chapter of Space Marines, created during the supposedly cursed 21st founding. They have an unusual colour scheme - red and yellow armour quartered, with red and yellow stripes.

The Chapter's tactics are focused entirely on assault, they engage the enemy through direct frontal assaults. Although tactically they are imbalanced, in some situations this works to their favour. The most well-known example of this was the attack on the rebellious Lamenters Chapter during the Badab War. The vicious ship-to-ship combat favored the Minotaurs brutal and direct methodology and the battle ended with the Lamenters' surrender

White Minotaurs:The White Minotaurs are a codex chapter.

As you can see, there's not alot to go on. So you can make up all the fluff you want.

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