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Noticed there's not much of it out there. GW crack down on that?

3000 pts. or more
3000 pts. or more  
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Sinewy Scourge

Western Australia

Dakka Dakka's own fiction section.
Fanfiction.net Warhammer section.

And those are just off the top of my head. Think it might be a case of knowing where to look. Now, good fanfiction, that's an entirely different story.

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UsdiThunder wrote:This is why I am a devout Xenos Scum. We at least do not worship Toasters.

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Some fanfics are good,like DLS Death of the Emperor and some may be bad.

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My DIY chapter Fire Wraiths http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/264338.page
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Waaagh! Warbiker

What ever happen to the death of the emp...sorry don;t know how to spell it story by DLS i was reading and a week later when i went to check i couldn't find it?

Plus it's fairly credible that a GW marketing campaign for their biggest release would fit on one side of A4 - Flashman  
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Purposeful Hammerhead Pilot

Australia, Victoria

Yea.. death of the emperor was godly! worth half the damn internets you can find too ;p

My Youtube channel.
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There is a lot of fiction out there if you know where to go.

Try the dakka fiction board. There are some long and really good ones. Then there is the guys like me who have 1 maybe 2 post and a few views. Some people like them, others don't. Go through, lots of short stuff for a quick fun read

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its actually got sum good stuff, although some of the pics are...........diffrent......

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I'm a lorest but only for my chapter and its successors.
Buts its really hard to find other people that are like me in aspects of lore writing, you just have to have the patience to write thse things.

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Infiltrating Hawwa'

Captain Shrike wrote:1d4chan

its actually got sum good stuff, although some of the pics are...........diffrent......

Yes, I'm working on modifications of their codex: Angry Marines to make it work better with 5th edition & adjusting some things based on 5th ed marines codex. I'll post it up when I finish but it'll be awhile, Pulling a 20 credit quarter so the workload is nuts.

Not to mention I still have to make my angry marines.

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Beast of Nurgle

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Check out http://z6.invisionfree.com/bljunkies/index.php? if you are looking for good fanfic - it's an offshoot from the BL forum while it is down for renovations.

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